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Activity 4 Where in the World

What is Paddington’s Postcards?

Paddington’s Postcards will bring families and children together to learn about the world through fun activities. Through participating in this activity  helps create a better world for every child.

Paddington will send a personalised postcard to PENDRAGON class

Across the 12-months, they’ll get to discover new countries and learn how other children live all around the world. All while making a difference, as OUR donation goes towards our vital work to keep children safe.

The pack will include a travel journal and world map for children to log Paddington’s travels. The class will receive 

  • fun and educational activities,
  • stickers,
  • postcards from Paddington,
  • children’s stories,
  • fact cards,
  • monthly emails 

The  little  Pendragon explorers  will learn about different countries with Paddington each month

So they will need to  grab their hat and duffle coat and join Paddington on his adventures around the world!

Our first postcards have arrived from Paddington Bear. These are on show in Pendragon. Class where the children are thrilled to find out all about Paddington’s adventures and the country he is visiting for the month. This month he was close to home in LONDON.

The Ivory Coast is the port of call for Paddington this month. The children have found out lots of facts about the country and environment the animals live i.

New Adventure to Jordan - West Asia Paddington visits one of the 7 Wonders of the World

Paddington’s Austrian Adventure

This Christmas Paddington was able to have a special holiday with Hattie and her sister Emilia in Austria. He enjoyed visiting the flight deck and playing in the snow. I wonder where his next visit will take him?


In the February half- term, Paddington went on another very cold adventure! This time he was accompanied by Wilf and Emily on their travels to France. We think Paddington will soon be able to represent Great Britain in The Winter Olympics at this rate! Can you spot Mont Blanc in the distance?

Our Where in the World display is beginning to take shape.