Planning permission Granted

Pupils at Planning meeting

Pupils at Planning meeting Planning meeting invite Jan 15









On Thursday 8th January 2015 Somerset County Council Regulation committee voted  to pass the planning application for a  new replacement school to be built in Queen  Camel. A packed committee room at County Hall in Taunton hosted  a contingent there on behalf of the school including six children representatives, Headteacher Sue English, governors Rachel Scully and Simon Patton and parent Andrew Hoddinott. Simon Patton Chair of Governors reflected: ‘We are thrilled and excited by the decision this afternoon to allow the building of a new replacement school by Somerset County Council in Queen Camel.  It feels like we have a future now one that means children, in this part of rural Somerset, will get what they deserve the very best of educational opportunities for generations to come. We were proud to have six representatives from the children at the current school to witness democracy in action at County Hall on this momentous day for the community.   I was bowled over by their energy and excitement about the possibilities of the new school in the car on the way and which bubbled over into applause when they heard the planning approved Full statement by Simon Patton


To see the Regulation Committee agenda papers , detailed report of planners  and  the outcome see links below: Agenda: Papers see 08/01/15: Headteacher’s address to the Regulation Committee on behalf of the school


Following approval of the planning permission the children and headteacher were interviewed by both the press and BBC Somerset radio which they featured on later in the evening news. Western G Jan 15 Relocation of flood hit Countess Gytha Primary School will allow Queen Camel school to evolve, according to headteacher  By Western Gazette  Posted: January 12, 2015


Queen Camel’s Countess Gytha school move plans approved BBC January 08 2015


Flood-prone Queen Camel school given green light to move premises  Western Gazette  January 08, 2015




The formal confirmation came in a letter a few days later:

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Confirmation of planning passed Jan 14