Where we go from here February 2015 ?

New school site electric post
New school site electric post
The electric post and wire to move before building . The wire in the middle of the picture not the electric cattle fence !

What is happening next with the new school build and how can you get involved?


In the next few weeks the electric cable that currently goes across the site for the new school will be moved underground. Once this is done the first of the  ceremonies that marks the official start of the building works will be held, which is the Turf Cutting Ceremony. We aim to involve the children as much as possible in the stages of the building of the school and will also aim to hold open session for parents and the community to see what is happening. The next ceremony is call Topping out: ‘For centuries, builders have celebrated the moment the building structure reaches its topmost point. The age-old tradition, originally conceived to bestow good luck on a building and ward off evil spirits is now more commonly recognised as an opportunity to thank the workforce and celebrate progress made.’ Extract from Infoworks website   All being well the new school will be ready for us to move into in March 2016  for the start of the summer term 2016.



How can you be involved ?


The school and governors are already seeking views about the colours to be used in the school, on if there should be changes, for example to the school uniform and badge. A good place to share your views is the parent and carers forums held most term time Friday afternoons at the school between 2.45 to 3.25 pm.  You might like to get involved with members of the forum who have been exploring developing additional facilities at the new school like building a swimming pool.  The group visited Long Sutton School last summer to see and discuss their newly restored pool see:  http://www.longsuttonprimaryschool.co.uk/pool.shtml   Or you can share your ideas by contacting the school and governors direct via the office, email using: office@countessgytha.somerset.sch.uk  or the form on the school website contact page at: http://www.countessgythaprimary.co.uk/contact-us/   Or you could send in ideas for the Chair of Governors Simon Patton to add to his Pinterest page called New School imagination at:  https://uk.pinterest.com/simonpatton/new-school-imagination/ The challenge is to be inspired, be bold who knows where your ideas might lead us to helping create an exciting place to learn for 21st Century.

Classroom layout
What might the new classroom look like ?

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