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Week 9

Hello everyone,

keep sending work in –  it’s good to see what you’re busy with at home. This week in  Geography I’d like you to try to complete the sheet naming capital cities of European countries. You might want to practise by looking again at last week’s word-searches, before attempting the name that capital sheet. After this, there’s the flags worksheet which I will test you on next week.

After completing the flags activity I’d also like you to revise the following countries’ flags which will also be on the quiz. Both these countries and the ones on the flags activity sheet will feature on next week’s quiz. (Austria, Czech Republic, Albania, Belgium, Estonia, Switzerland)


I’ve given you options for this week’s Art exercise.  Have a go creating your own superhero with the superhero template. You can always note down on whichever sheet or sheets you complete the particular skills your hero has. You can also combine this with research into common expressions and costumes. If you’re still feeling creative at the end of this, I’ve added a resource that can guide you into making your own superhero outfit and picture.

Continuing with the States of Matter topic here is a simple experiment into the changing state of ice.
English and Maths is summarised on the following pages as usual.

Have a great week!

Mr O’Brien