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Countess Gytha Primary School is a member of Preston Primary Academy Trust

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Eco Schools

What is an Eco School?

The Eco School awards encourage schools to think about a range of areas including waste reduction, energy saving, healthy living, water, biodiversity, transport and travel. Full accreditation is achieved through an audited programme of commitment and activity by the school and students.This academic year, Countess Gytha will be focusing on how we can care and respect the environment around us and help us all to become sensible citizens that are able to make valuable decisions to make us more globally aware and keep our Earth alive to survive!

Our Eco Warriors 2023/2024

Eco Warriors are a team of children passionate about protecting and saving our planet. They understand how important our planet is and that we must do our best to care for it. The Eco-Warriors work together as a team to make positive changes to our school to make it a more environmentally friendly place and think about how we can help our community become more green. They raise our awareness about sustainability and encourage everyone to be good at recycling and saving energy. We encourage good habits for the future.

They actively promote:-


  • Paper and card
  • Batteries
  • Textiles
  • Printer cartridges
  • Food

Saving energy:

  • Switching off lights
  • Switching off ICT equipment, rather than leaving it on standby
  • Closing doors to keep heat in

Conserving energy:

  • Water saving push top taps
  • Taking care of our equipment so that it lasts well
  • Using resources in a way that minimises waste

Care for the environment

  • Encourage walking rather that using cars to travel to school.
  • Using litter bins to keep our school and local area clean
  • Managing our raised beds, planters and Environmental areas to be rich habitats

Our personalised Eco Code for the whole school

Council members meeting with School Governor to inform re actions so far


Birdwatch 2024

we have taken part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. Well done to all the children and their families who took part on the RSPB Birdwatch this year. We will add these to our overall total of the different varieties we have observed in our school grounds.  

In Eco Club we made bird feeders as part of the British Birdwatch Challenge. We thought carefully about what birds need at this time of year to keep themselves warm in the cold months. We hung the feeders on the trees in the school grounds.

We have created insect habitats and bug hotels and rock piles around our environmental areas.Planting wildlife friendly seeds and plants on our wild green area to promote bees and butterflies to our school.Along with this,we have helped to create animal habitats such as bird houses, feeders and in the Summer term we are hoping to have a clean up of our pond area.

KS1 children - Environmental activities with Mrs Hewlett

Look closely at what we found...

Upcycled bottle bird feeder

Assembling our own Bugingham Palace

Our Super Bug Hotel in Allotment

Two new bird boxes added to our environment

Stage One of our Bugingham Palace Project!

Our focus for Understanding the World has been animal habitats. We have spoken about different habitats and identified animals which would be suited to live in them. The children were super at explaining why they are each best suited to their habitats. We have enjoyed this focus this week and have had lots of fun teaching Mr Gordon about all the things we have learnt! 

Foundation Stage - Understanding the World Around Us

Diary Dates with Environmental actions and updates

Nature Detectives

John Muir Award - Year 6 children to attend sessions at Carymoor in June- July 2024 to attain this environmental award.


Our Eco Committee ( Energy Monitors) daily check classrooms to ensure lights are turned off and doors and windows are closed in the winter to save energy.

Mr Inskip, our caretaker, monitors our energy consumption and informs the eco committee once a term on any changes.

We have held a poster competition to help change the behaviours of leaving unnecessarily lights on in the classroom and these posters have been placed on every light switch in the school to act as polite reminders.

Heating is turned off whilst school is not in use.

Outside security lights are on a timer system to turn off and on when necessary.

All lights work on a sensor of movement and will turn off automatically.


Our Eco Display and library with recommended reads for Environmental focus

Eco Council and School Council deliver whole school assembly to inspire children to gain Green Blue Peter Badge

Paddington’s Postcards bring families and children together to learn about the world through fun activities. Through participating in this activity  helps create a better world for every child.

Paddington  sends a personalised postcard to Pendragon class every month. 

Across the 12-months, they’ll get to discover new countries and learn how other children live all around the world. All while making a difference, as the donation goes towards the vital work to keep children safe.

Paddington Adventures - Knowing about the environment worldwide

Amazon Rainforest Project Year 5 & 6


At Countess Gytha, mindfulness is taught as part of the PSHE curriculum, alongside this every class enjoys a six week block of yoga sessions as part of the extended curriculum.

KS1 enjoy having fruit and vegetables at breaktime and this helps to teach the importance of eating healthy to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Within the Science curriculum, children are taught about eating heathy and the importance of keeping fit and participating in outdoor activities.Play Leaders enjoy the role of teaching the children the importance of playing together to kit fit and healthy during lunchtime sessions.

