Security and electric training

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As we fast approach the handover of the school on Friday 8th April the last two days have involved training on the systems that make the school work.  Visits all-round the school meters here, fuse box there and then the pristine boiler house full of clever devices to make the school run efficiently. A main part of the training was looking at the safety systems including the sprinkler and fire alarm, security lighting, camera and alarm systems. The school has self-opening front doors for ease of access and lots of energy saving devices like lights that dim depending on the amount of sunlight coming into the room and turn themselves off if there is no activity in the room. We also have a hearing loop fitted round the hall and will have the same in the two entrances.

Door opening
Back on the current school site lofts are being emptied, resources reviewed for moving or not to the new school and cardboard boxes filled.  The aim is that the children’s education continues as normal as possible, especially for those building up to take the national tests in May.

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Secuity systems

Fire alarm system







Hearing loop
Hearing Loop
Training on the security systems
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