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Excalibur – Year 4 & 5

Excalibur – Years 4 & 5

Welcome to Excalibur Class


The adults in Excalibur Class are:

Mrs Helen Trusson – Class Teacher (Monday – Thursday)

Mrs Sarah Atkin – Class Teacher (Friday)

Mrs Bridgett Spiller – Teaching Assistant  (Monday – Thursday)

Mrs Nicki Collins - Teaching Assistant  (Friday)

Mrs Cae Hills - 1:1


Week beginning the 10th January


We have certainly started off the year focussing on our health and wellbeing as this week, Excalibur class started their first Yoga session. The children really enjoyed it!

Week Beginning the 3rd January

Welcome back to 2022! It has been lovely to see the children excitedly returning to school this term. We have an exciting term ahead which has already seen the children wasting no time in settling into their work and familiar routines established in the Autumn term.  Over the term we will be encouraging you to ‘dust off’ your telescopes and share the exciting journey with your child as we explore the fascinating and intriguing darkest depths of Space.


Well done to all those children who embarked on the reading challenge set over Christmas!


Week beginning the 13th December

We had lots of fun and festive cheer at our Christmas lunch this week.

Week of the 6th December

We had a special, surprise visitor this week...

Week of the 22nd November

On Friday, we had a special Christingle service.  Excalibur had made Christingles on Wednesday and they looked beautiful lit in the village church.  Some of our class helped in the talk at the front and some were in the wonderful choir.  Five did their bible readings so clearly and confidently. I was very proud.  I'm sorry there aren't more photos of everyone but it was quite tricky to get a good angle with all the pews.  

Excalibur at the Christingle Church Service

On Wednesday we had the pleasurable job of making Christingles with the local church people. We learnt about each part of the Christingle and what they represented in relation to the special celebration of Christmas. Although many were tempted, all the children ensured the sweets went on the cocktail sticks and not in their mouths!!

We have been writing playscripts this week linked to the Stone Age film 'The Croods'. To experience and understand what features were important in a playscript, we acted out some prepared plays; some children really embraced their roles and characters they portrayed in their chosen play....I think we have some stars in the making!!

Celebrating Children in Need with Pudsey


Today the children wore their best spotty, dotty and yellow outfits to school today in order to raise money for Children in Need. We had an exciting day which was completed by a surprise visit from a special and well known guest - Pudsey Bear! We couldn't resist having a class photo with Pudsey!

Week of the 15th November


This week we have been fortunate enough to have an award winning immersive audio experience called 'Now Press Play'.  I am sure your children have already shared with you the fun, enjoyment and learning experience they had through wearing headphones and engaging with a topic through sound, story and movement.  So far we have been transported back to the Stone Age where we had to fend off wolves from our hunting party, explored a bullying dilemma reflecting on the decisions of the characters in the story and solved a crime using mental maths skills!

Week of the 8th of November

This week, the Year 4 children have been working really hard practising mental maths skills in multiplication and division.  We have been chanting times tables, making arrays using cubes to understand the relationship between multiplication and division and playing games on the i-pad, and some more traditional games such as battleships! We have made our teachers super proud!


The Year 5 Children have also had an exciting time  spending a day exploring 'Cool Aeronautics'. This years event, run by Leonardo in Yeovil, set the challenge to not only plan and build a life raft, but also design their own wind turbine to power a pulley system.  It was clear to see, that all the children thoroughly enjoyed the day and showed that teamwork was vital, to ensure the best possible outcome was reached.

Finally this week, we placed our poppies at the front of the school to complete the school display and participated in a 2 minute silence at 11am in our Remembrance commemorations.

Thursday 21st October

Today, we have been studying ‘Stone Age’ Cave paintings.  We explored how it may have felt to create drawings on cave walls as Stone Age people experienced. Then, using mixed media, we created our own style of cave art.

PTFA Fundraising ‘What I want to be when I grow up!”

Week of the 11th of October

Excalibur class have been working hard in PE this week creating gymnastic sequences which mirror their partner.  We are rehearsing them in preparation for performing them in next week's PE lesson.


We have also been busy this week in science testing materials to discover which are soluble (dissolve to make a solution) and which are insoluble. The children really enjoy carrying out experiments each week including testing materials to see which make good insulators and also which materials are good conductors of electricity.

Étudiant Français de la Semaine

Well done to Lola, this week. Lola worked well throughout her French lesson and completed all her written work independently. Using her oral skills learnt this week she enjoyed joining in with the singing of songs and saying the register. Great work Lola, keep it up!

Friday 8th October - Willow Lantern Making

The children were amazing today in their yellow outfits and in caring for each other.

The winner of the book token was Indie for her wonderful yellow outfit and for the way she gave away her emotion faces she had prepared at home to share with others today.  Well done Indie.

We had a very busy afternoon making willow lanterns for the parade in Castle Cary.  Just the tissue paper to be done next week.  They look wonderful and the children worked really hard on them. 

Thank you to our kind helpers too.

Étudiant Français de la Semaine

Congratulations to Amelia who is our ‘ Étudiant Français de la Semaine’ . During French, Amelia showed great confidence and recall of knowledge and vocabulary from last weeks sessions. Well done Amelia!

Excalibur enjoying #Hello Yellow Day!

Monday 27th September - European Languages Day



Today we have celebrated European Languages Day - in our class we have focused on the European language of Portuguese.  We have each learnt a word in Portuguese and using 'Google translate' have practised our speaking and listening in this language.

We have created a Portuguese flag displaying all the Portuguese we have learnt!


Congratulations Georgia!

Georgia was the ‘ Étudiant Français de la Semaine’ ( French Student of the week!).Georgia gets to wear an enamel badge for a week and also take home a bag of activities, that she can share with her family. Hopefully, she will make a record of these in the journal inside the bag and then we can share what she has been up to with the class next week.

Week of the 20th September

Excalibur class have been finding out all about Archaeologists this week...we have even been practising to spell archaeology correctly!

We role-played the different stages of archaeology and then practised our skills by investigating artefacts from the Stone Ages and wrote an explanation text on 'How to be an Archaeologist'.

Monday 13th September - Pete the Poet

This afternoon, we had a fun time exploring poetry, song, role-play and musicality with Pete the Poet.  You can see from the photos we let go of all our inhibitions and embraced the experience fully!!


Welcome Back!


We are so proud of how this year's Excalibur class have settled into the new academic year. In Year 4 & 5 we are continuing to develop skills which will make us become even greater independent and resilient learners.