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Lancelot – Year 5 & 6

The adults in Lancelot are:

Mr Toby Gallagher  – Class Teacher

Mrs Caroline Sherry  - HLTA


Have a great Summer from Lancelot Class 2022-2023

Week 13

The week we bid farewell to Year 6
A fun filled, jam packed week was had by all children in Lancelot Class this week.

Year 6 completed their Bikeability course over the week, whereas the Year 5 children completed online comic books with the own added superhero detail!

Wednesday saw parents and family members share the memories of our leavers in our special assembly. Of course this culminated in the what seems to be the annual finale of the emotional slideshow followed by the comedic staff video!

As the weather remained dry, we were able to complete an orienteering picture hunt around the village on Thursday, and this was followed by some well earned free time in the park.

With the annual shirt signing and autograph hunting, Year 6 showed their stoic personalities on the last day of term with many taking part in the talent show. The end of the day saw the whole school congregate on the playground with family and friends to celebrate the end of their 7 years of primary education, to the sound of the school bell.

Have a super summer break and we will welcome you all back for another great year at Countess Gytha in September.

Year 6 final farewell

Lancelot has Talent!


Leavers’ service

Alternative Olympics and Lips sync battle!

Week 12
The group of children who took part in the Somerset Children's Parliament presentation have just received their feedback. As it is so fantastic, we thought we'd share it with you on the website.


To George, Marley, Josie, Georgia and Isabella,


‘The judges were impressed with the dynamic opening of your presentation that grabbed our attention – particularly impressive was that you spoke without notes.

We enjoyed hearing about your diversity heroes and the more in-depth look at Marley Dias’s story.

We thought that writing to your head teacher and appealing for the funding to buy books with more diverse messages was inspiring; including the long hours that George spent researching the books. 

As you yourselves stated in your presentation – R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Showing us samples of the actual books, you have bought – and the picture of the diversity book display made your work come alive.

You answered questions well as a team, taking turns in responding.

Overall, this was an excellent presentation- you were worthy runners up and should all be very proud of your achievement’.

To George, Marley, Josie, Georgia and Isabella,


‘The judges were impressed with the dynamic opening of your presentation that grabbed our attention – particularly impressive was that you spoke without notes.

We enjoyed hearing about your diversity heroes and the more in-depth look at Marley Dias’s story.

We thought that writing to your head teacher and appealing for the funding to buy books with more diverse messages was inspiring; including the long hours that George spent researching the books. 

As you yourselves stated in your presentation – R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Showing us samples of the actual books, you have bought – and the picture of the diversity book display made your work come alive.

You answered questions well as a team, taking turns in responding.

Overall, this was an excellent presentation- you were worthy runners up and should all be very proud of your achievement’.


The Pride - a truly memorable performance

The retelling of this well-loved story was given an incredible breath of new life by all in the children in Lancelot, delighting parents and family friends alike. From the props, costumes, music and backdrops to the tremendous solos, songs and clear morals to match – the children really showcased their talents and it was a joy to behold. 

An Hawaiian Treat at the end of term disco!,

Year 5 harvest their garlic in Environmental Studies

Whilst Year 6 were attending a sports event at Ansford school, the Year 5 children were tasked to pull the garlic in the allotment - assisted by Mrs Crang and Mrs Hewlett. With a successful harvest, they set about making their own garlic bread, with all agreed was truly delicious.

Star and Worker of the Week
Mr Gallagher has selected Pippa as his Star of the Week for representing the school at Ansford with determination, skill and a wonderful attitude – well done Pippa, brilliant news! Oscar R has been chosen as the Worker of the Week for his hard work and accuracy when measuring angles with a protractor in maths – Mr Gallagher was exceedingly impressed and hopes that you keep up the confidence!

Week 11

This week saw not only our transition day for our Yr 6s to their secondary schools, but also we welcomed our new Lancelot members who will be joining our class in September. Listening to all children involved they clearly enjoyed their experiences and are looking forward to their next step 8n their journey.

Dress Rehearsal goes without a hitch!

The whole school were invited to the dress rehearsal of The Pride on Thursday afternoon. - we were also thrilled that preschool could also join us. The children certainly did themselves proud with their first ever performance in front of an actual audience. The smiles on their faces clearly showed how much enjoyment was had not only by the cast but the watching audience. Next week will be our actual performance in front of the parents and wider community. Break a leg Lancelot! Here is a sneak peek on what will be on offer…

Star and Worker of the Week

Mr Gallagher has selected Malakai as his Star of the Week for his outstanding courage and confidence during his dress rehearsal performance to the school this week – I’m sure I can’t be the only one very excited to see The Pride next week!Dexter B has been chosen as the Worker of the Week for his determination and hard work – it is all paying off in his final assessments this term, excellent news young man!



