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King Arthur – Year 2 & 3

Welcome to King Arthur's Class Page!


The adults in King Arthur are:

Miss Megan Bridge – Class Teacher

Mrs Nicki Collins - HLTA

20/7/23 - D&T 


King Arthur Class have finished off the year by making kites based on their design criteria. We recycled some of the materials to build our structures - the children were really impressed with the outcome and can't wait to test them out over the summer!

19/7/23 - Science


The children finished off their forces and magnets unit today by testing and playing their magnetic board games. The fishing based games were particularly effective!

18/7/23 - English 


We took to the outdoors for our English lesson this morning - the children had to use all five of their senses to explore nature and create a poem based on what they could see, hear, feel, smell and taste. 

14/7/23 - History


Finishing off our history and geography unit on the 'Amazing Americas', the children today explored the Native American Navajo, Cherokee and Apache tribes and the significance of totem poles to Native American culture. They then designed their own totem poles with symbols and animals which they felt represented elements of their own lives. 

12/7/23 - Science


This afternoon the children used their designs to begin to make a magnetic board game; demonstrating their understanding of everything they have learned about magnets, forces, friction and resistance in this unit. They can't wait to test them out and play them next week! 

30/06/23 - 'When I grow up I want to be...' 


The PTFA held a 'When I grow up I want to be...' themed mufti-day today and the children came to school dressed as doctors, nurses, vets, teachers, builders, soldiers, reporters, footballers, basketballers, seamstresses, hairdressers and a variety of other job roles and careers. It was lovely to see that the children have such high career aspirations! 

29/6/23 - Maths Day 


As part of our rich and varied maths curriculum, the children took part in a maths day today and completed lots of different activities relating to bar charts, 3D shapes and nets, times tables and even played some maths games this afternoon!

28/6/23 - Sports Day


This morning the Year 3 children took part in some inter-house games including netball, cricket and football with the rest of KS2, before the whole school took part in our annual sports afternoon. The tug of war and the water run were firm favourites, as well as the parent races! Thank you to the PTFA for providing us with some well deserved ice lollies at the end of the day too! 

26/6/23 - Computing


Today the children carried on with their programming unit in computing; they were given an algorithm and had to make a prediction about the outcome, before testing to see if they were correct. 

19/6/23 - Computing


Our computing unit this half term is based around programming, so today the children explored giving simple instructions in a sequence to form an algorithm. They then gave their algorithm to a BeeBot to check whether it would work and used a picture map to help assess the effectiveness of their instructions. 

16/6/23 - Science


Continuing with our forces and magnets unit, the children tested a variety of different magnets today to see which one was the strongest. First, they attempted to make paperclips float without touching them, then they looked at five different types of magnet and worked out which was the strongest by experimenting with how many paper clips it could support in a chain before they began to fall off. 

12/6/23 - Maths


We have started a unit on weight and mass this week in maths - the children began today by making predictions and weighing objects in non-standard units using a balancing scale. 

22/5/23 - Computing


Continuing with our digital photography unit in computing, the children used the Pixlr app to edit photos and explore the different effects and filters that can be added. 

15/5/23 - Music


In music, we have been learning the song 'Three Little Birds' by Bob Marley. The children began by familiarising themselves with the song and learnt the lyrics. Then, on Monday afternoon, we introduced the glockenspiel into the mix and looked at some of the musical notes which make up the melody.

12/5/23 - Maths


We have been focusing on time in maths for the past few weeks; the children have become very adept at telling the time on an analogue clock, in both numbers and roman numerals, to quarter past and quarter to, in five minute intervals and to the nearest minute. Today we also used time lines to help us solve reasoning problems and calculate durations of events.

10/5/23 - Science


This afternoon we explored the effect of water resistance as part of our forces and magnets topic in science. First, the children learnt about streamlining and how this helps to reduce water resistance. Then, the children designed streamlined boats, before building them out of junk modelling. After, they tested their boats to see how well they glided through the water and evaluated whether their boat was streamlined enough and what they could do to improve their boat for next time. 

5/5/23 - The King's Coronation


Today we marked the King's Coronation which is due to take place tomorrow, Saturday 6th May 2023. The children have taken part in a variety of Coronation themed activities and have ended the day with a whole school performance of 'We Will Crown You'. We hope everyone has fun celebrating this weekend and enjoys the bank holiday!

