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Merlin – Reception & Year 1

Merlin – Reception & Year 1

Welcome to Merlin Class



The Adults in Merlin are:

Mrs Natalie McLeod – Class Teacher


Mrs Sharon Parker (Tuesdays and Fridays)

Mrs Georgie Elsworth (Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays)

Miss Jane Crocker (Mornings Only)


Christingle Making 🍊

Today the children made their christingle candles 🕯, ready for our service on Friday. They really enjoyed adding the sweets, ribbon and candle to their oranges.


Thank you to our lovely church helpers for helping us making them.

Children in Need 2021

The children have had a super day dressing up in spotty, dotty clothes and enjoying Pudsey activities in the morning. Around lunchtime we had a very big surprise. The real Pudsey bear came to visit us!

Anti-Bullying Week 2021

This week have been focusing on ‘One Kind Word’ a special theme week from The Anti-bullying Alliance. We have been learning about why it is important to be kind and show kindness.


We also explored unkind and bullying behaviours. The children are developing an awareness that unkind behaviour over a period of time to the same person/group of people is bullying. And then what to do and who to speak to if something happens.

Now Press Play - Feelings

In PSHE we used the Now Press Play headphones 🎧 to listen to a story about our feelings.


The children went on a journey with a little boy who had some disappointing news and learnt about how he reacted and why. In the end the little boy spoke to his teacher and mummy about his feelings and it made him feel a lot better. 


Merlin children really enjoyed this amazing immersive experience and it helped them to understand and talk about different feelings in a real-life context.


Thank you Mr Gallagher for organising the Now Press Play experience.

Merlin's Odd Socks - Anti-Bullying Week 2021

Yoga - Star Pose

Lantern Parade

Autumn 🍂 Pictures

Today we went on a leaf 🍁 hunt to collect leaves for an Autumn tree collage. When we came back to school the children took great care to create beautiful autumnal tree pictures.

Police 👮👮Visit

Our local PCSO’s, Louise and Beata, popped in to see us today. Just to say hello to children and read a story. It was a lovely introduction and it will help the children to feel more confident to speak to the police when they are out and about.

Firework Pictures

The children worked amazingly well together to create amazing firework pictures. The children used a variety of different materials, thinking about the different shapes and colours of fireworks. We were all very impressed with the results.

A Giant Mushroom

Mrs Crocker showed the children a mushroom a colleague had found whilst out walking. The children were all amazed and also convinced it wasn’t real.

Our New Class Pets 🐠🐠🐠

Welly Walks - 1.10.21

Today we went on our first Welly Walk of the year. The children were all so well behaved. I was so super proud of them.


We walked down to the troll bridge and had a look to see if we could see any trolls. Believe or not we momentarily saw one before it dashed off!


We supported the NSPCC in sharing their Talk PANTS campaign, which has been developed to help prevent abuse from happening to any child. Talk PANTS encourages parents to have simple conversations with their children to help keep them safe, teaching children five key messages:


P - Privates are private.

A - Always remember your body belongs to you.

N - No means no.

T - Talk about secrets that upset you.

S - Speak up, someone can help.


We ended our session by watching the very catchy 'Pantosaurus' song by the NSPCC.


European Languages Day

The children had a great day on Monday 27th September celebrating ‘European Languages Day’. The children learnt how to say a few simple words in Italian, for example hello and goodbye. They also learnt about Italian food, landmarks, and climate. In the afternoon, we tasted some delicious Italian food.


The children had a lovely day, thank you Mrs Sherry for organising it.

Science - Our Senses

PE - Movement and Spatial Awareness


Yoga - Mountain Pose

Maths - Sorting Objects

Our First of Many Phonics Lessons for our Reception Children

Hello Yellow Day 2021

Yoga - Butterfly Pose

Pete the Poet

The year 1 children had a great time today with our visitor called 'Pete the Poet'. Pete took the children on a storytelling adventure, riding on magical carpets and dressing up as characters. The children had an inspiring and fun time.


Thank you, Pete the Poet.

Hobby Horse 🐴 Fridays

Yoga 🧘‍♀️


The children had a great time with Paula Hall today doing Yoga. They listened and paid attention amazingly well. Everyone understood the instructions and joined in. Well done 👏 Merlin Class.


Our focus yoga pose this week was: Child's Pose.

Yoga 🧘‍♀️

Yoga Pose of the Week - Child's Pose

First Week in Merlin Class

The children have had a great start to school life in Merlin Class.  Every child has started and returned to school with an amazing, joyful attitude to learning. They have come into school every day with a big smile on their faces and are very well prepared for the new school year. They also look amazingly smart in their new school uniform.  Thank you to all our wonderful parents for preparing the children for the new school year.


The first week has been very busy, we have shared lots of laughter, lots of fun and plenty of learning too.  Here are a few pictures of us enjoying our learning this week. smiley


First Week in Merlin Class

Year 1 and Reception Children Busy Playing and Working.