Summer Fair - Year 5 Fiver Challenge / School Council 

Children needed to be focused on Friday afternoon, as all the fun of the summer fair descended onto Countess Gytha. The fiver challenge came to a successful end, with all children managing to sell many of their products. Our School Council representatives took charge of the Make a Wish stall, where the illuminated bottles they had hand painted were a great success. 

Week 10
What a great week we've had in Lancelot class. Sports day on Wednesday and Maths day on Thursday, not to mention all the play practice that the children have been squeezing in ready for their performance in two weeks. 

Maths Day - Escape Room, Merlin Shape Finding and Maths Orienteering

When I’m Older I Would Like to Be....

Star and Worker of the Week

Lancelot – Mr Gallagher has selected Oscar S as his Star of the Week for his outstanding attitude all week in singing, sports day and working so enthusiastically with Merlin Class child on maths day – outstanding Oscar, well done! Dexter W has been chosen as the Worker of the Week for always showing exemplary behaviour, hard work in maths and a positive attitude generally towards all of his learning – excellent work Dexter.


Week 9


Star of the Week:

Mia S - for her desire to learn in every lesson and her commitment to getting the very best out of herself every day. Keep up the great work - we know that you will be a massive success in secondary school. 


Worker of the Week: 

Alex - for his outstanding recount on the day that he nearly broke his ankle. You included a variety of sentence openers, a flashback and powerful vocabulary. 

Ukulele with Mr Male

Thales Visit STEM visit

 Another exciting  STEM afternoon for Lancelot Class on Wednesday. We were lucky enough to have a visit from Thales Underwater Systems who worked alongside the children building and programming vehicles to follow a course around the playground with a new Spikes Lego kit. All the children showed great teamwork and enthusiasm when building and  programming their vehicle.

Successful attempt 1

Still image for this video

Leonardo STEM visit

 As part of their Science, DT and mathematics curriculum, Year 6 had The opportunity to work alongside Leonardo on Monday afternoon as part of a STEM project. The children had a team paper rotor challenge, looking at air resistance and velocity. Each rotorcraft was placed on a wind machine and was marked for design, length of flight and height. The overall winning team was The Fantastic Four, well done Liam, Joe, Jack and Callum.

The Fantastic Four Rota Blade Challenge Winners

Still image for this video

Week 8

Year 6 Residential Trip

Kilve Court - Our Final Day!

Well what a great week it has been, with so many memories to take away with us all.

This morning started bright and early with yet another early morning run for Mr G, accompanied by Mia and Leonie! Before breakfast our bags needed to be packed and rooms vacated, this as everything else this week the children did with smiles on faces ( well almost all!)
Our final activities this morning were rifle shooting and abseiling. These two experiences many had never attempted before so therefore conquering their fears were top of the agenda, even for staff!

The whole week has been a great success It was great opportunity for the children to develop their confidence, friendships and independence and as staff we couldn’t have wished for a better group of children. Well done Year 6 you made us proud everyday!

Friends, Food and Fun!

Here he goes again!

Still image for this video

It’s not just the children who overcome their fears!

Still image for this video

Kilve Court - Day 3

Today, year 6 had a great time on their activities today. We walked to the Quantock hill and made shelters. They loved the grass sledging and the fantasy trail. The children were very happy to get their own back on Mrs Sherry and Mr Gallagher with a rather big splash of water! In the evening, they loved the maze with Jack finding the lost hat in our sardines game and of course the visit to the gift shop! All now tucked in bed and sound asleep.

Fun on the hill

Still image for this video

Rolling around in laughter

Still image for this video

Reunited with That hat!

Kilve Court - Day 2

Today, we played wide games in the morning and found out that the girls are stronger than not only the boys but also Mr Bunter and Mr Gallagher. After our scrumptious lunch, we scaled the heights of the climbing wall and Jacob’s Ladder with some climbing using only one hand or even blindfolded. In the evening, we had a surprise visitor and we played super teams with the fantastic 5 coming out on top. Another great day had by all.

Getting ready for the day ahead!

Wide and Team Games with added visitor!

Kilve Court - Day 1

Our first day here at Kilve Court has gone brilliantly. The children enjoyed a huge walk along the coast, had a lovely dinner of chicken curry or vegetable pasta bake and had a fab time playing Jumblies (an orienteering game) this evening.

East Quantock Coastal Path Walk

Enjoying a pit stop on our walk!