5/5/23 - Reading in the Community


To mark His Majesty The King's Coronation, some of the children from King Arthur Class took a trip down to The Willows Day Centre in the village this afternoon to meet some of the residents. The children greatly enjoyed reading their favourite books to them, sharing a cupcake and showing them their country dancing routines. We can't wait to take the other half of the class for a visit again soon! 

3/5/23 - Science


We have continued to explore our topic of forces and magnets in science with an investigation today into the impact of friction from different surfaces on a moving object. 

The children set up a ramp and covered it in different materials, then measured the height at which a toy car began to roll down it. The higher the ramp needed to be, the more friction the material demonstrated. 


The children concluded that the rougher the surface, the more friction it produced. 

28/4/23 - Race for Life


The children at Countess Gytha Primary School took part in a Race for Life this afternoon; thank you to everyone who sponsored the children and came to race with them! 

27/4/23 - Fire Service Visit


Today the Year 2's had a visit from the Fire Service. They were given information on how the emergency services work and which one to call for in an emergency situation. They learnt about the importance of smoke alarms, as well as the dangers when using matches and lighters. They also had the opportunity to practice their 'stop, drop and roll', before Freddie got to put on a real fire fighter's uniform! 

26/4/23 - Science


Our new topic in science this term is Forces and Magnets. Today, the children learnt how to measure force using a Newton Meter; they made predictions of the force acting on an object before measuring their objects in Newtons. 

26/4/23 - Maths 


We have been learning to read and write the time in maths - to the hour, half past the hour, quarter past and quarter to, in five minute intervals and to the nearest minute. 

24/4/23 - PSHE


Today we had a workshop delivered to us by our PSHE curriculum provider SCARF. King Arthur Class discussed the brain, what it is used for, how it controls our bodies and thought about some of the things that can help and harm our bodies. 

21/4/23 - Art


Today we experimented with colour by exploring the primary, secondary and tertiary colours. We looked at the first colour wheel developed by Isaac Newton, before having a go at mixing our own colours on a wheel using watercolour paints. 

18/4/23 - Bookman Easter Reading Challenge


Well done to all the children who took part in the Bookman Easter Reading Challenge; it looks like some very adventurous and creative reading took place over the two week break!

17/4/23 - Computing 


For our computing lessons this half term, we will be using digital media to take photographs. Today, the children looked at the types of devices which can take photographs and began to explore the method behind taking a photograph.


We also played a game of photo bingo; the children had to take a photo of someone else, a close up photo, a photo of something in the distance, a selfie, a photo of an object and an action shot. Below are some of the children's favourite photos which they have selected!



31/3/23 - Last Day of Spring Term


The children celebrated the last day of term today by watching The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. This has been our class text this past half term, which has inspired some amazing pieces of writing! We watched the film to compare and contrast with the book in terms of plot, characters and settings.  


We also had an Easter Egg Hunt today which, due to the bad weather, the children took part in inside the school, hunting up and down the corridors for their Easter Eggs. 


We hope the children all enjoy the Easter break and look forward to seeing them all again for the start of the Summer Term! 

29/3/23 - Easter Service 


Unfortunately, due to the blustery winds and March showers, the Easter Service at the church was unable to go ahead today, so we decided to hold it at school instead. The children wore their Easter bonnets which we had made in class and some of the children from King Arthur Class read their acrostic poems about Easter to the rest of the school. 

28/3/23 - Easter Lamb Visit


King Arthur Class enjoyed a visit from a few lamb friends today - they certainly made themselves at home in our classroom! 

24/3/23 - Art


For our last few art lesson this half term, the children are making model penguins like those encountered by Ernest Shackleton on his Endurance Expedition. They are using a layering technique to build the 3D shape of the penguin out of sheets of cardboard and will decorate using paint. 

17/3/23 - Art


This afternoon the children finished making their miniature versions of Shackleton's diaries. They were exceptionally excited to take them home to show their parents! 

17/3/23 - School Council Cake Sale


King Arthur Class' School Council representatives took part in a cake sale today to help raise funds for Red Nose Day. Judging by the queue for the stall at the end of the day, the cakes were certainly very yummy!

17/3/23 - Red Nose Day


Today the children came to school in red mufti clothes in celebration of Red Nose Day. Thank you to all children and parents who made donations! 

10/3/23 - Art


We carried on with our art project this afternoon, making and decorating the covers for our miniature Shackleton inspired diaries. It was very fiddly work but the children were focused and paid a lot of attention to the finer details! 

10/3/23 - Poetry Week


This week, Countess Gytha Primary School has been celebrating poetry week with a theme linked to the Earth. 


