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Activity 2 Our Amazing Planet - World Garden

Our World Garden has provided many opportunities for children’s development and for their overall view of life and appreciation of the world around them. We spent time in the garden offering opportunities to develop all kinds of skills.  The benefits of gardening were physical, emotional, spatial, mathematical, sensory awareness, character development, creative ideas, and a love and appreciation of nature. A healthy respect for nature and how things grow, and why the children needed to look after our environment was a positive part of growing our garden. When in flower, the children will draw pictures of the flowers grown and take photographs using newly acquired skills. These will be placed into a booklet and shared with each of our link schools. (due to cost in postage from some countries – photos were shared)

Our Friendship Tree certainly helped to bring all our cultures together and strengthen the bonds we have achieved over the last year with our new link schools. The colourful tree provided the school with a visual reminder of our links with our international schools and is visible for all to enjoy at the entrance of our main school gates. We feel the constant refreshing of new leaves to the tree will help the children to raise awareness of the wider world we live in and the similarities and differences that we may have.

Our weekly environmental lessons continue to thrive with all children in the school able to participate in these sessions.

Our flowering crocuses

Flower seed bombs to add to our garden in school and also for our own garden

Flower sketches for our Flower Album

Watercolour painting to add to flower album

Working on our watercolour booklet

The finishing touches to our flowers grown in our garden sketches were completed this week. This has enabled  us to use our watercolours to add colour and further detail and place these into a book to share with our friends in Mexico and France.

Pages from our flower garden book sent to Mexico and France

Our Completed Friendship Tree

Sala Monkey School - Cambodia
It was lovely to see our leaves adorn the walls of our link school in Cambodia. Just like us they decided to create their own friendship tree!

Friendship leaves and letter received from France

Sowing Seeds and Planting Bulbs for our World Garden

Designing and Writing our Leaves for our Friendship Tree

Leaves received and our leaves sent to Mexico

Children in Cambodia in their school garden

Cambodian flower collage