Exploring our surroundings

Star and Worker of the Week

Mr Gallagher has selected Pippa as his Star of the Week for being incredibly supportive, giving everything a go and being an enthusiastic influence whilst on school camp – it was outstanding to see! Emily and Chloe have been selected as the Workers of the Week in Lancelot. Chloe and Emily have both been chosen for having an excellent week with the fiver challenge. Keep up the great work and here’s to your idea being successful.

Week 7

Next week, Year 6 will be on their annual residential trip to Kilve. We will update the class page daily, with our activities that we have enjoyed throughout the day. Year 5 children will have Mr Gordon teaching them throughout the week and a new Fiver Challenge is going to be introduced! Watch this space for more updates on this exciting challenge.

Youth Parliament Success!

Well done to George, Marley, Georgia K, Bella and Josie who represented the school at this year’s Youth Parliament! As you maybe aware, this group of children had set about trying to raise funds in order to diversify the books available in the school library. This was what they had chosen to fulfil their task set, “Children as Change Makers” which they could then share with other Year 6 children across Somerset. The children came an amazing second place with their idea, public speaking and subsequent follow-up questions from other children and a panel of judges! We are so proud of you all, a fantastic achievement.

Taking ‘Pride’ in the finishing touches!

It was the final Art/DT session this week with Mr Plumbley. The aim was to complete the finishing touches to our masks, headdresses and props for our up and  coming performance of The Pride. As you can see by the photos, it truly will be a spectacular event. Please check our diary dates for performance dates and times in July.

Star and Worker of the Week

Mr Gallagher has selected Georgia E-M as his Star of the Week for her commitment and enthusiasm shown in the play so far – it has been outstanding to see! Henry and Georgia K have been selected as the Workers of the Week in Lancelot. Georgia has been chosen for being a supportive and patient shoulder partner and all-round excellent team-player – well done, Georgia! Henry has been nominated for his energy and enthusiasm daily; always putting a smile on Mr Gallagher’s face – more of that please Henry!

Week 6

Children’s Parliament hold fund raising event

Members of The Children’s Parliament held a non school uniform day on Friday to raise awareness of ‘Diversity’. They recently held a book audit of the school library and found that there was a need for more diverse books across the school key stages. The money raised from the day will be used to purchase a variety of books to raise awareness of the diverse world we all live in.

Environmental Studies - Pond Dipping

 Making the most of the beautiful weather, Wednesday morning was spent alongside the school pond. We were lucky to have Cerys from The Yeovil River Trust, talk to us about the environment and in particular the local rivers and tributaries. She then took us to the school pond, where we were able to discover that it had many species of insects and aquatic lava living within it.

Mayan Topic

On Tuesday, during their Topic lesson, Lancelot Class were able to research and then explain why certain foods were significant in the Ancient Mayan period. This session also incorporated a cookery session where the children were able to make; corn tortillas, sweet potato and white bean dip and also a chilli infused hot chocolate drink. 

Star and Worker of the Week

Mr Gallagher has selected Mia  as his Star of the Week for always wanting to improve her work, encouraging others and demonstrating exceptional communication skills. Well done Mia. Joe is the Worker of the Week in Lancelot for an outstanding piece of writing in English thins week but also for being a great listener in class. Keep it up, Joe.

Pride props will take centre stage!

Week 5


Moving Maths

Maths lesson were a little different at the beginning of this week. Whilst being physically active out on the playground, the children were fully engaged with the concept of securing their knowledge and understanding of line graphs and data and how this needed to be recorded. 

Star and Worker of the Week

Mr Gallagher has selected Marley as his Star of the Week for an outstanding biography on Rosa Parks and being a supportive shoulder partner to her peers in class. Marley is also jointly organised a whole-school MUFTI day next week in support of diversifying the school library. More details below! Dexter B is the Worker of the Week in Lancelot for being a wonderful role model to the class; being a fantastic listener and producing high quality work every lesson – keep it up, Dexter!

Week 4

Year 6 remain focused amidst bad weather!

We are glad to say that Year 6 were unperturbed by
the disruption of the flooding this week and have done themselves proud in their end of key stage 2 assessments (SATs). We are extremely proud of each and every one of you. You have worked so hard all year to be able to show off all your knowledge in these assessment. As you can see from the smiles, the hearty breakfasts were enjoyed all-round and set each up to show their very best.


In Art, on Thursday, Lancelot class were doing some observational sketching with a focus on shadows and the direction of light. Here are some in action:

The Pride props beginning to take shape

Star and Worker of the Week
Mr Gallagher could not possibly choose a single Star or Worker of the Week with the excellent work all have put towards their Key Stage 2 assessments or working hard to support these in Year 5 – he would like to say just how proud he is of each and everyone of you! The children enjoyed a special treat for all their hard work at the end of the week!

Week 3

Preparations and Celebrations!