In King Arthur Class, we have been exploring a variety of different poems and looking at the key poetic features in them, such as similes, alliteration, personification and metaphors. We used these features ourselves, coming up with our own examples, before beginning to construct an acrostic poem. 


Once we had completed our poems, the children practiced and rehearsed, before presenting their poems to the rest of the class.  

9/3/23 - Geography


King Arthur Class are focusing on map skills in geography this half term, with today's lesson centred around using a compass to give directions.


The children explored the points of a compass, before looking at a map and planning a route from one place to another, using directional language to explain how to get there. 



The children continued their art project with Mr Plumbley today, by beginning to record the information on the miniature pages they created last week which will form their versions of Shackleton's diary. This was incredibly delicate work - the pages are extremely small and the children had lots of facts and information which they wanted to include! 

2/3/23 - World Book Day


It was great to see the children coming into school today dressed as characters from their favourite books. We had the best day reading and sharing stories, talking about different reading genres and making a trip to the reading cafe/library! 

24/2/23 - Art


The children began their new unit in art this week, which is being taught to them by Mr Plumbley. They will be combining sculpture work with 3D models, which are linked to our Polar Landscapes topic. They will be making miniature versions of Ernest Shackleton's diary, model penguins and replicating some of the gear and equipment polar explorers used on their adventures. 

21.2.23 - Pancake Day


The children had a great afternoon making pancakes with Chef Gordon. There were some very sticky fingers when they'd finished!

08/02/23 - Science 


To end our work in science this half term, the children have explored the water transport system in plants. We have looked at how water enters the plant through it's roots and how it moves up the plant through miniscule tubes called xylem. To help us visualise this process, we have set up an experiment using celery and food colouring. We can't wait to observe what happens!

08/02/23 - Music 


As part of our music curriculum, King Arthur Class have been receiving ukulele lessons from our specialist music teacher Mr Male. The children have been learning about pulse, pitch and tempo, as well as learning the differences between the major and minor chords. They have then applied this by learning and performing the songs 'Ho Hey' by the Lumineers and 'Roar'  by Katy Perry. 

07/02/23 - Ansford Racquet Festival


This afternoon, the Year 3 children went to Ansford Academy for a Racquet Sports Festival. The children were taught lots of different racquet skills including balancing and rallying before taking part in some net games, such as badminton and tennis. 

03/02/23 - Art


Our unit for art this half term has been based around our topic of Polar Landscapes. We have been exploring significant Inuit artists, with a specific focus on Kenojauk Ashevak. We have looked at examples of her artwork and the techniques she uses, and have begun to use her style in our own artwork. 


Last week, the children used different grades of pencil to sketch the outline of a bird. We explored shape and line, as well as different sketching techniques. 


Today, the children began to use a layering technique by adding watercolour on to their sketches from last week. We looked at a variety of techniques for painting with watercolours before having a go at ourselves. 


Next week, we will use charcoal to add definition to our work and create bold outlines. 


We cannot wait to see the finished product! 

01/02/23 - Science


As part of our science unit on plants, the children have designed and conducted an experiment to test the best conditions for a plant to grow in.


They chose to investigate how a plant would grow with no water, no light and no soil. They also decided to grow a plant which had all three to compare against.


Our conclusions were that plants without nutrients from soil are mostly unable to grow. Plants with no water also do not grow well, and are droopy and discoloured. Our plants without light grew well but were extremely yellow.


Therefore, we summarised that plants need all three - water, soil and light - for optimal growing conditions. 

24/1/23 - The Newt


King Arthur Class had the absolute pleasure of visiting The Newt today for our school trip, which was based on our learning about the Romans in the Autumn Term. It was a jam packed morning full of activities and we all had a fabulous time! 


First we went to The Newt's Museum and explored the original foundations of the Roman Villa. We then split off into groups and completed different activities, including going on a Roman slave's shopping trip, designing pottery based on a Roman myth, as well as choosing the guest list for a party. 


After that, we headed over to the courtyard of the Roman Villa for a drink and a delicious Roman biscuit. We were able to have a go at making some of our own mosaics, explored different Roman artefacts and handled some extremely ancient pieces of Roman pottery. 


Finally, we finished off our trip with a tour around the Roman Villa. We explored the reception rooms, visited the kitchen to see the door mice (a delicious Roman delicacy), dipped our hands in the pools of the baths and finally tested out some of the instruments in the entertainment room. 