This year we have had Year 2 and Year 4, visit one of our local secondary schools to participate in an active learning afternoon through sport. They have participated with other primary schools and have enjoyed making friends further afield than just with their peers at school.

Reception children have looked at healthy and unhealthy food. They were able to sort these into 2 groups and say why they made these choices. following on from this topic they held a healthy cafe to share their food they had prepared with their families.


Healthy Living - Science curriculum Year 4 & 5

Healthy Eating Cafe

The children really enjoyed preparing the yummy food our Healthy Eating Cafe. We made pitta pizzas, cheese and pineapple sticks, veg sticks and dip and also a fruit platter. The children did some excellent chopping, spreading and arranging of ingredients!


What a lovely selection of food to enjoy with our grown ups!

Healthy Cafe Foundation Stage


Eco committee along with volunteers from all classes have started a general litter pick around the school parameters.These litter monitors have been out and about at playtimes and lunchtimes in the school grounds picking up and litter that has been blown or dropped onto our environment.This is vital at the preset time due to lambs being in the field adjacent to our playground.

Thank you to everyone who are using all the bins provided as this helps to keep our environment beautiful for all to enjoy.

Assemblies have been led by the Eco committee to discuss our school actions and the role of the litter monitors.

Whole School Assembly


Adopting a turtle

At the beginning of the school year, it was decided that with some money that we had in our budget we would adopt a sea turtle from the WWF on behalf of the school. We received an information booklet, adoption certificate and fact files with general information about the plight of the green turtles. Mrs Sherry is able to track our turtle and at present it is enjoying a swim around the Caribbean!

Visiting No.10!

Year 5 and 6 visited Number 10 Downing Street this year and were able to hand deliver a letter they wrote to The Prime Minister regarding their concerns of the amount of plastics in our oceans.

Mexican Embassy Reply to letter sent re plastics in our oceans

We encourage all our children to bring their lunch into school in reusable containers and minimise the use of throw away plastics. Water bottles can be filled throughout the day so cutting down on single use plastic bottles. 


Welly walk

After a sudden change of plans, our welly walk today led us to the allotments at the top of our school field. The children enjoyed putting on their wellies and exploring in a new environment - this was our first time making it up to the allotments and I think it is safe to say that the children are very excited to go up there again!

We looked at the plants that had been growing and even managed to find some baby pumpkins. The children spotted lots of different minibeasts, including wood lice, snails, slugs, caterpillars and even some newts!

Mrs Hewlett and Mrs Crang use the school environmental area for their weekly lessons with each class, who are on a timetabled rota.

Year 1 and Year 2 have panted seeds and have observed them growing over the weeks. They were able to name parts of the plants and were also able to say about the changes that happen to our trees over the seasons.

The whole school is working together to make our outside area look more attractive. we have planted tubs and planters with flowers, bulbs and seeds.A wildflower bank has also been sown to attract bees and butterflies.

Sowing and Planting Seeds for our World Garden

In February, Our parents are volunteering to come into our environmental area to help dig new raised beds and to have a general tidy up of our allotment area ready for planting.


Walk to School Week -to follow

Bikeability - June/July - to follow


Teachers use Smartboards and save work on our Sharepoint to minimise the use of paper so reducing our own carbon footprint.

Book Swap for World Book Day 2024

Eco paper is when needed for photocopying

Recycling juice pouches into coin wallets

We have used empty plastic drink bottles to make poppies for our Remembrance Day display enjoyed by the whole school and wider community.

Recycled bottles for Remembrance Day

In the school car park we have a clothes recycling tin where all clothing placed in the tn by the community will help not only our carbon footprint but also raise money for our school too!

Clothing recycling tin

Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a visit from Leonardo Helicopters for this year’s Cool Aeronautics engineering and technology event. Children were tasked with designing a straw rollercoaster and then a weighted boat in groups. Congratulations go to Betsy, Daisy-May, Rothen, Tommy and Emily for being the overall team winners of the day; it is a firm favourite of the children every year and we hope next year we might have the opportunity to visit the Aero centre in Yeovil too!

Recycling modelling with Leonardo DT day

Lords Larder Thank-you letter

Wear Green - Go Green Day - Earth Day April 22nd - to follow



We use a water butt to help save water for our own watering of plants in our garden.


Save Water Posters

Self-stopping taps