Friday saw a very busy morning for Lancelot Class! Not only was it class photo day but in preparation for their national assessments next week, Year 6 demonstrated their recall of their Maths and English knowledge, making table revision mats.

In the afternoon, the whole school came together to mark the Coronation of King Charles. The children sung a changed rendition of the Queen classic We will Rock You - newly entitled We Will Crown You, with Oscar taking centre stage as Master Mercury! 

Art and DT project with Mr Plumbley beginning  to take shape!

Over the last three weeks, the children, along with Mr P have started to design and build the props and headdresses, needed for their up and coming end of year performance of The Pride - an adaptation of Disneys The Lion King. Each week, the builds have begun to come to life and we are excited to see them grow over the next few sessions.

Judaism Visitor

On Tuesday, we had Stewart from the Exeter Hebrew Congregation visit us and give us a detailed talk on what it's like to be a Jewish person. He talked in depth about the Torah, Shabbat, Sabbath and much more. 

Week 2


Race for Life 2023
We finished the week on a real high, when we all participated in our whole school Race for Life event - raising money for Cancer Research UK. The aim was to run at least 10 laps of the school field and many of us completed this alongside our parents. Thank you to all our sponsors and we can’t wait to find out the final total!

Visitor motivates Class
Year 5 and 6 this week were joined by Elise Hayward, a non-verbal motivational speaker, who shared her personal journey - including being born with cerebral palsy as part of this year’s Inspiring Futures careers workshops.

 On Monday, Lancelot class enjoyed SCARF's Life Bus. We completed a workshop on Friendship, peer pressure and learning how to say 'no'. 

Star of the Week - Indie (Year 6) 
The Star in Lancelot class this week is Indie for showing great accuracy in maths assessments – her attention to detail is really paying off!

Worker of the Week - Ben (Year 5) 

 Mr Gallagher is delighted with Ben, chosen as his Worker of the Week for being an excellent role-model to others in the class; demonstrating independence and for being an enthusiastic learner overall – keep up the hard work, Ben

Well done, Mia!

Mia was presented with her award (a signed Yeovil shirt) for winning the writing competition that she entered earlier this month. She got to go onto the pitch at half time and had a big cheer from the crowd when she was presented with her shirt. 

Lancelot Trip to Huish Park!

A great day was had by all on Saturday. Although the result went against Yeovil, the children thoroughly enjoyed seeing a match for the first time. Thank you to Mia for winning us the prize when winning the writing competition.

Week 1

Well done to Marley for winning Star of the Week: she has been a wonderful role model to the class, she is showing great accuracy in maths and her presentation has been excellent.

Congratulations to Amelia for winning Worker of the Week; she has shown great determination in her comprehension lesson this week. Keep up the hard work with your reading.

Year 5 visit Legoland!

The LEGOLAND Windsor trip in Thursday, provided Year 5 the ability to engage and explore through creative and imaginative play. They enjoyed many of the theme parks exciting rides and were transported to a mini land where they were immersed in the landmarks of different countries around the world! This was combined with an interactive educational workshop where the  children were able to build and design a LEGO Rollercoaster ( as part of their DT and Science. Curriculum) and explore how forces and energy act upon them. What a truly memorable day for the children … and the adults too!

Bookman Easter Challenge

Well done to the children in our class who completed the Bookman Easter Challenge. Here are some selected photos to see the challenge in action.


Happy Easter from Lancelot Class

Week 12 - Week beginning 27th March

Book Club Meeting

Year 3 and Lancelot Book club visited Castle Cary Library on Friday to enjoy a new environment for our meetings. They had a lovely time reading to one another and exploring the shelves. The children also visited the local book shop and got themselves a treat at the bakery. 



Patter of tiny feet and cries from the corridor could be heard on Tuesday afternoon. We were thrilled to have a couple of newborn lambs visit us! Mrs Crang kindly showed us  two lambs ( of the 16) which she is hand rearing and explained why this was needed. As you can see, even the lambs like to choose a book from our class library!

Optical Illusion Art

THe children had the opportunity to have a one off Art lesson this week. We looked at how an optical illusion could be drawn simply, using just two colours for effect. The concentration in the room was palpable ensuring no mistakes were made!

SSAFA Winners announced! Congratulations Pippa and Bowen

Star of the Week - Kitty (Year 6) 
The Star in Lancelot class this week is Kitty. This week Kitty has shown great effort in all areas of the curriculum and for working to improve every day. 

Worker of the Week - Jack (Year 5) 

Jack is our worker of the week for showing a desire for reading, working hard in maths and being a good role model to his shoulder partner. A great effort Jack, well done.