We all had a great morning, and can't wait to start a piece of writing about our trip tomorrow! 

23/1/23 - English and Maths 


We had a very productive morning today, learning to use a dictionary in English and exploring different values of money in maths. Miss Bridge was very impressed with how hard the children worked!

20/01/23 - Polar Landscapes Tent


As part of our Polar Landscapes topic in English, History and Geography, the children have been very fortunate to be able to use a special Polar Reading Tent this week. They have very much enjoyed reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts relating to our topic, as well as taking their own books into the tent for some quiet reading time too. With all the snow and frosty weather this week, it has made for a great place to keep warm and snuggle up with a book! 

18/01/23 - Snow 


The children were very excited to see some snow at school today! After the weather had calmed done slightly, we went out for a walk and explored the frosty field to see how the snow changed the landscape. 

12/1/23 - Book Man


Congratulations to our class Bookman World Cup Challenge Winner, Finley, for his sweepstake team Argentina having won the World Cup! As a result, Finley has won his own edition of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which he picked out himself. We can't wait to hear your book review Fin! 

13/12/22 - Christmas Week


The last week of term has been extremely busy and full of Christmas activities. The children came to school on Tuesday in their Christmas jumpers, ready for their Christmas lunch. They really enjoyed their turkey dinner and pulling Christmas crackers! We also had great fun at our Christmas party; dancing, singing and playing lots of games. 

12/12/22 - Santa Visit


This morning we had a very special visit from Santa! Unfortunately his sleigh was in the workshop for repairs so he had to borrow a helicopter from the Royal Navy instead... 🎅

Santa Visit 2022

Still image for this video

5/12/22 - Nativity


This week we are performing our Nativity production of 'A Miracle in Town'. The children have worked hard to learn their lines and the lyrics to the songs; we can't wait for the rest of the school and parents to come and watch! 🌟

1/12/22 - Christingle


Christmas has officially begun in King Arthur Class! 🎄

On Wednesday the children made Christingles with volunteers from the Church, which we then used for our annual Christingle Service today. The children stood up to explain the meaning of Christingle, before singing some songs from our Nativity which we are performing next week. We finished the service by thinking about all the things we are thankful for and saying the Lord's Prayer. 

29/11/22 - Aladdin Pantomime Production 


Today we had M&M Theatrical productions come in to school and perform the pantomime 'Aladdin' for us (Oh no we didn't! Oh yes we did!). 


The children really enjoyed watching all the characters, joining in with traditional pantomime calls and singing along with the songs. Mrs Trusson and Mr Gallagher even got involved and did a dance in front of everyone which the children found hilarious! 

28/11/22 - Drama Workshop


In preparation for watching tomorrow's Pantomime performance of Aladdin, King Arthur Class took part in a drama workshop and learnt about some of the key features of pantomimes, before having a go at acting some scenes out themselves. We had great fun playing street sellers, villains and emperors!

KA Dance.MP4

Still image for this video

21/11/22 - World Cup Day


Today, children across the school came to school in their football kits and non-school uniform ready for the England vs Iran World Cup game in the afternoon. They took part in a range of activities, including making miniature football tables from shoe boxes, researching flags and facts about the countries in the World Cup and even got to watch some of the game at the end of the day. 

18/11/22 - Science


Continuing with our topic in science on light, the children conducted an investigation on reflective surfaces today. We used a range of materials and shined a torch on them to see which was the most reflective. We scored each material from 5 (most reflective) to 0 (least reflective). Our conclusion was that a hi-vis jacket had the best reflective surface! 

18/11/22 - Children in Need 


Thank you to everyone who donated to Children in Need today! King Arthur Class have had great fun wearing non-school uniform and spotty dotty clothes to raise money for the charity. 

11/11/22 - Remembrance


Today the children took part in a Remembrance Service at school and participated in a 2 minute silence at 11am, after listening to some poems and readings written by the children in Lancelot Class. 


Some of the Gytha Troops children in our class were also lucky enough to attend the Remembrance Service at Yeovilton - the children were able to take part in the service and participated in the two minutes silence at 11am, alongside Sailors and Soldiers at the Royal Naval Cemetery. 

9/11/22 - Science


The children in King Arthur Class have begun a new unit topic on Light in Science. Today, we explored sources of light and how we need it to see, as well as looked at how darkness is the absence of light.


