Nursery sign points to Foundation Unit

foundation toilet door icon

Pre school enttranceFoundation stage entrance 2











We have decided that the sign pointing to the Foundation Unit will have the word Nursery on it as this is a more widely understood term for visitors.  The new Foundation Unit will contain what we now know as the pre-school, our new nursery and the reception class.   With its own grand entrance, reception area, toilets and charming quiet/sleep room for the younger children. Step out of the classroom double doors and a special covered area allows for outdoor play whatever the weather. The soft surface fenced off play area in the nursery end will make a special place to be with classmates. Just next door the reception class also have their own, toilets and outdoor play area. Shared by both rooms is the kitchen area and just by the entrance is a buggy park and waiting area for when the weather is not so good.

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Foundation office hatch
Foundation office hatch
Foundation quiet room
Quiet/sleep room

Foundation stage toilets











Buggy park
Buggy Park

Foundation stage outdoor play area coverfoundation school back entrance