Week 11 - week beginning 20th March

Competition Winner

Huge congratulations must go to Mia S who won the Yeovil Community Arts Association writing award this week. She wrote a beautiful story called 'Reach for the Stars' and went to the awards ceremony today at Yeovil Library. The mayor was in attendance and helped to present Mia with her prize - a £30 book voucher. Amazingly, Mia has also won free tickets for the whole class for the last home game for Yeovil Town football club against Oldham (further details will follow in a letter). Well done Mia - you've made your whole class incredibly proud. Thank you for Pippa for supporting Mia too. 

We are Famous! RND celebrations and Science Week (Western Gazette)

Thank you to Charlotte England who visited Year 5 and 6 today as part of their Inspiring Futures programme, delivered through the school’s PSHE curriculum. Charlotte is a local artist and it was great to have someone from the arts community inspire our young learners after the visit from the GPs last week!

Easter Parade Preparations

On Friday, following our successful assessment week, we started to design our Easter Bonnets and Easter Cards ready for our church celebrations next week. It was great to see so much creativity in the session and the children are really looking forward to wearing their headwear with pride when we walk through the village next week.

Star of the Week - Mia-Louise (Year 6) 
The Star in Lancelot class this week is Mia-Louise for the dramatic improvements she has shown in her recent assessment pieces – keep it up, Mia-Louise!

Worker of the Week - Ben (Year 5) 

Mr Gallagher is delighted with Ben’s extended write this week, demonstrating great awareness of the genre of text, completing his own follow-up passage to the text, The Lady of Shallot.

Week 10 - week beginning 13th March

Red Nose Day 2023

Crowning a very busy week in Lancelot Class , Red Nose Day 2023 was celebrated in style! Children wore their red-themed MUFTI with pride and enjoyed fun- themed activities throughout the day such as pin the nose on the headteacher and guess the amount of red in a jar! Our School Council representatives made red nose themed cakes and sold them to the school community at the end of the day.

Inspiring Futures for The World of Work

As part of the PSHE curriculum in Lancelot, the school welcomed its first career advocates who are part of the school’s programme to develop aspirations and broaden ideas in young minds for future career opportunities. This week’s guests were two General Practitioners from our neighbours, at Queen Camel Medical Centre. The children were talked through a day in the life of a GP and performed daily GP tasks on one another, such as measuring blood oxygen levels and blood pressure!

Recently, the children have been sending letters to a school in New Zealand called West Park in Wellington. The class have been writing about World Book Day and recommending books to read. The children were excited to read their responses and hopefully (with the letters) inspired a class from the other side of the world to pick up a book and read more.

Our Connecting Science Activity Afternoon

Monet and Van Gogh Watercolour Easter Egg Miniatures/Mother’s Day Cards

Science - if I Were an Engineer…

Tuesday saw the whole class take part in an engineering project. Engineering is a diverse and exciting field open to more young people than is often thought and Lancelot enjoyed researching the different fields engineering can take. They completed their own project designs to alleviate a problem that they felt was important to them. These ranged from a Boredom Buster to a device that stopped cut apples going brown! In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to ask questions to a Thales engineer and wrote a persuasive letter to get their invention prototyped. All the children’s ideas will be entered into a national, competition that celebrates every single entry!​

Star of the Week - Oscar S (Year 6)

The Star in Lancelot class this week is Oscar S for hardwork and brilliant attitude in science and engineering activities all week – keep it up, Oscar!

Worker of the Week - Oscar R (Year 5)

Mr Gallagher is delighted with Oscar R’s maths work this week, demonstrating great accuracy and independence in all that he has tackled – wonderful news, Oscar!

Week 9 - week beginning 6th March


The week started with the children being reminded that it was Poetry week.The theme of the poems this week was Our Earth. The children had the opportunity to write many poems and their final piece reflected the idea of how I,portent our Earth was to them. The poems we wrote will be entered into the schools poetry competition as well as The Somerset Literacy Network completion.


Class trip to Sutton Bingham Reservoir 
Lancelot braved the elements and visited Sutton Bingham Reservoir on Friday, as part of their topic of water and natural resources. The class were given a guided tour of the water treatment before taking a walk around the reservoir to see the multi-purpose site, understanding how water makes the journey from reservoir to taps! The children were surprised to find out that it only took 8 hours for the water to be taken from the reservoir, filtered and then ready for drinking!

Saving Energy Audit

Even if the temperature outside is numbing fingers once again, Lancelot School Council representatives can confirm that the school’s heating system is keeping minds
focussed on learning! The trust are currently undertaking an energy audit of each school to understand the best use of resources in each building and how to further improve our eco credentials.Children in Lancelot were happy to help out with the recordings needed for the audit! 

