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Activity 1 Design a Sport Mascot

With the upcoming Olympics and Paralympics in Paris this Summer. Countess Gytha wanted to challenge themselves and the children in their partner schools to create a School Olympic Mascot. This was a great classroom activity for children, giving them a chance to be part of a creative & cultural experience. This activity was completed during PSHCE lessons. Designs were to be creative, use bright colours and be based on our sporting values. Working in small groups the children also researched previous Olympic mascots and made their collaborative own presentation to send to our French schools.


Determination • Never giving up on myself or my team • Always trying my best no matter what I am doing • Trying again if something goes wrong.


Honesty • Always telling the truth • Never cheating • Admitting when I am wrong.


Passion • Being positive and enjoying the game/activity • Trying my best • Keep trying if I don’t get something right.


Respect • Being polite, not shouting • Shaking hands with other players and thanking them for the game • Listening to the coach /teacher.


Self-belief • Being brave, taking on new challenges • Being confident • Trying new sports or activities.


Teamwork • Working with my team, not being selfish • Letting everyone have a go, sharing the equipment and giving everyone a chance • Showing team spirit—encouraging teammates and saying well done.

Our designs shared with France and Mexico