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Summer Term Week 9


  1. any
  2. bath
  3. child
  4. class
  5. climb
  6. clothes
  7. cold
  8. door
  9. even
  10. eye



This week we are having a SPaG focus. We will be concentrating on the different sentence types. Here is a guide.

Activity 5- Spend some time reading a book. You can find books on this website if you need to.

Read to an adult and discuss the book with them. Make predictions on what you think may happen and why.



This week we will be recapping measuring and comparing length. We will be looking at cm and m. Remember the importance of using a ruler correctly and starting at 0cm so it is easier to measure. 



We are going to be looking at Mexico and comparing the village of Tocuaro to Yeovil.

Using Google maps or an atlas, find Mexico (and Tocuaro, if you can).

Write 5 facts about Mexico. Find out what the Mexican flag looks like. 

Use the knowledge from your reading comprehension task to help find some facts.  You can also use these videos to help.


When a Humanist couple have a new baby, they often have a naming day celebration. Watch the video:

Imagine that you were attending a naming ceremony.  Write promises or advice that you would give to a new baby



We have looked at what animals and living things need to survive. I would like you to think about the puppies that will be coming this week. Can you think about what these puppies will need to keep them healthy? You could make a poster to show this, you could write a set of instructions or you can draw a picture and make a list. How can we look after the puppies?



In Mexico, Spanish is the language that is spoken.

Using Google translate, find out how to say “Hello! My name is….” In Spanish.

Why not record yourself speaking some Spanish and send me the video?!



Do not miss out on the chance to win a laptop or some Amazon vouchers! Take a look at this competition. The closing date on our IT competition is 10th July!



The Bear, The Piano, The Dog and The Fiddle