Our Earth

Star of the Week - Sandie (Year 6)

The Star in Lancelot class this week is Sandie for a well-written, fun and unique poem for poetry week, about eating the Earth.A great poem Sandie, Well done!

Worker of the Week - Liam (Year 6 )

Mr Gallagher is delighted with Liam  this week, for demonstrating perseverance in maths in  his lessons in geometry. Fantastic work, Liam. 

Week 8 - week beginning 27th February


On Thursday, we celebrated World Book Day in style. We paraded on the playground; we had hot chocolate and biscuits in the 'Reading Cafe'; we had a zoom with Helen Rutter; we made book marks; and best of all, Bookman visited and gave out prizes. What a lovely day!

Book reviews take pride of place amongst our class library

We read a book in French and shared with our French penpals

Still image for this video

Our penpals sent us WBD messages

Still image for this video

Snow White - Blanc Neige

Still image for this video

Monster Bookmarks

This week Lancelot have been learning a new sport 'Handball'. Westfield Academy kindly lent the school a set of handballs which we are using for our PE lessons this term. Here are some photos of the children in action.

In our second week of 3d modelling, we created buildings with windows and doors as well as badges which could exported as .STL file to use on a 3d printer. Although the school does not have access to a 3d printer, a publically available printer is available at Taunton library. More details can be found at


Star of the Week - Bethany (Year 6)

The Star in Lancelot class this week is Bethany for an outstanding book review of El Deafo by Cece Bell – keep up the hard work, Beth!

Worker of the Week - Dylan (Year 5 )

Mr Gallagher is delighted with Dylan’s work this week, for his excellent contribution in writing sessions, always very articulate in his reasonings and ideas – well done Dylan. 


Week 7 - week beginning 20th February

This week Lancelot class celebrated Mardi Gras by making pancakes with Mr Gordon. We also dressed in a selection of Mardi Gras inspired masks, necklaces and hats. Please take a look at the lovely photos below. 

Year 5 in Lancelot Class began using TinkerCad today to start their 3D modelling project. We learnt how to move objects on a workplane, how 3D modelling can be used in industries such as car manufacture and also began to create composite shapes such as this Monopoly style house! 



If you would like to continue with your project, head to and input your nickname!

Star of the Week - Sandie (Year 6)

The Star in Lancelot class this week is Sandie, for demonstrating hard work, outstanding listening skills and doing an amazing job in her reading recently – excellent news, Sandie! Worker of the Week - George (Year 6 )

Mr Gallagher is delighted with George’s work this week, for showing his personality when writing his letter to his pen-pal in New Zealand – fingers crossed for a speedy response George.

Congratulations Ben - Top Table Nominee this week

Week 6 - week beginning 6th February

Art Day

In art this week, we researched David Hockney and his famous landscape paintings. We created colour palettes that match the season to experiment how marks can be made. We then used two different mediums: water colours and oil pastels to create a Glastonbury Tor landscape. 

In Science this week, we investigated whether the boat's design impacted water resistance and speed through the water. The children came up with some very interesting designs. Unfortunately, one boat had serious trouble with buoyancy and it sank. Here are some pictures of the investigation.

Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday, we celebrated Safer Internet Day by debating our technology milestones and creating online posters about how to be safe online when gaming.

Week 5 - week beginning 30th January

In Science this week, we have been looking at air resistance and how the size of a parachute can impact the time it takes to fall. Here are some of the children's parachutes and a video of Mr Gallagher dropping a parachute from the school roof. As you can hear from the children's voices, they were very excited to see how it went. 

We enjoyed a live stream STEM session from the UK spaceport in Scotland on Friday. The experts focused on Newton’s Laws of Motion and forces, and through the session the children were informed all about rockets and why they are being launched from Scotland!

Parachute Investigation in Action

Still image for this video

Star of the Week - Pippa (Year 6)

The Star in Lancelot class this week is Pippa, for taking ownership of her work and always wanting to improve – keep it up, Pippa!

Worker of the Week - Dexter (Year 5 )

Mr Gallagher is delighted with Dexter B, for being very articulate when talking to adults and being an excllent listener!


Week 4 - week beginning 23rd January

We have been learning a 'rock and roll' dance in PE over the past two weeks. We have been using 'Let's Twist Again' by Chubby Checker as our inspiration. Here are some pictures from our lesson today.

Renewable Energy Presentations

Still image for this video
Children worked in small group this week to research areas of renewable energy.. With their newly found facts, they all then had the opportunity to record their own news report presentations.

Pupils received their lucky Chinese red envelopes in assembly today

Star of the Week - Malakai (Year 5)

The Star in Lancelot class this week is Malakai, for working hard to write more in his independent written pieces – keep it up, Malakai!
Worker of the Week - Leonie (Year 6 )

Mr Gallagher is delighted with Leonie, with her diligence, hard-working attitude and the responsibility she takes for her learning, great job Leonie!


