Entrances and foundations

drainage pipies june 15

car park base june 15entrances June 15









With the favourable weather the BAM team have made solid progress on laying out the school site. This has included concreting the main foundations of the school building, rolling out the hard standing for the main car park and entrances. This hard standing will be finished in the next couple of weeks and will then house the portacabins and facilities to support the building team.



This week also saw a number of meetings. These included an update to the school governor’s steering group on how the build is going and a special meeting of the Parish Council to review aspects of the building of the new school, such as the planting scheme, outside lighting and materials.  The Parish Council have agreed a number of points they wish to make to the planning officer re the next stage of the build.


Coming up soon is the turf cutting ceremony and look out for the steel frame of the school going up.

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Foundations 2 June 15