The children conducted a mini investigation using a 'feely bag', where they had to feel around in a dark bag to determine what the objects were inside. They concluded that it's much easier to work out what things are in the light! 💡 

7/11/22 - Maths Curriculum Event


Thank you to all the parents and children who attended our Maths curriculum event after school today, it was great to be able to talk with parents about how Maths is taught in King Arthur Class and more widely here at Countess Gytha Primary School.


If anybody was unable to attend and would like any further information, please see the linked documents below, which include our School Calculation Policy, Curriculum Overviews, Key Vocabulary and Definitions, as well as Mental Maths Olympics Timings and Tracking Overviews.


As always, if you have any questions or would like any further support in terms of supporting your children in maths at home, please come and speak to Miss Bridge! 

21/10/22 - School Disco


To celebrate the end of an amazing half term, King Arthur Class, along with the rest of KS1, attended an after-school disco organised by the PTFA. Great fun was had by all! 

19/10/22 - Science


As part of our 'Animals Including Humans' topic in Science this half term, the children have been looking at the importance of exercise for maintaining strong, healthy bones, muscles and bodies. Today we conducted an experiment on the impact of exercise on our bodies. The children made predictions and wrote up the methodology for their experiment, before carrying out the activities and recording their findings which they used to form their conclusions. It was a very active lesson! 

18/10/22 - Harvest Festival 


The Children went down to the village church for our annual Harvest Festival today - it was great to see the whole school gathering together to celebrate the harvest and share their amazing work! 


Some of the children in King Arthur Class read aloud our 'Autumn Leaves' poem and others presented the art work they produced yesterday - well done to everyone who was involved! 

17/10/22 - Art


Today King Arthur Class took part in an art day in preparation for the Harvest Festival. We started the day by exploring the meaning of harvest and looking at the season it falls in. We then read some poetry about harvest and autumn and decided as a class on our favourite piece. The children enjoyed 'Autumn Leaves' the most! As a result, we then went on a leaf hunt and chose our favourite fallen leaves to bring back into the classroom. We spent some time observing and sketching the leaves, before using them to design our own printing stencil on a polystyrene tile. Finally, the children used the colours described in the poem to paint their tiles with before printing them onto paper for their final piece of artwork. 

13/10/22 - Outdoor Learning


The children had great fun today making homemade bird feeders which they took home to help encourage wildlife into their own gardens. 

10/10/22 - Hello Yellow Day


We celebrated World Mental Health Day today by all coming in wearing an item of yellow clothing, to demonstrate to young people that what they feel matters. Thank you to everyone who donated to Young Minds UK, your donations are very much appreciated! 

3/10/22 - English Curriculum Event


Thank you to all the parents and children who attended our English curriculum event after school today, it was great to be able to talk with parents about how English is taught in King Arthur Class and more widely here at Countess Gytha Primary School.


If anybody was unable to attend and would like any further information or a handout pack, please let Miss Bridge know! 

29/9/22 - Outdoor Learning


This afternoon the children made garlic bread with garlic they had grown themselves in our school allotment. The smell floating around the school was very enticing indeed! 

26/9/22 - European Languages Day


Today King Arthur class came to school in the colours of the country Italy as part of the whole school European Languages Day. We thought this would be a great country as it links in with our 'Romans' topic!


We had a jam-packed day completing language based activities, such as practicing greetings and goodbyes in Italian as well as learning and using the names of Italian colours in some artwork. We also used our design and technology skills to make 3D Colosseums to go up on our 'Romans' display. 


To top off the day, the children made pizza using an authentic Italian method. It's safe to say the children thought they were delicious! 

22/9/22 - Outdoor Learning


The children had a great afternoon with Mrs Hewlett and Mrs Crang exploring the wildlife in the allotment and planting their own seeds. 

20/9/22 - Jeans for Genes


Today the children came to school in their finest pair of jeans in order to raise money for children and families with genetic disorders. Thank you to everyone who made a kind donation! 

16/9/22 - Art


The children have been very busy today creating a mosaic using traditional Roman designs and patterns. Their artwork is going to look amazing up on our display! 

9/9/22 - Maths 


Finding 1, 10 and 100 more or less than a given number was today's learning objective for maths. They children used number squares and place value charts to help them with the calculations. 


8/9/22 - Outdoor Learning 


Today the children had great fun exploring the wildlife from a pond habitat using microscopes and other visual equipment. 

We are delighted to welcome back children to school this week and we have already made a fantastic start in King Arthur! We are really looking forward to an enjoyable year ahead - with plenty of fun, learning and friendships to grow!