Singing Lesson

Lancelot Class, received a singing lesson on Wednesday afternoon. We received coaching on how to warm up our voices, how it was important not to use just our voices when singing,how to develop our listening skills but also how to change our pitch and range. To finish we took part in a four part round which needed a great deal of concentration!

Week 3 - week beginning 16th January 

This week started with the Language Ambassadors in Lancelot (+Betsy from Excalibur) lead a whole school assembly. The theme was informing the children of Chinese New Year and the British Value of Respect. The children listened intently and were delighted to be told they would all be receiving a lucky Chinese charm next week to commemorate the Year of the Rabbit.


Star of the Week - Dexter W (Year 5)

The Star in Lancelot class this week is Dexter W for having a fantastic week in class, working hard with his partner and reading more. Keep up the outstanding work, Dexter! 
Worker of the Week - Josie (Year 6 )

Our Worker of the Week is Josie. Mr Gallagher is delighted with Josie for writing a super non-chronological report on outstanding Olympians. Excellent use of passive voice and relative clauses, great job Josie

Continuing our Science focus on Forces

On Wednesday, to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, children were treated to a menu of Chinese Food during their hot lunches. Some children in Lancelot even attempted to use chopsticks to eat their meal. Great effort Pippa and Mia.

Week 2 - week beginning 9th January

This week saw Bookman awarded 'Fing' by David Walliams to Kitty. She won the Bookman World Cup Challenge when Argentina won the World Cup. The PTFA kindly bought books for the winners and copies of the book to the class. Happy reading, Kitty. 

Star of the Week - Mia (Year 6)

The star In Lancelot class this week is Mia for her outstanding contributions in Book Club and reading  voraciously outside of school. A real star this week Mia!! 
Worker of the Week - Georgia (Year 6 )

Georgia is our worker of the week as she has given everything a go with maximum effort and improving her spelling.Keep up this amount of effort and hard work, Georgia. A great week.

Never too old!

During Science this week, Children learned about the changes in motion which occur when forces act on an object. They consolidated their understanding that forces have direction and can be altered using an opposite force. All this was achieved by having great fun making paper planes (demonstrating air resistance and gravity) and riding a trike borrowed from Merlin!

Week 1 - week beginning 2nd January

This week, saw Lancelot Class return to school with a sense of determination and great work ethic. They were delighted to receive their first penpal letter of the year from their friends in France and enjoyed recognising some key phrases in their letters to help the, with the translations.

Many took part in the Bookman Christmas Challenge and were thrilled to receive their house points for every challenge completed in our assembly.

Children receiving House Points from Bookman!

Star of the Week - Joe (Year 6)

The star In Lancelot class this week is Joe for coming back with a ready to learn attitude, working hard and challenging himself in every lesson. Great work Joe! 
Worker of the Week - Marley (Year 6 )

Marley is our worker of the week as she has been demonstrating care and accuracy in Maths this week and showing excellent presentation skills in all her work. A fantastic start to the term Marley.

Autumn 2022

Merry.Christmas Everyone!

Still image for this video

Week 14 - w/c December 12th

What a wonderful week we've had in Lancelot. On Wednesday we have enjoyed making Christmas lunch for Mrs Green, Ms Punton-Jones and the class. We also had a very special treat when parents competed against the class in the 'Are you smarter than your 10-year old?' quiz. The children's group 'The Big Brains' won the quiz ahead of the parents group called 'No Eye Dear'. We all had a great time and thank you to all adults/parents and guardians who joined in with the fun.

Thursday saw the annual class Christmas party - this year hosted by Pirate Gordon!.Whilst listening to Classic Christmas tunes, the children played games, designed cards and even had party food supplied by the PTFA. 
In the afternoon, the children recorded their own music video clips, using the green screen. These will be edited together to make another great Christmas classic! Watch this space for the finished article…

Class Christmas Party

Green Screen Christmas Music Video

This week the children have been working hard on their adventure stories inspired by The Adventures of Odysseus by Hugh Lupton. Some of them have been published using book creator below. Please click on the link to read these amazing stories. Additionally, the children have been learning about why people should visit Greece. They have created blog posts and some of the best are also below. Please enjoy!


Monday saw Lancelot Book Club visit Cam's Kitchen for a special treat for working so hard in every book club session with Mr Gallagher. The children enjoyed luxury milkshakes, began their new book 'Can you see me?' by Libby Scott and Rebecca Westcott and had a tour of the old school. Below are some pictures of the children enjoying their afternoon. 

