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Pendragon – Year 1 & 2

Pendragon – Year 1 & 2

Welcome to Pendragon Class

The Adults in Pendragon Class are:

Mrs Harriet Berkley – Class Teacher (Monday – Wednesday)

Miss Jo Carver - Class Teacher (Thursday - Friday)

Mrs Natalie Hoddinott- Class Teaching Assistant 

Mr Jack Bunter - Class Teaching Assistant


The children have had fun today developing their mathematical vocabulary and using it to compare numbers.


We are scientists! The children have been recording the weather every hour today. We have been reading the temperature on a thermometer and checking the rainfall and wind direction. We used our weather data to answer questions and work out the coldest and hottest hours in the day. 


The children have really enjoyed reading some of the new books we have received this week, thanks to all the books purchased through the School Book Fair. A favourite is 'Who Swallowed Stanley'! The children have also been receiving their Bookman Certificates! Well done Pendrgaon Class, we have been enjoying lots of reading this week. 


Welcome back! We all hope you have had a lovely Christmas break. The children have started the Spring Term off with a great attitude and are ready for all our new challenges! It has been lovely to see some pictures from our Christmas Reading Challenge. Thank you so much to everyone who has taken part and we hope you enjoyed reading in all the different ways. Take a look at some pictures from the challenge. 


We have had a very busy and Christmassy week in Pendragon Class so far. The children have created their own stained glass style nativity scenes. 


What a busy week! We are so proud of the children for all their hard work and dedication to our school Nativity this year. They worked so hard on their lines and learning all the songs and made us so proud in every performance! Well done Pendragon Class, you were incredible! As well as our Nativity we have been gearing up for Christmas and what better way than a special visit from the man himself in his helicopter! Amazing! The children were so excited and couldn't believe Father Christmas and his crew landed in our school field! 



Wow! What a day we have had today in Pendragon Class. The children were amazed by the Pantomime, which was Cinderella. They joined in and there were lots of shouts of "Oh no it isn't!" The children also really enjoyed their popcorn. We then made our own slipper, inspired by Cinderella. The children were very creative! 


Pendragon Have created their own Christingle's today with the volunteers from the church. They took care over their Christingle and behaved beautifully. 


Pendragon Class have had an amazing day learning about the features of medieval castles. They then used their new knowledge to design and create their own castles out of clay. They took real care over their design and creations and learnt how to make and use slip to develop their clay pieces.


Pendragon meet Pudsey


Wow! An exciting day in Pendragon Class. We were busily writing our version of the story of The Sword in the Stone when we got some post! Mrs Annetts said it appeared in the office in a puff of smoke! It was not like a normal letter, it was like a scroll and when we opened it, it was a letter from Merlin! He had answered some of our questions which we thought about last week. Amazing! The children were so excited. We hope we get some more post from Merlin soon!


We have had great fun in our maths lesson today, using the program Now Press Play. The children listened to a story and acted it out. We were pirates searching for our lost treasure! We had to work out and complete exercises to solve how many steps were needed to walk the plank, where treasure was on a map and how many coins were missing! It was great fun!



 This week is Anti - Bulling Week. We will be thinking about how we can all be kind and supportive and create an environment where everyone feels safe and secure. 


Today the children have been developing their geography skills. We learnt about human and physical features of geography and then used aerial photographs to find different features ourselves. We looked at photographs of our local area as well as from other areas of the world. The children were intrigued by Cadbury Castle from the sky. We are young geographers in the making! 




The children have been developing their creative writing skills. They have used medieval and mystical castles as their inspiration and have written some amazing story settings!


The children have started learning about the legend of King Arthur and his significance to our local area. Amazingly, The Sword in the Stone appeared in our class! All the children tried to pull the sword from the stone! It was harder than they all thought! 



The children have worked so hard this term so far and we are very proud of them. The children have been creating and writing comic strips this week and have developed some fantastic stories. Some cats were stuck in trees and saved by super hero mum's! Some children got stuck on the moon and were saved by super aliens! Some children got chased by hungry dinosaurs and saved by Superman and some got stuck underwater but were saved by super boats! They illustrated them beautifully and put care and attention into their presentation. They were so proud of their work!


Today we have had great fun in Pendragon Class becoming designers! We have designed our own planes based on the flying machines created by the Wright Brothers. The children then followed their designs to create models of their planes. They thought carefully about how to attach their wings together and really enjoyed developing their ideas!


We have had great fun today in Pendragon Class, visiting the School Book Fair. The children were really excited to look though the different books. They noted down the title, author and price of the books they liked to take home as a wish list! 


Today in Pendragon Class we have been historians! We have been thinking about what sources of evidence we can use to investigate the past and what information different evidence can give us. Today we looked at old newspaper articles detailing the success of The Wright Brothers and found out what people thought about the events at the time and what facts we could see. We found out that The Wright Brothers experimented with gliders and that their machine had no balloons! We also found out that the American people were very excited about the new invention and that it flew for 3 miles. 


This term in Pendragon Class we have been learning about the work of Pablo Picasso and using his style to develop our own cubist artwork! The children have created some fantastic portraits using Picasso as their inspiration.


Pendragon Class had a great day celebrating European Day of Languages. We learnt all about Turkey. We created some amazing artwork based on Turkish culture and learnt how to say hello- merhaba! 


Pendragon Class had a great time with Pete the Poet! We did some role play and story telling and really enjoyed dressing up!

Welcome Back!


We have absolutely loved welcoming Pendragon children back this week and we're really looking forward to a fantastic year ahead!