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Lancelot – Year 5 & 6

Lancelot Class – Year 5 & 6

Welcome to Lancelot Class


The adults in Lancelot Class are:

Mr Toby Gallagher - Class Teacher

Mrs Caroline Sherry (HLTA) – Teaching Assistant & PPA cover

Spring Term 2022


Week 16

On Monday this week, the children created, performed innovative gymnastic routines with a focus on shape, balances, teamwork and jumping. In computing and DT, the Year 5 children used the Lego Learning System which sparked joy in the classroom. The children's knowledge, skills, and confidence grew along with their ability to build and programme their LEGO alligators.

Worker of the Week - Jane (Year 6)

Jane has shown great perseverance with her narrative extended write this week. Alongside this, she has produced a fantastic piece of pencil art work inspired by the artist Henri Rousseau. A great week Jane

Star of the Week - Joseph (Year 5)

Joe had an overall excellent performance during the football tournament on Thursday, showing he is a  great team player and also able to score a wonder goal, to help us reach the county finals. Well done Joe!

Art inspired by Henri Rousseau 

Linking Art with our Amazon topic work and our French intercultural understanding, Lancelot were able to recreate a pencil and pen drawing in the style of Henri Rousseau’s painting ‘Surprised.’ Next week, colour will be added to their drawings to complete the project. 

The Year 5 girls programming their Lego alligator to snap its mouth shut when it sensed prey nearby.

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Week 15

Welcome back! We all hope you have had a lovely Christmas break. The children have started the Spring Term off as they finished the last, with a great attitude and ready for new challenges! It was  lovely to see so many completed activity photos from our Christmas Reading Challenge. Bookman certificates were earned whilst completing a number of the challenges, whilst showing off some great creativity! Thank you so much to everyone who has taken part and we hope you enjoyed the experiences to read in a different way! We look forward to seeing who wins the vouchers on Monday. Good Luck.

Science, English, Computing and DT all rolled into one!

This week, Lancelot Class wrote, acted and edited a scientific programme teaching us how light travels. A future in front of the camera beckons for this talented group!



Worker of the Week - Logan T (Year 6)

Logan has had a great return to school this week. He has achieved worker of the week for his great contribution in his Science progrsmme in the Light Learning Lab

Star of the Week - Abigail (Year 6)

Abbie is the Star of the Week for showing an amazing attitude throughout the week, especially demonstrating super listening skills and teamwork in Geography and Science. Well done Abbie, Keep it up!

Congratulations Mia!

During December, Mia has gained a Bronze British Gymnastics Award. She has achieved this on the floor exercise. Well done Mia, we can’t wait for you to show us some of your balletic and gymnastic moves.


Week 14

Remake of Last Christmas like no other!

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Happy Christmas to all our families and friends of Lancelot Class. May we take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and hard work over this term and for your generosity during this festive time. We look forward to another successful term ahead, in the New Year.
Mr Gallagher and Mrs Sherry.

Laughter and enjoyment during our Christmas Party

Worker of the Week - Adele (Year 6)

Adele demonstrated hard work, commitment and independence during her planning of her extended write this week, when drafting a persuasive letter related to our recent class book - Lori and Max. Keep up the good work Adele.

Star of the Week - Isabella (Year 5)

Isabella is the Star of the Week as she is always demonstrating how to be an exceptional role model for others. Alongside this wonderful trait, Isabella showed a real flair for cooking when preparing her Christmas Chutney this week. A great week, Isabella

Preparing our own Christmas Lunch

Christmas Lunch number 2 was top of the agenda on Wednesday, for the children and staff in Lancelot class. As part of their DT curriculum, the children prepared all of the vegetables, chickens, stuffing and gravy to ensure that the meal was a great success. We were thrilled the Mr Gordon and Mrs Punton were able to join us as special guests.

As you can see from our photographs, we all thoroughly enjoyed putting our new found skills to the test, with an exceptional outcome. 

Enjoying our School Christmas Lunch

KS2 children, along with their staff sat down and had an enjoyable Christmas Lunch this week. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were thrilled to each pull a cracker and share the jokes and anecdotes. 