Christmas Choir Entertain at Christmas Cafe

Christmas Jumpers and Christmas Lunch

Two visitors in one day!
Lancelot were surprised when two visitors appeared in their classroom today! Not only did Bookman grace us with his presence and remind us of our Christmas reading challenge but we also had a visit from the man in red again. He seemed to have misplaced his sack of presents and wondered if we had seen it anywhere! Lancelot hope that he isn’t so forgetful next week when he visits!

The Big Man has Landed!

Monday morning saw a very special visitor drop in for a quick visit. Piloted by George’s dad, Father Christmas arrived by Merlin helicopter to meet all the children from the school. As you can see from our photos, you are never too old to meet Father Christmas!

Star of the Week - Amelia (Year 6)

The star In Lancelot class this week is Amelia for her outstanding behaviour and effort in the last week of term and for having a great sense of fun. 
Worker of the Week - Pippa (Year 6 )

Mr Gallagher is  delighted with Pippa for really working hard on finishing her adventure story on book creator. Well done Pippa

Week 13 - w/c December 5th

Monday saw the children able to watch the dress rehearsal of the school nativity. Many of them reminisced of the day they were in the nativity! Following the show , every child was able to place a decoration on our main Christmas Tree to start the Christmas festivities in earnest. 

Lancelot Book Club

Lancelot's Book Club have been working incredibly hard at home over the past few weeks, reading hundreds of pages and writing book reviews. The children all wrote book reviews for Adam Baron's 'Boy Under Water' and we emailed them to Adam in the hope that he would read them. Excitingly, he responded thanking the children for their enthusiasm and that he would read all of their book reviews. He is also sending book marks to them and signed book plates. What a lovely man. Thanks Adam for inspiring our children to read and well done to Georgia, George (not pictured), Marley, Mia and Ben.

Penpal Christmas Cards wing their way to France

Children received the names of their new penpals this week. Many will be writing to their penpal

for the second year and excitingly Year 5 and some Year 6 will have a pen pal for the first time. They will exchange cards, postcards, letters and emails over the year. 

Star of the Week - Jack (Year6)

The star In Lancelot class this week is Jack for amazing focus and determination. Mr Gallagher is keen to reinforce the message of effort equaling reward, well done Jack!
Worker of the Week - Emily (Year5)

Mr Gallagher is also delighted with Emily for responding to feedback in her extended writes, using a variety of sentence openers and parenthesis for added effect - very impressive, Emily!

Week 12 - w/c November 28th

Year 5 and Year 6 took part in their Cool Aeronautics Day with creativity and vigour today. Each group were tasked with building a car powered by balloons which could travel across a desert and they had to build  a bridge for the car to travel across a canyon.Each group tried really hard, demonstrated teamwork throughout. The winning group Percy Pigs with a brilliant design for their  car and a strong and sturdy bridge.

Star of the Week -  Henry ( Year 5)

The Star in Lancelot class this week is Henry for being an enthusiastic student in the class and for showing a positive attitude with his Odysseus adventure story – keep it up, Henry!

Worker of the Week -  Sandie (Year 6)

Mr Gallagher is also delighted with Sandie, for her incredible accuracy in Lancelot’s measure maths lessons this week – very impressive, Sandie!

Christingle and Christingle Service

Everyone enjoyed making their Christingle on Thursday. Some were tempted to devour their fruits and sweets before the service but temptation prevailed.

Fun and Laughter at the Pantomime!

Lancelot, along with the whole school, enjoyed the performance of Aladdin on Tuesday by M and M productions. Singing, dancing and laughter were the themes of the show with the added bonus of popcorn, kindly donated by the PTFA.


At the start of the week, we enjoyed a dance workshop led once again by M and M productions. The children were taught choreographed routines that the cast would be performing during the pantomime, Aladdin.

Pantomime dance workshop with M and M productions

Week 11 - w/c November 21st

The start of the week was a real celebration towards The World Cup. Children came to school wearing their football kits or red and white, in support of England. The morning on Monday started with a human version of rock, paper scissors, with the finalists being Bowen representing his country of Senegal and Callum who drew Costa Rica. It was a tense battle with Senegal coming out on top!

During the afternoon, the children had the opportunity to watch England V Iran or to complete a mini DT project of making a table football game. Whatever the children decided to do they all had an enjoyable afternoon.

Worker of the Week -  Josie (Year 6)

Mr Gallagher is also delighted with Josie, for her excellent exposition to the Odysseus adventure story – keep up the hard work, Josie!

Star of the Week - Chloe (Year 5)

The Star in Lancelot class this week is Chloe for her accuracy in her maths work, when reflecting shapes across varying quadrants – keep it up, Chloe!