Earthworks and diggers into action

buckets 8.6.15

landscaping 8.6.152

Monday the 8th June saw the building firm BAM move onto site and the landscaping begin. Graham Holt (Project manager) and Clive James (Site manager) said they will be busy setting up over the first few weeks then the build should settle down.
BAM have set up a Facebook page which you can see if you search on:  BAM – New Countess Gytha Primary School. This has some interesting pictures of what the school will be looking like.


Monday also saw the Parish Council meeting discussing the refinement planning applications re the new school covering things like the tree planting, external surfaces and lighting. If you would like to see the planning details go to the Somerset Planning page at:
and search on application reference: 14/04945/R3C. You will see 8 refinements to the planning application and can view the associated documents the most interesting for me being: 1444 – Planning Conditions Report – RevA.pdf which sets out the 8 areas.


The earth on the site was piling up on Monday afternoon. I commented to Graham and Clive that I could do with some of that soil for my garden and their reply “You are not the first to ask that today, however we will need it all for the new school playing field.”


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First hut 8.6.15buckets 8.6.15