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KS2 Christmas Carol Concert with a Victorian theme

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Reception and KS1 Nativity ‘Born in A Barn’

Countess Gytha Gazette Photo

Whole School Christmas Lunch

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas lunch and had fun pulling their Christmas Crackers!

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KS2 Victorian Day

A wonderful end to our KS2 Victorian topic with a Victorian Day where we made mince pies, traditional Christmas Cards and Christmas Crackers.  A fun day was had by all.
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Football Club

Congratulations to Countess Gytha Football Club team who beat North Cadbury 2-1 on 13th December 2018.

Football 3




Some of our Year 6 children took part in Bikeability to develop cycle skills.


Bikeability 1 Bikeability


Healthy Eating Cafe

Children in Reception invited parents and grandparents into their class for a healthy eating café.  Visitors enjoyed strawberry smoothies, date and pineapple pops, pitta bread pizzas and chocolate covered bananas.
Healthy eating cafe 2 Healthy eating cafe






Visitors into Lancelot Class

A group of professional involved in the A303 Sparkford to Ilchester Dualling Scheme spent the afternoon inspiring our Year 6’s by talking to them about their jobs; Design Engineers, Traffic Modellers, Environmentalists, Project Managers and Construction.  The session ended with the children working collaborating to build bridges and all the adults were very impressed with how well the children worked in their groups.

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Excalibur class working with Artist, Darrell Wakelam to make 3 3D books for display in the school library.

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The children of Countess Gytha joined in commemorating Remembrance Day by each class thinking about different aspects of the War.  There is a super display of the children’s work in the school hall window.  In school on Monday 12th November, we had a special assembly and a 2 minute silence.
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We took part in ‘National Outdoor learning Day’ on Thursday 25th October.

During the day the children had fun making shelters for animals. They used houses from around the world as inspiration to develop structures. They made journey sticks, Japanese artwork and spiders webs using sticks.

We all learnt how important it is to work together and to keep on trying even if things get tricky. To continue on from our brilliant ‘Outdoor Learning Day’ we will be having a selection of trees delivered to plant in the school grounds to provide shade and shelter. These trees have been kindly donated by The Woodland Trust and Trees For Schools.

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Whole School Harvest Festival on Friday 19th October

Excalibur Guinevere King Arthur Lancelot Merlin & Pendragon

Guinevere Class trip to our old school site

Guinevere Class as part of their topic this term ‘Was it all child’s play?’ visited our old school. On Friday 12th October we spent an afternoon drawing the old school with its Victorian features and also comparing the building to our new school.

Mr Lewry

Old School 3 Old School 2 Old School 1

Pendragon Class trip to Glastonbury Abbey

On Thursday 12th October Pendragon Class went on a trip to Glastonbury Abbey to support our topic ‘Can You See The Past Around You’?  We went on a tour around the ruins and looked at the beautiful arches and engravings. We dressed up in the cloaks the Monks wore and had great fun making medieval toothpaste!  Finally, we had a story telling session where we listened to different legends of King Arthur.

Mrs Berkley

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King Arthur Class trip to Stonehenge

As part of our topic, King Arthur Class have been making progress on their historical journey to London. On Thursday 27th September we stopped off at Stonehenge and marvelled at how the stones were brought from Wales, and how they were erected. We used biscuits to try and make our own Stonehenge. We also made some beautiful Stonehenge pictures.

Mrs Thompson

Stonehenge 1 Stonehenge 2 Stonehenge class pic

A big well done to everyone in Merlin Class, as the transition to being in school full time is going very well.

Merlin class have also really enjoyed staying for lunch and eating lots of different yummy foods prepared in our school kitchen.
Merlin lunch


Preschool – New Resources

The children have enjoyed exploring some of Preschools exciting new resources in the outdoor area.

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Welcome Merlin Class! 

Merlin Class have settled in to their new class really well! I am very impressed with how confident the children are in their new classroom and how quickly they are picking up their new class routines. We have already had lots of fun playing with our friends and on Wednesday we had a fabulous time doing PE and music. On the first day of school we had a special visit from the very ‘cheeky’ wizard Merlin who made a glittery mess all over our classroom. I am very much looking forward to our exciting year ahead!

Merlin 3 Merlin 2 Merlin 1

Introducing our topic in Pendragon Class we discovered a mystical sword in a stone! We asked lots of questions about why the sword might be in the stone and started to learn about the legend of King Arthur. We even found out that he visited our area! We are going to discover as much as we can about King Arthur and his links to our local area!

Pen 3 Pen 2 Pen 1

The Opening of our New School – old news now, but we are still very proud!



Making pumpkin cookies which we grew in our allotment.

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Children In Need 2017

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