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King Arthur Class (Year 2 and 3)

Welcome to King Arthur's Class Page!


The adults in King Arthur are:

Miss Megan Bridge – Class Teacher

Mrs Georgie Elsworth - TA (Monday - Wednesday)

Mrs Nicki Collins - HLTA (Wednesday - Friday)


Year 2 Common Exception (Tricky) Words

19/2/24 - Maths


We have started a new unit on Shape today in maths. The children started by exploring the shapes' properties including the number of edges and vertices before comparing them, then they moved on to drawing some of their own irregular shapes. 

31/1/24 - Science


Today King Arthur Class conducted an investigation into the changeability of materials. They experimented with a variety of objects by squashing, twisting, bending and stretching to see if they could change their shape. They concluded that softer materials such as fabric, carboard and paper are more flexible, whereas harder materials such as metal and wood are more rigid and unchangeable. 

17/1/24 - History


The children had great fun learning about the (slightly gory!) process of mummification today and demonstrated their understanding by writing a set of step-by-step instructions. At the end of the lesson, we also played the mummification game and had a competition to see who could wrap their 'mummy' the fastest!

15/1/24 - Maths


This week, we are beginning a unit of work on money. Today, the children identified a variety of coins and notes and sorted them into the correct categories. We also looked at using the pounds £ and pence p symbols when writing values. 

12/1/24 - Art


Today we practiced drawing some symbols and patterns which we identified from ancient Egyptian artwork. Before this, we tea-stained our sketchbooks to make the paer look old and authentic.

10/1/24 - Science


We began our 'Everyday Materials' unit in science today, with a focus on identifying the everyday materials we use around the school; we went on a material hunt and recorded our findings in a table. Our conclusion was that we use a large amount of plastic, wooden and metal objects in our everyday lives! 

8/1/24 - Computing


Today we got the laptops out and practiced our typing skills and learnt how to use a word processing document. The children had fun experimenting with different font sizes and colours, as well as typing their own short stories. 

14/12/23 - Carol Concert


Last night, children from KS2 participated in a Carol Concert at the village church. They performed a range of traditional and modern songs and children from each class read some poems, prayers and Bible readings. Miss Bridge was particularly impressed with King Arthur Class for learning the words and performing without a backing track! It was a lovely event and a great way to begin the Christmas period 🎄

13/12/23 - Christmas Lunch 


The children enjoyed their Christmas lunch today, especially pulling their Christmas crackers and enjoying a delicious roast dinner!

11/12/23 - Special Visitors


To kick-start Christmas week at Countess Gytha, we had our annual special visit from a Wildcat Helicopter piloted by a squadron from RNAS Yeovilton. The children were beyond excited!


Still image for this video

6/12/23 - Christingle


We went down to the local village church today for our Christingle celebration. The children enjoyed sharing their winter themed artwork whilst a few children explained the meaning and significance of the Christingle. 

1/12/2023 - Christingle Making


To celebrate the start of December and in preparation for next week, volunteers from the village church came into school today to help us make our Christingles. The children loved discussing the significance of and assembling each element! 

29/11/23 - Children in Need


Countess Gytha had a surprise visit from Pudsey today, who came to thank them for the school's £270.00 donation to Children in Need. The children absolutely loved seeing Pudsey and all wanted to give him big hugs and high fives!

28/11/23 - Panto


"He's behind you!"

The children were delighted to watch our annual pantomime this morning and really enjoyed the performance of Beauty And The Beast. Some of their highlights included a flying Peppa Pig, amazing costumes and of course, getting to watch Mrs Hoddinott and Mr Gallagher dancing!  

24/11/23 - Colourful Classes


Today the children in King Arthur Class came to school dressed in the colour blue and brought blue donations in for prizes for the PTFA's Christmas Fair next Friday. 

23/11/23 - Maths


We have begun work on division in maths; the children have been practicing using either the sharing or bus stop methods to help them solve their calculations. 

21/11/23 - Quidditch


As part of our Harry Potter unit in English, the children have been learning how to write explanation texts. Today, we combined this unit with PE and learned how to play quidditch, so that we could write an explanation for muggles on how to play quidditch. 

17/11/23 - Children in Need


Thank you to everyone who made a donation for Children in Need today! The children looked great arriving at school in their spots, dots and odd socks! 

14/11/23 - Art


The children have been practicing their sketching techniques and this week they applied them to drawing a dragon's eye. We explored the different uses for H and B pencils and were really impressed with the range of cross hatching, stippling, pointillism and blending techniques demonstrated! 

10/11/23 - Remembrance 


Today some of the Gytha Troops children were invited to attend the Remembrance Service at RNAS Yeovilton. They were honoured to be able to stand with some of their parents and to observe the wreaths being placed for the memorial. 

9/11/23 - Maths


The children have this week begun a block of learning on multiplication and division and today their objective was to recognise and make equal groups. They used physical resources including pictures and cubes to assist with this.

1/11/23 - Music


This half term, King Arthur Class will be having music lessons on a Wednesday morning with Mr Male, focusing on how to play the ukulele. 


The children will also begin learning their songs for the KS1 Nativity and the KS2 Christmas Carol Concert.

20/20/23 - Disco


Thank you to the PTFA for organising yet another fantastic disco; the children really enjoyed getting dressed up and wearing their brightest colours for the UV theme!

20/10/23 - Environmental Education


Unfortunately the rain put a stop to our last trip outdoors for environmental education, but the children instead enjoyed making their own garlic bread from scratch using garlic picked from the allotment. It's safe to say there was a delicious smell coming from the practical room today! 

17/10/23 - Hello Yellow Day


Today the children came to school dressed in yellow to celebrate World Mental Health Day. Thank you to everyone who made a donation in support!

14/10/23 - Castle Cary Carnival


Some Little Miss and Mr Men from King Arthur Class, joined  Mr Gordon, Mrs Sherry and Mrs Hoddinott at Castle Cary Carnival on Saturday night. The children danced, laughed and interacted with the crowd as they walked through the street of Castle Cary. Well done to everyone who took part.

6/10/23 - Harvest Festival


This week, the children have combined Poetry Day with our annual Harvest Festival and wrote some lovely poems reflecting on the season of autumn. Four of the children were selected to read their poems in the church and they did a great job!


All of the poems written by the children were excellent, so if you would like to pop in and read your child's poem after school, please let Miss Bridge know!

26/9/23 - European Day of Languages


King Arthur Class picked Spain this year to celebrate European Day of Languages. Today, the children came to school in Spanish colours, taste tested some traditional Spanish foods such as tortilla and chorizo, and practiced writing and speaking some common Spanish phrases. 

22/9/23 - Jeans for Genes


The children came to school in their jeans today to raise money for children with genetic conditions. Thank you to everyone who donated!

19/9/23 - Art


We have been combining our history topic on the Stone Age with art this week, using charcoal and oil pastels to create cave drawings. The children crumpled and tea stained their paper to recreate a cave wall effect, before sketching their designs and symbols. 

18/9/23 - Science


King Arthur Class have been studying rocks in Science and exploring igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Today, we conducted a series of tests, including an acidity test, an absorbability test and a hardness test, so that we could classify a variety of different types of rock into the three categories. 

12/9/23 - Computing


Our topic in Computing this half term is based on collecting, interpreting and presenting digital data. Today, the children looked at tally charts and how they can be used as a simple method for collecting small amounts of data. 

8/9/23 - Environmental Education


Today we walked down to the church and took some rubbings of the different textures we could find in nature, using paper and oil pastels. Whilst there, we discovered some beautiful patters and designs on some of the grave stones in the yard too!