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After 44 weeks today the new Countess Gytha Primary School and Nursery was handed over to Somerset County Council by the builder’s bam and the project management team from Futures for Somerset. In a few weeks’ time the staff and children will move in and a new educational adventure will begin.  It has been an amazing achievement by all concerned and done in such a can do spirit. The relationship between bam and the school has been really constructive not only in all the bricks and mortar but also in the way they helped us focus during the build on the educational opportunities for the children.

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There are so many folks involved in the build to say big congratulations to the ones below are picked out as representatives. Firstly from the core bam team Graham Holt, Phil Woodmore, Pete Wright, Dave Walker and Laura Paul. From Futures for Somerset Hadleigh Wells and Caroline Barnes and from Somerset County Council Carol Bond and Mike Lewis.
The handover involved a walk round the inside and outside of the school and a formal review of the small list of outstanding issues that will be worked on over the next two weeks. The school was then signed over to Somerset County Council. So the main build is over and during the next few weeks the school will be prepared for the children to move in, for example new classroom furniture. We will also see highways do their work on the West Camel Road outside the school putting in curbing and the crossing, expected to start in early May.

Handover partyIt was both emotional and a somewhat daunting standing there looking at the new school sign and thinking about the hundreds of people within the community over many years that have brought this new school about.  Thank you to you all we hope to welcome you soon to look round the school and in the years ahead sharing in its success.

See great set of pictures of inside of new school on bam Facebook page here

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