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Wonder - Review

A great film, I loved it!

The movie is very inspirational and heartfelt , it talks about reality and how the world and your community can be opinionated and judge you by your looks, instead of your personality .

The movie was just heart moving and was very emotional and gave life lessons in many ways.It showed me and  others how to be more confident and not be ashamed about ourselves.

Home - Review

I liked the movie because it was fun and the characters are hilarious, in it. My favorite character is Oh, because he is kind to his human friend and he is really kind to animals. My least favourite character is the leader of the Boov, Captain Smek because he stole an egg from the Boov's enemy and that is not a nice thing to do! My favourite part was when Oh saved the planet from getting squashed. My least favourite part was the car chase because Oh was getting chased by the other Boovs. All in all, an enjoyable film.

The Greatest Showman - Review

I loved this film. It was incredible and I especially enjoyed watching each character grow in confidence, and by the end of the movie, everyone was so confident and didn't care what anybody else thought of them! The message this film is trying to get across is truly inspirational: be yourself and do not care what others think. I loved the morale of the story and really liked how each character was unique, yet each one was an incredible role model. One of my favourite characters was the bearded lady. I liked her as at the beginning of the film she was seen as an outsider, who did not fit in with any other women she knew, and they all just found her funny, but by the end, she grew into a confident lady who was not afraid to show her true colours and she had an amazing singing voice! She sang a wonderful, inspirational song called 'This Is Me', which was all about being yourself and having fun in life no matter what.