Steering committee catch up

In sign

  Entrance boarding

The Governors’ new school steering committee now meet monthly on site. At the recent meeting we heard all is still on track and that the highways authority will soon be submitting what they are going to do along the West Camel Road, such as putting in a crossing point. We heard that the builders are now going to add some solar panels to the roof something we know many local villagers hoped would happen including a request from the Parish Council. It was good to see the new school hoarding up and this will be joined soon by some hoardings the children have designed. There have also been visits to the site by groups of staff and parents with arrangements being made for the children to come soon.

A reminder that you can also follow the new school building on the construction firm bam’s Facebook page at:

If you have some creative ideas for the new school email them into the school office and we will add them to the Pinterest page linked here:  I know a mud kitchen if on the agenda and much more.

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