Week 13


Worker of the Week - Georgia (Year 6)

Georgia demonstrates an excellent attitude in her booster sessions every week and has worked hard to improve her test results. Keep up the good work.

Star of the Week - Tom

Tom was awarded Star of the Week this week for a perfect score in his Arithmetic assessment. Not many of us can say we are perfect, but Tom definitely can. Well done.

Week 12


The Panto Arrives at Countess Gytha

On Tuesday, the school were lucky enough to receive a wonderful pantomime performance of Cinderella from M&M productions. The enjoyment on the children’s faces was clear to see and it really brought the festive spirit to our class. 

A pupil from Lancelot remarked, “The songs were great and it was funny when the teachers were up and dancing.”

Lori and Max Book Reviews

In our extended write lesson this week, the children wrote Book Reviews on our recent class book, Lori and Max. The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book together and reading their reviews, they clearly would recommend to similar age groups.

Worker of the Week - Abbie

Abbie always works with 100% effort in every lesson. Her hard-work is infectious and all around her are inspired by her enthusiasm. 

Star of the Week - Will

Will was awarded Star of the Week for his brilliant creativity and attention to detail and hard working ethic during our Christmas craft day. He worked hard on his decoupage bauble and throughly enjoyed preparing the fruit and vegetables for the chutney make.


Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Crafting

This week, as part of our DT curriculum, we prepared and cooked our own Christmas chutney to be sold at the Virtual Christmas Fair. The children designed their own labels and came up with a name for the chutney. The smells filled the corridors with the Christmas spirit.

The day also saw the children arrive at school wearing their Christmas jumpers, in exchange for a small donation for the PTFA school hampers. The hampers are looking brilliant, so fingers crossed that we can sell lots of Christmas raffle tickets!

Week 11

Celebrating Christingle

On Friday, we walked to St Barnabas Church, to our Christingle service. There were readings, carols, prayers and art work shared by the whole school. Everyone had a part to play but a special mention must go to Henry and Megan for their readings on the meaning of Advent and to all the new members of the Year 5/6  choir, who performed for the first time.

Healthy Hearts

In Science this week, the children studied the structures of a heart. We investigated blood flow, we dissected the heart and we measured the ventricular walls. As you can see by some of the fabulous photos taken by Mrs Sherry, the children were fascinated.

Worker of the Week - Georgia

Georgia has shown great perseverance and improvement in her presentation skills in her maths work this week - Mr Gallagher commented that he was very proud of her continued progress. Well done, Georgia!

Star of the Week - Oscar

Oscar was awarded Star of the Week for his brilliant piece of extended write. He has worked hard to improve his writing throughout the weeks, culminating in a fantastic persuasive letter this week. Great job, Oscar!


Christingle Preparations

All the children this week, had the opportunity to work with volunteers from St. Barnabas  Church to prepare their own Christingle ready for our church service on Friday.

This week, the children have been solving a crime from our class book (Lori and Max by Catherine O'Flynn). They have been acting like real-life detectives and have built an evidence board. Theories have been discussed, questions have been asked and fingers have been pointed. Who stole the money? The answer will soon be revealed.

Week 10

Surprise! Pudsey visits Countess Gytha 

Friday saw a change to our normal morning. Yes, it was Children in Need Day and we were all in our dotty clothes, but we had no idea we were soon to become celebrities!

Pudsey arrived with BBC Somerset Radio, to all our surprise and after he met the children, Henry, Mia, Mr Gordon and Mrs Sherry were interviewed for the radio! - Please visit The Gallery to listen to the whole interview. We waited patiently to hear the recording and as you can see and hear we were very excited!

Radio Celebrities!

Still image for this video

Western Gazette Article

Star of the Week - Finley

Fin has seamlessly adapted to his new life in Lancelot Class! He is hardworking and has a great attitude in all he does, all with a smile on his face. Along with this, we were delighted to announce that Fin is now one of our School Prefects. A great week Fin!

Workers of the Week - Emily and Megan

Emily has worked tirelessly to improve her maths accuracy this week. Not only in lessons, but also during her booster sessions, Emily has shown that she can work really hard to achieve what is needed.

