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Today saw the official start of the building of the new school with the Turf Cutting or Ground Breaking Ceremony.  We were joined by Councillor John Osman Leader of Somerset Council (see on Twitter: @JDOsman1) who was involved in the decision to build the school back in 2009. Members of the school council, governors, parents and staff  represented the school with style in their hard hats and high visibility jackets.  First we had a tour of the site and saw how far the foundations and pipe work have got already. Also in place is the  tarmac drive, drop off zone and car parking areas, which looks really big and will really help us to organise a safe start and end of the school day.

BAM the building firm produced a leaflet all about the Turf Cutting Ceremony which you can read at the school.  The ceremony   has a long history and versions are held all round the world. The origin is ancient and it is thought that breaking the ground ‘hurts’ it so the offerings in the ceremony are about asking the earth’s forgiveness.  I think the offering today was the laughter and excitement of children and adults alike. As we looked out across the view we could imagine the sound of happy children bringing the site to life.


Look out for the coverage in the press and see pictures on the BAM – New Countess Gytha Primary School Facebook page.


As a community we also owe the BAM team a big thank you as they kindly cleared up the mess left behind, in the field behind the Doctors Surgery, last weekend by a group of travellers a job that was beyond the call of duty but much appreciated .


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