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A big well done to everyone in Merlin Class, as the transition to being in school full time is going very well.

Merlin class have also really enjoyed staying for lunch and eating lots of different yummy foods prepared in our school kitchen.

Merlin lunch

Preschool – New Resources

The children have enjoyed exploring some of Preschools exciting new resources in the outdoor area.

IMG_3889 IMG_3892 IMG_3890






Welcome Merlin Class! 

Merlin Class have settled in to their new class really well! I am very impressed with how confident the children are in their new classroom and how quickly they are picking up their new class routines. We have already had lots of fun playing with our friends and on Wednesday we had a fabulous time doing PE and music. On the first day of school we had a special visit from the very ‘cheeky’ wizard Merlin who made a glittery mess all over our classroom. I am very much looking forward to our exciting year ahead!

Merlin 3 Merlin 2 Merlin 1

Introducing our topic in Pendragon Class we discovered a mystical sword in a stone! We asked lots of questions about why the sword might be in the stone and started to learn about the legend of King Arthur. We even found out that he visited our area! We are going to discover as much as we can about King Arthur and his links to our local area!

Pen 3 Pen 2 Pen 1

The Opening of our New School – old news now, but we are still very proud!



Making pumpkin cookies which we grew in our allotment.

IMG_0915[1] IMG_0916[1] IMG_0924[1] Cookery IMG_0944[1]

Children In Need 2017

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