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International School Award

International School Award - Full Accreditation 2023-2024

Newly Appointed Language Ambassadors for 2023-2024

Feedback from the British Council regarding our current International Award work! 


This is a strong action plan from Countess Gytha Primary School, which builds on previous good practices and is easily approved. The summary shows the extent of all the International and Global teaching and learning that takes place and internationalism is at the core of the curriculum. There is a vast range of opportunities for each child to engage in the arts, and to develop a deep understanding of other cultures, languages, and countries. You have presented 7 exciting and fun activities which will be carried out throughout the school year by the majority of the pupils. All of these enhance the teaching and learning of both foreign languages and global issues. You have 4 partner schools both in Europe and worldwide. You have presented some interesting collaborative activities with each of the partner schools covering the required language element as well as topics including traditional games, multiple faiths, food and climate action. Alongside the listed 7 activities you have also included a further 4 which include, Fair Trade, recycling, language ambassadors ( also on your school website) and World Book Day. The evidence you have stated for each activity is exemplary and I am sure the summer assessor will be interested in reading these. It is very helpful and useful that the International tab on the school website is comprehensive which provides a useful tool for both the wider community and the assessors of this application. Good luck with all your global and international work!

Summer Term 2023

Whole School Enjoy Celebrating Chinese New Year 🧧

Language Ambassadors lead School Assembly

This Sunday marks this year’s Lunar New Year and our Language Ambassadors welcomed all to an assembly on Monday, highlighting the event of The Year of The Rabbit and what it means to those in China and around the world. Merlin class also prepared a tasty treat of Egg-Fried rice that they had prepared and shared with Mr Gordon. Xié xié!

World Cup Display Takes Pride of Place in School Hall

Using The World Cup to research countries that are participating

Our newly appointed Language Ambassadors help prepare bunting and flags ready for our European Day of Languages on Monday 26th September.

Celebrating our Good News!

This week we received the news that we have achieved the British Council Intermediate International Dimension Award. Since September, the school has worked hard to further embed international work into the curriculum, thereby making their students more aware of global issues.


We have gained experience of working on collaborative projects with schools in Spain and France, deepening the impact of learning and increasing levels of collaborative activities.


The British Council commented, “As a school, Countess Gytha have an excellent range of activities seeking to develop and embed a whole school commitment to international teaching and learning. There is an evident commitment to make global connections and undertake and understand global challenges. The school’s commitment to support young learners, who are keen to take action to bring about a better world, is admirable. The work in your small school to highlight issues around the natural world and climate change are excellent, as are your projects highlighting international issues and looking at countries, flags, faiths and culture around the world.”

Well done everyone. We are looking forward to building on this award, throughout the coming year and we are aiming for full accreditation by July 2023!

The International School Award (ISA) celebrates the achievements of schools that do exceptional work in international education. Fostering an international dimension in the curriculum is at the heart of the British Council’s work with schools, so that young people gain the cultural understanding and skills they need for life work in today’s world.