Megan this week has shown resilience and determination on challenging mathematical problems. She has used her knowledge and strategies taught, to achieve and decode some very tricky calculations. Keep it up, Megan!

Healthy Hearts

This weeks Science lesson saw the children learn that their heart is linked to the rest of the circulatory system with blood vessels called arteries and veins. They found out that your arteries deliver oxygen-rich blood from the heart to other areas of your body and your veins return the de-oxygenated blood from your organs back to your heart. Through acting out this process, the children became the blood flow around the heart and the rest of the body!

Now Press Play - Interactive and Immersive Lessons



Lancelot became fully engaged in the curriculum through sound, story and movement this week. 

Each child was given a pair of wireless headphones and were Immersed in sound, where they became the main character in a story, meeting people, discovering places and solving problems on an educational adventure they will never forget. Initially they climbed through a rainforest canopy in the Amazon as part of their Geography  this term and then they were transported back to WW2 to discover the experiences children of their age went through.  At the end of the week, a PSHCE lesson on Anti Bullying and also an RE lesson describing the The 5 Pillars of Islam were also covered.

Anti-bullying Week

Odd Socks Day is part of Anti-Bullying Week! To celebrate that we are all unique, we were asked to wear odd socks to school on Monday 16th November. The day sends an important message that we should all be allowed to be ourselves, free from bullying and helps us celebrate Anti-Bullying Week in a fun and positive way. In the afternoon, Mr Gordon delivered an assembly to the class, on this year’s anti-bullying theme “One Kind Word.”

This week in Lancelot Class, we have been adding to our Kindness Wall, in relation to Anti-Bullying week.

SATs and Residential Information Evening 2021

Still image for this video

Thank you to all who managed to attend, please see Mr Gallagher if you have any further questions about how we prepare the children for their SATs assessments in Year 6 or the fantastic residential week planned for June 2022!

Week 9

Mr David Warburton takes the ‘Hot Seat.’

Today we were visited by local MP David Warburton who helped to explain democracy to Lancelot class. We took our chance to ask questions to David ranging from his most important decision as MP, his ambition in parliament and his favourite biscuit. He was our special guest to help us reveal the winner of Lancelot’s election that we held this week.

Star of the Week - Georgia

Georgia has had an excellent work ethic this week, particularly when creating her political manifesto. Alongside this, she created some thought provoking and interesting questions to put forward to our local Member of Parliament.

Worker of the Week - Jack

Jack has made a great contribution in class this week and has increased his class discussions in all curriculum areas. Great job, Jack!

What a busy week!

It feels as though our feet haven’t t touched the ground this week! Alongside our usual timetabled lessons, we have designed Christmas cards, had visits from MPs, attended and helped deliver Remembrance services, held our own election, discovered how our organs function and immersed  ourselves in our new set of French reading books!

Election Excitement!

This week Lancelot have been studying democracy and British values and were tasked with holding a class election. On Monday, the class formed political groups and candidates were chosen. The children then had to create manifestos, posters and speeches for their candidate. On Thursday, upper key stage 2 all voted for who they wanted to become Prime Minister of Lancelot class. Bethany and her party (Balloon House) were victorious: their slogan (Fly higher with balloon house) certainly swung a few voters. Congratulations Bethany.

Winners finally announced

Amazing Aeronautics we’re victorious in our Leonardo engineering competition this week. Scores were based on planning, teamwork, creativity and the final test. Congratulations to Charlie, Finley, Georgia, Adele, Tom and Logun.

Cool Aeronautics Event

This years event, run by Leonardo in Yeovil, saw the Year 5s and 6s take on the challenge to not only plan and build a life raft, but also design their own wind turbine to power a pulley system.

The aim of the day was to introduce the children to the fascinating world of aerospace engineering and to work alongside professionals that have this as their careers. The children worked in small groups throughout the day, to achieve their goals.Each team and their designs were scored throughout the day and the results will be announced in our assembly on Friday.It was clear to see, that all the children thoroughly enjoyed the day and showed that teamwork was vital, to ensure the best possible outcome was reached.


