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Sonic the hedgehog is a blue, likeable, animated creature from another world. He is able to run as fast as a strike of lightening! From the very start of the film you can tell Sonic isn't like any of the other creatures/animals in his own world, Sonic is special. Although being special makes you different, and valuable, so soon the word about Sonic got out and his guardian had to give him golden rings that could take him to new/different worlds to keep him safe. These golden rings could only be used in emergencies, but these rings turn out to BE an emergency. After having to flee his own world Sonic winds up on planet Earth. 


Sonic makes himself a home in a cave, and during the day Sonic spy's on the people that live in Green Hills (this is where he lives as well.) He gives people nick names eg: Bed Hog and so on.... But Sonic has his eye on one person in particular- THE DOUGHNUT LORD! Through Sonics adventure there is real progression from how characters start off and how they change. It is an action packed film with great aspects of comedy. Wonderful story line.

2nd Film


Coco is a movie set in Santa Cecilia Mexico during 1918 it is a movie about a boy a boy who has a dream to become a musician and to achieve his dreams like his hero "Ernest De La Cruz" who is currently dead int he movie but living in the afterlife . Coco's job is to find him and get his blessing.

The movie is wonderful and it make me shed a whole river of tears it's the way that he fights for what he wants even though his family doesn't like it which is sad I think the movie teaches a lesson mostly to kids that we should always follow our dreams and respect our ancestors.

The movie is filled with surprises and wonderful songs you'd want to sing along with.The characters are funny and sad at some points and sometimes you'd wish they weren't a character but at the end you will soon get why they did the things they did all of the characters have so much love for one another and take care of one another my favourite is probably Abuelita , she is strict and funny and cares for coco so much.

First Screening

ET Film Review

Great film I really enjoyed it. It was really heart warming and action packed throughout. The music added intrigue and suspense to the film which made it even more enjoyable. I rate this film 4 out of 5 ⭐️. Good for older children that like science fiction and space. 

Georgia aged 11