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Activity 3 A World of Food

A World of Food

Our Aim is to introduce the children to the rich diversity of global cuisines and cultures through interactive and engaging activities.


  1. Cultural Awareness:

    • children will develop an appreciation for the diversity of cultures around the world by exploring various traditional dishes and learning about the cultural significance behind them..
  2. Geographical Knowledge:

    • Students will enhance their geographical knowledge by identifying countries on a map and learning about their unique cuisines and ingredients..
  3. Healthy Eating Habits:

    • Students will learn about the importance of balanced nutrition by exploring traditional dishes from different cultures and understanding how they incorporate a variety of food groups.
    • Students will develop the ability to make healthier food choices by comparing and contrasting traditional dishes from different cultures.
  4. Culinary Skills:

    • Students will enhance their culinary skills by participating in hands-on cooking activities where they prepare simple dishes from different cultures under adult supervision.
    • Students will learn basic food preparation techniques, such as chopping, mixing, and cooking, in a safe and supervised environment.
  5. Social Skills and Teamwork:

    • Students will work collaboratively in groups to plan and prepare dishes, fostering teamwork and cooperation.
    • Students will engage in discussions about their own cultural backgrounds and share personal experiences related to food, promoting social interaction and cultural exchange.
  6. Confidence and Creativity:

    • Students will gain confidence in their ability to try new foods and explore unfamiliar culinary traditions
  7. Environmental Awareness:

    • Students will learn about the environmental impact of food production and consumption, including issues such as food miles, sustainable farming practices, and food waste.


International cuisine food tasting

Chinese New Year Lunches using Chopsticks and Reading Fortune Cookies!

Diary Dates informing parents re Chinese New Year Menu and Dragon Dance

Completed recipe books ready to be share with our International friends

Children in Year 5 and Year 6 have chosen their favourite traditional British recipes and with  the help of friends and family have compiled a recipe book to share with our International friends in Spain, France, Mexico and Cambodia. We are hoping to receive some recipes from our international schools so we are able to share these with our families and even prepare some of their traditional dishes at school.

French Recipe Book has arrived!

We were delighted to receive over 30 recipes from our penpals and link school in France.

These recipes will be shared with all the children and copies of each recipe will made available for children to try at home. During our French lessons in Summer Term we will be trying out some of the recipes for ourselves.