Remembrance Day - Watercolour Poetry Workshop

Following a class assembly and discussion on WW1, the children were armed with watercolours and the Flanders Field poem, to demonstrate their artistic skills in painting a suitable background on the poem. The children were taught how to best use their watercolours, to provide a delicate piece of art that not only helped to portray the poem, but also enhance its meaning.

Lancelot finished painting and attaching  the stems to their poppies this week. Following this, each pupil planted their own poppy in our own Remembrance  Garden Disply at the front entrance of the school.

‘Planting’ our Poppy Remembrance Garden

Week 8

Travelling back in time to Nothe Fort

Lancelot class had a wonderful school trip to Nothe Fort on Wednesday 3rd. The children were transported back to the war and experienced life as an evacuee. We took part in numerous activities: being chosen by host families, we visited a WW2 shop, an air raid shelter, a kitchen and laundry, a 1941 school and we walked the ramparts of Nothe Fort to check out the anti-aircraft guns. All in all, the children learnt a lot and had a great deal of fun.

Sing our way into the fort!

Still image for this video

Anderson Shelter Experience

Preparing for our Remembrance Day Display

The children have recycled and reused their plastic water bottles this week, to get in readiness for the Remembrance Display.  More photos to follow later on in the week.

Booster, Biscuits and Beaming Smiles!

Week 7

Star of the Week - Josie

Josie showed great enthusiasm and commitment during the whole day on our 1940s day. Alongside this, Josie has continued to be in extra effort to her work on a daily basis this term. Well done Josie!

Worker of the Week - Thomas

Thomas consistently  sets himself high standards in class but goes the extra mile to ensure this continues within all his homework that is set. Keep up the great work, Thomas!

PTFA Fundraiser

Celebrating Harvest


The children of Lancelot class shared their poems to the rest of the school, during the Harvest celebrations at church this week. It was lovely to be back in the church with the whole school and we thoroughly enjoyed listening to Julia and Mr Gordon all about The Lord’s Larder and the important role we all have in the Harvest period.

A Wondrous WW2 Day

On Tuesday, Lancelot class travelled back in time to the 1940s as we experienced life in school as evacuees. The children created a presentation based on several areas of World War 2, baked wartime cookies and made gas mask boxes and identity cards. We were also incredibly fortunate to receive a visitor - Pat Davall who was a child during the war. We asked him questions about his experiences as an evacuee and he gave the children a fascinating presentation about the war. Mr Gordon also visited during the day and seemed to enjoy it when the children stood up and called him Sir when he entered the classroom!

All in all, Year 5 and 6 had a wonderful day and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Week 6

Star of the Week - George

George not only showed what a great friend he can be through his kindness and generosity to his peers but also showed this compassion to others too. Well done George! 

Worker of the Week - Stanley

This week, Stanley showed that he had an excellent ready to learn attitude. Combined  with this, his Science work was detailed and his enthusiasm for the subject shine through. 

Lighting our Lanterns

Lancelot put the finishing touches to their lanterns this week, ready for the parade on Friday and the Castle Cary Carnival on Saturday. Parents were delighted to see the full school parade their lanterns, and hopefully many will take them to the carnival.

Community Police Visit

Our new community police officers introduced themselves during a visit to Lancelot this week. During the visit, the CPOs described what it was like to have the responsibility of a community police officer and following this discussion they also took a question and answer session from the interested children. 

DT - Making Lanterns for the Castle Cary Lantern Parade

Friday saw the chance for Lancelot to start making their willow lanterns, for our upcoming lantern parade next week. The children worked well collaboratively, and the outcomes so far have been very successful. Everyone is looking forward to putting the finishing touches to their lanterns next week, when the decoration process will be finalised.

Week 5

Star of the Week - Logun

Well done to Logun this week for showing great commitment to his learning and showing a very positive  attitude when in class and group sessions. 

Worker of the Week - Jane

Jane is Lancelot’s worker of the week, for showing perseverance with her maths work and in particular fractions. She demonstrated that with dedication and hard work comes success. It is great to see Jane’s progress from September 

# Hello Yellow Day

Lancelot thoroughly enjoyed dressing up in their various shades of yellow this week. Surprisingly, they were even taught by two bananas for the day! Throughout the day, the children were made aware of the charity Young Minds and the importance of their own mental health.

