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Activity 5 International Week

In addition to our International Week, we are looking forward to having an Olympic themed day with Hazelgrove School on May 20th. Children in Year groups 3 and 4 will attend Hazelgrove for the day and participate in some typical Olympic sports that Hazelgrove have the facilities for such as archery, pistol shooting, fencing and many more.


International week of Languages . Monday 25th September 

Tuesday this week saw the whole school celebrate Languages. 
Exposing children to other cultures and ways of life that are different from their own increases their breadth of life, experience of and understanding of the world around them.

Exposing pupils to a wide range of cultures provides an excellent platform on which to embrace diversity, both within school and in the wider community. with this in mind the school took part in activities that explored and celebrated cultural differences and this provided us the opportunities to promote respect, empathy and inclusivity. The focused countries this year were Merlin - 🇮🇹 , Pendragon - 🇩🇰 , King Arthur - 🇪🇸 , Excalibur- 🇬🇷  and Lancelot - 🇫🇷 .

Language Ambassadors help prepare for  Language Week of Languages
The flags are flying once again at Countess Gytha and that’s because next Tuesday, we have our European Day of Languages. Children are invited to wear clothes in the colours of the flag their class have chosen. We look forward to enjoying a day full of leaning about new cultures and languages.

Lancelot Class ‘enjoy’ a little taste of France!

In readiness for next week language celebrations, Lancelot pupils had the opportunity to taste a French classic - Snails! Many were surprised to think they actually tasted ok and not what they had expected at all!

Pupils across the school took part in international week of Languages In September.

Our school focus this year was on the importance of learning languages to help us be global citizens. Pupils learnt that being able to speak different languages can help you to:

  • make new friends;
  • travel and study abroad;
  • live and find work in different countries;
  • understand different cultures. 
    The focused country in Lancelot was France 🇫🇷 this year. We linked our research and activities with our language learning.
Day 1 of French Food Tasting 

·         Friday afternoon saw the children in Lancelot Class draw on all their strength and courage to try a delicacy that no-one in the class had tried before - snails! 

·         After the initial eughs, many of the children were excited to think they had tried and even consumed a snail. Following the French tradition, the children have kept their first shell for good luck!

International week of Languages - Italy

Today we celebrated Languages in true Italian style by making pizzas (gluten & dairy free 😊)! The children assembled their pizza, arranging their toppings just how they like them. Fortunately for us, we had yoga and PE to distract our excited tummies as we waited for our pizzas to cook!

Alongside pizza baking, we have had lots of different Italian inspired learning/activities going on! The children painted some fantastic Italian flags, and we discussed some famous Italian landmarks that the children enjoyed colouring in. We even added an Italian twist to our phonics lesson this morning!

Merlin Class enjoyed eating their pizzas this afternoon🍕🍕

Pendragon Class

It has been lovely to see the school decorated in lots of flags for European Day of Languages.  Pendragon have been learning about the country of Denmark today and it was great to see that they all came to school dressed in the colours of the Danish flag - red and white.  We have been taking part in various activities focused on Denmark including learning some simple greetings and counting in Danish.  The children learnt some facts, and then created a fact file, about Denmark.  We have also been learning that Lego first began in Denmark and created our own Lego city.  We listened to some stories by Hans Christian Andersen and created some art work linked to these.  

King Arthur Class

King Arthur Class picked Spain this year to celebrate our week of Languages. Today, the children came to school in Spanish colours, taste tested some traditional Spanish foods such as tortilla and chorizo, and practiced writing and speaking some common Spanish phrases.

Excalibur Class

We celebrated Our language week by focussing on the country of Greece.  We learnt how to say some words in Greek such as 'Yassou' meaning hello and we also continued to research many interesting facts about the country and culture of Greece.

Next, we sampled foods which would have been typically part of an ancient Greek diet.  The children really challenged themselves to taste and explore those foods which were sometimes new experiences...

We spent some time during the day comparing the modern Olympics to that of the Ancient Greek Olympics.  At the end of the day, we had our own 'Mini Olympics' including the events discus, javelin, sprinting and standing jump. Blackdown house won the Olympics overall - well done to everyone for taking part in a fun-filled Ancient Greek day!

Friends in Cambodia getting ready to share their paintings

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