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Hi King Arthur Class

I can’t believe that this is the final week of Year 2. I am very sad that it is not a normal end to the year and that I am not able to see you all and say goodbye, but I have enjoyed teaching you all so much. You have been such a wonderful class and you have all worked so hard. I am so impressed with all of your efforts with home learning and I hope you all have a lovely summer. Good luck in Year 3, I know that you will all be fantastic!! 

Phone calls Home – if you require a phone call next week please let me know via the home learning email – thank you.

Mrs Edwards



The puppies have all opened their eyes now and are beginning to run around.  They have grown so quickly!

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Summer Term Week 12


  • grass
  • pass
  • path
  • hour
  • move
  • improve
  • sure
  • sugar
  • could
  • many


Activity 1- SPaG work sheet. Spag mat

Activity 2- Reading Comprehension- Developing Reading Skills or Building Reading Skills

Activity 3-  Introducing Yourself. Soon you will be moving to Year Three with a new teacher. Your new teacher would like to know all about you.

Create a fact file about yourself. Use your neatest handwriting and make sure your spelling is accurate. Impress your new teacher with your amazing skills. You could make use of the features of non-chronological reports and use sub-headings, too.

Activity 4- Write a recount about your time in year 2 and in King Arthur Class. You can talk about time in school, the trip we went on, things we learnt about and you can talk about your time home learning as well.

Activity 5-  Book Review – I would like you to create a book review for a book you have read at home recently. This can be a book you have read on your own or a book you have read with your parents. In your review include what you did and didn’t like about the book, what your favourite part and character was and why and whether you would recommend your book to other people.  How many stars would you give it out of 5?



We will continue to look at key skills ready for year 3. The maths videos are still on this page so scroll down check the methods we use.

Extra websites that can be used-





Find out what “climate change” means. What can we do about climate change? List as many things as you can. You might want to create a poster.

This website might be useful


DT: Eating Healthily

 Find out what foods are popular in Mexico.

Design a Mexican themed menu for a family to eat. You could design a menu or write out an illustrated recipe.

If you have the ingredients, you could try to make a simple Mexican dish (maybe guacamole, nachos or fajitas) for your family to try.

Mexican Food Word Search Mexican Food Quacamole Recipe



Find out what each word means. Can you give one example of each?

Producer, Consumer, Predator, Prey, Carnivore, Herbivore,  Omnivore

Watch the short videos.

This is a simple food chain



Research other animals and what they eat. Draw your own food chain. Remember that most food chains begin with a plant. Illustrate your food chain.



Tocuaro is famous for making masks

Using card, a paper plate, or even papier mache if you are feeling particularly creative, make your own mask. It could be of a funny face, an animal or even a ‘Day of the Dead’ skull.

Mexican Masks






The Bear, The Piano, The Dog and The Fiddle

Here is a video of me reading ‘The Bear, The Piano, The Dog and The Fiddle’ to you.

Here is a video of me reading the end of the story.


Multiplication and division-  






King Arthur Class Summer Wk 8.docx

Key-Stage-1-Arithmetic-Half-Test- living-processes-matching-words-to-definition Maths Activity Sheet – EXTRA Maths Reasoning 1 Maths Reasoning 2 Maths Reasoning 3 Maths Reasoning 4 Maths Reasoning 5 Reading Comprehension SPaG Worksheet Year-2-Summer-Block-2-Mixed-Problems (WITH ANSWERS)


King Arthur Class Summer Wk 7


Postcard Template

Reading Comprehension

SPaG Workseet

Maths Worksheet 1- Properties of 2D shapes

Maths Worksheet 2 – Names of 3D Shapes

Maths Worksheet 3 & 4 – edges and vertices



King Arthur Class Summer Wk 6.docx

Summer Term Week 6 Worksheets

Maths Worksheet for activity 2

Maths Worksheet for activity 3

Maths Worksheet for activity 4

Maths Worksheet for activity 5


Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension ANSWERS

SPaG worksheet


Summer Term Week 5 :

King Arthur Class Summer Wk 5

 Reading Comprehension

SPaG Worksheet

apostrophes to show possession

Worksheet 1- 10 more and 10 less

Worksheet 2- subtraction

Worksheet 3- subtraction by partitioning

Worksheet 4- addition and subtraction word problems


Summer Term Week 4 

King Arthur Class Summer Wk 4.docx

60 Second Reads Guidance

60 Seconds Reading Comprehension

imperative verbs word search

Mary Anning Factfile

What plants need to grow

Worksheet 1 – fact families – number bonds to 20

Worksheet 2 – comparing number sentences

Worksheet 3- Related-facts

Worksheet 4- adding and subtracting 1s

Worksheet 5- addition


Summer Term Week  3 

King Arthur Class Summer Wk 3.docx

English Activity 3

SPaG Activity

VE Day Reading Comprehension

Maths Worksheet 1 – Comparing Lengths

Maths Worksheet 2 – Ordering Lengths

Maths Worksheet 3- four operations with lengths

Maths Worksheet 4-Problem-Solving

I have attached a suggested timetable for those of you who would like one; however, don’t worry if it doesn’t work for you.


Summer Term Week 2

King Arthur Class Summer Wk 2

Maths Worksheet 1 – A Third

Maths Worksheet 2 – Finding a Third

Maths Worksheet 3- Unit Fractions

Maths Worksheet 4- Non Unit Fractions

Maths Worksheet 5-Equivalence-of-half-and-two-quarters

Reading Comprehension


Summer Week 1

King Arthur Class Summer Wk 1.docx

Worksheet Maths 1- Recognising a half

Worksheet Maths 2 – Finding half of a number

Worksheet Maths 3 – Recognising a quarter

Worksheet Maths 4- Finding a quarter of a number

Worksheet SPaG- Less and ful suffix

Worksheet parts of a flower


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