Week 4

Star of the Week - Cole

Cole thoroughly enjoyed The European Day of Languages and certainly overcame his fears when trying French cuisine! Look at the class photos to see evidence of this.

Worker of the Week - Isabella

Isabella is a great role model for the whole class. Her writing this week  was not only descriptive but contained evidence of a selection of cohesive devices, as we had discussed in our planning lesson.

World War Two Artefacts Bring Topic Lesson to Life!

During our Topic lesson this week, Mrs Sherry shared with the class the story of her father in law, who was a dispatch rider in WW2. The true events captured the enthusiasm for the subject and the children were delighted to have the chance to look carefully at the artefacts, that she was able to bring into the classroom.

Celebrating European Day of Languages


Bonjour! Willkommen! ¡Hola!

Every year, the 26th of September marks the European Day of Languages. Mastering a foreign language opens doors to lucrative jobs, new cultural horizons, and a whole new way of looking at language itself.

This year, Lancelot pupils have started learning French, and this week we carried out a language mission, tasted some food and even learnt all about the EDL in our comprehension lesson!

Learning a language can be difficult, and it takes a lot of confidence to succeed. In our language classes, our children are taught to believe in their ability to learn, allowing them to keep progressing without getting demotivated by difficult concepts and words.

By marking the day at Countess Gytha , we hope to broaden the horizons of our pupils. Learning a language really helps children to develop as Global Citizens which is a hugely important part of our curriculum. 

Week 3

Star of the Week - Bethany

This week, Bethany has shown an excellent learning attitude and is gaining in confidence in every subject.


Amazing Mathematician - Henry

Congratulations to Henry this week, for showing great perseverance in Maths and has given his work more attention to detail.


Writer of the Week - Marley

Marley has produced a lovely piece of descriptive writing this week, describing a setting within a forest. She has tried to use cohesive devices to improve her writing.

Our Proud Prefects in Lancelot Class

Here are our School Prefects, who were proud to receive their badges this week.

The position of prefect not only allows the Year 6 pupils to lead by example and demonstrate their responsibility, their great attitude towards learning and show good manners, it also enables the younger children to learn from good role models.

House Captains Elected

Countess Gytha have 2 new librarians

Week 2

Star of the Week - Ruby

Ruby has written an excellent Extended Write this week, she listened to advice and acted upon it to ensure she did her best in all areas of the curriculum.


Amazing Mathematician - Mia

Not only has Mia worked extremely hard on her maths, during lessons this week, she completed her homework to a high standard..


Writer of the Week - Charlie

With minimal guidance, Charlie wrote a descriptive poem on the topic of The Four Seasons, using the poet Karl Nova as his inspiration.

New Winbooks arrive in Lancelot

The children were thrilled to receive their own personal laptops his week. These laptops will be used daily by the children in Lancelot, to provide them with the access to a huge variety of meaningful learning and also to expand their work in multimedia projects to enhance their writing and oral skills.

Pete the Poet Visits Countess Gytha

Today Lancelot had a visit from Pete the Poet. He helped the children travel to magical lands thinking about equality and diversity, whilst thinking about rhymes and rhythms. The children thoroughly enjoyed their interactive experience and will use their ideas to help write their own poetry, in the upcoming months.

Week 1

Star of the Week - Adele

Adele had great first week at Countess Gytha. She settled in well to new routines and expectations, all with a smile on her face.


Mathematician of the Week - Emilie

Emilie listened well to advice and showed great resilience throughout Maths lessons this week.


Writer of the Week - Joe

During our English lessons, Joe showed determination and commitment when writing his autobiographical recount, culminating in a good piece of writing.

Welcome Back to Lancelot Class 2021/2022

It was wonderful to welcome the children back this week and to see them arrive in class looking very smart and with such positivity and enthusiasm . The resilience of the children never ceases to amaze us all and each have been a credit to their families, settling so well back into the daily routine of the new school year. 


In Lancelot, we work really hard to ensure that all children have the best opportunities possible to achieve their full potential. However, we also try to ensure that we have fun along the way and provide the children with some lovely, long-lasting memories.


If you have any questions about the year ahead then please speak to Mr Gallagher or Mrs Sherry.