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Fantastic Summer Fete


Everyone had a great time at the annual PTA Summer Fete. Brilliant  Karate and Gymnastics demonstrations. Other events – bouncy castle, design a sweatshirt, tombolas, raffle, hook a duck plus new attractions – ‘guess the contents of the sock’ and ‘golden bucket’, and lots more besides

Refreshments included hot dogs, strawberries and cream, icecream, cakes, teas and coffees.

Lots of moeny raised for the school – nearly £1,000


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Year 3 / 4 Tennis Tournament

tennis team

Congratulations to Beth, Jess, Tom and Corey who played brillantly in the Ansford and Sexey’s Federation Tennis Tournament on Friday, coming third overall.

They all won lots of matches and Beth played particularly well, winning all 6 of her singles matches and 2 of the 3 doubles matches she played.

We all got soaked as we walked back to school as the heavens opened and thunder clashed above our heads! But no-one minded because it had been a thoroughly good morning. Well done to the Countess Gytha Team!

team receiving medals tennis tournament

Circus Skills Club

circus skills 3

We are pleased to welcome back Geoff Gardner to Circus Skills Club. The children absolutely love the club on Monday evenings after school and, as you can see, are becoming quite skilled on the stilts.

If you would like to join the club come along on Monday 10th June. It’s just £3 a session.

circus skills 2 circus skills 3 circus skills 4 circus skills 5 circus skills 6 circus skills 7 circus skills 8 circus skills


Larissa gains her third Blue Peter badge!

larissa - blue peter badge 2

Congratulations to Larissa Warren in Yr 6 who was awarded her third Blue Peter badge this week.

Thank you to Thomas and William Scrowston for baking and selling cakes on Friday to raise funds for the school. A big thank you to their mum, Vicky, for running the Yeovil Half Marathon and raising £300 for the school!

Finally, have a great half term holiday. Why not come along on Friday 31st May for Pirate Day run by Sue Huggins and Phil Strong. It should be great fun.


Yeovil Town Victory Parade

Angela & Gary

What a fantastic time we had at Huish Park today! The whole school lined up outside the ground and were privileged to meet all the players and manager, Gary Johnson. We were the only school at the ground to see the team set off on their open topped bus on their victory parade around Yeovil. The players  spent a lot of time chatting to the children, signing autographs and having their photographs taken with them. Some of the children even got to hold the cup!

We were interviewed by BBC Somerset Radio reporters and filmed by BBC TV. We also had many photographs taken by the Western Gazette. Look out for the school on Points West this evening!



Village Meeting & Boots and Scoots

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Well done to all the children who came to the Queen Camel Annual Village Meeting on Friday evening.  There were so many comments from members of the community about their lovely singing outside the hall.

Thank you to Rosemary Heath-Coleman, Chairman of the Parish Council, and members of the Environment Group and Frontrunner Steering Group for my beautiful hydrangea. It looks lovely on my patio.

Thank you to Phil Strong for another fantastic Boots and Scoots on Saturday. There were so many children and parents scooting around the playground, it looked like a roller disco!

Now you can buy a Boots and Scoots T-shirt! See newsletter for details.

Next Boots and Scoots is on 29th June. Come along and have fun! And it’s FREE!

Drama Club performance of ‘Mr Magnolia’s Boot’ at Fiveways School


On Thursday children from the Drama Club led by Sue Huggins  travelled to Fiveways Special School to perform ‘Mr Magnolia’s Boot’. It was great and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. After the performance Phil Strong led a craft workshop based on the story to make a decorated boot. Countess Gytha children worked really well with children from Fiveways and everyone was really proud of their final boots. Look at the delight on their faces!

For more photos visit the gallery.


Gruffalo week


Wren Class had a fantastic time last week doing all things Gruffalo-related! they went on a Gruffalo hunt up to the copse, built a giant Gruffalo and each made their own beautiful clay Gruffalo model and Gruffalo mask.

Blades, Boots and Scoots

The children had a fantastic time on Saturday, firstly at film club when we watched ‘Despicable Me’ (thank you to George for the DVD) then in the afternoon at the very popular ‘Blades, Boots and Scoots’ session in the playground.

A big THANK YOU to Phil Strong for organising the event, including setting up the playground as a one-way obstacle course and for providing musical accompaniment (it was just like a rollerdisco!). Thank you, too, to the PTA team for the very welcome hot chocolate at half time.

Everyone had a wonderful time. There were children of all ages taking part, even a few from Cameltots right up to Yr 6 and even the ‘odd’ adult too.

We hope to run this as a regular event now as it is clearly so popular. Here are a few photos from the day:

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