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Carnival Club

Welcome to Camel Carnival Club! 


The past few weeks the children have been working hard painting and decorating their carnival cart models. It won't be long now until we're ready for our procession! 


After our past few weeks of hard work on planning and designing our carnival carts and routines, the children have today started building their carnival cart models! We are starting with the structure of the cart this week, before moving on to decorating and lighting our carts after half term. In preparation for the lighting, we have also looked at how to holder lightbulbs. The children were amazed at how long it takes to do, especially considering how many lightbulbs are needed on a full scale carnival cart! 


Today the children learned about the wonders of carnival dance 💃 We looked through some videos of carnival clubs performing on a cart and then had a go at creating our own carnival dance routine. The children chose to make up a routine to 'Beautiful Creatures' for a jungle themed cart and came up with some excellent moves! 🦁🐯🐵🦒🐸

11/01/22 & 18/01/22

The past two weeks, the children have been exploring the magnificence of Carnival - the enormous carts, the bright, sparkling lights, the amazing music and of course, the fantastic costumes! 


To help inspire us, we watched some videos of a Carnival, before beginning to think of ideas and themes to use for making our own model carnival carts. The children brainstormed using mind maps and started to create design sketches. 


Miss Bridge also brought in some of her carnival costumes for the children to try on - the children had great fun pretending to be different characters and role playing being a carnival cart performer!