Lancelot Class – Year 6

Welcome to Lancelot Class

All the children and staff enjoyed an amazing week at Beam House. PGL staff  commented on how enthusiastic and well-behaved our children are. It was lovely to see them trying so many new challenging activities and working well together as a team.


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Welcome to the Year 6 class page. Please click on the Class Letter and Topic Map links below for further information about what your children will be learning each term. These links also contain useful information, such as a weekly reminder about P.E. days, homework information, and a curriculum overview.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come in to school and see either Mrs Holbrook,  Mrs Collins or Mrs Hoddinott. 

The adults in Year 6 are:

Mrs Caroline Holbrook – Class Teacher

Mrs Nicki Collins (HLTA) – Teaching Assistant & PPA cover

Mrs Natalie Hoddinott  – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Mandy Boniface – Music Teacher 

Mr Jack Bunter – Sports Coach (PPA cover)



Hostile or civilised

Lancelot Topic Map Summer Term 2019

Lancelot Summer Term Class Letter


Which would you rather be… HIGH or LOW?

Spring Topic Display

KS2 Lancelot Topic Map Spring Term 2019

Lancelot Spring Term Class Letter

Lancelot Topic Map Autumn Term 2018 – Discovery or Despondency?


Lancelot Autumn Term Class Letter

We are very proud to be in Year 6. This year we are focused on building on all our previous hard work to really be the best that we can be as we prepare for our move to secondary school.