The Curriculum at Countess Gytha

We have an exciting curriculum at Countess Gytha Primary School which makes the school day vibrant and engaging for all our children. We follow the National Curriculum’s statutory curriculum framework and use Letters and Sounds alongside Jolly Phonics to teach Phonics from the Foundation Stage onwards.



Curriculum Intent

At Countess Gytha Primary School our curriculum is designed to recognise children’s prior learning, provide exciting and engaging first hand learning experiences, allow the children to develop their learning skills and ultimately become resilient and independent learners.

We believe that the ability to learn is built on the foundations of basic skills, knowledge, concepts and values. This is why we endeavour to provide additional opportunities to engage our learners outside of the classroom, and encourage our children to explore the world around them. We use our Learning Skills to promote positive attitudes to learning which reflect the values and skills needed to promote responsibility for learning and future success.

We have focused on the following Learning Skills, and our children have associated an animal with each of the skills to further their understanding.

At Countess Gytha we teach our children to:


Be Resilient

Manage Distractions

Make Links

Work Collaboratively

Take Risks

Think Creatively

Be Reflective

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Curriculum Implementation


Our topic work each term is based around a thought provoking question that provides a cross curriculum approach to the foundation subjects. Year 2’s geography based topic focuses on where our food comes from, local food, food miles and sustainable food sources, all in response to the question ‘Is the World in my Kitchen?’  ‘Anyone for Tea?’ is a Year 4/5 focus question looking at the history of the British Empire, and the geography of India. The curriculum is the heart of our school, and the foundation to all the skills, knowledge and understanding the children learn at school. Our question based approach inspires our children, causes them to ask questions and makes learning fun. We have a specific focus each term, which encompassess all our foundation subjects. This benefits the children at Countess Gytha by:

– Engaging our learners in an exciting, challenging and creative way

– Making links with the community around us

– Working creatively

– Learning from the world around us (though regular educational visits and visitors)

We have used our children’s love of questioning to create an enquiry lead curriculum, with every topic being question based. Our learning across History, Geography and Science is initiated with questions that the children are keen to discover the answers to. At the start of each topic, our children form their own questions that feed into the planning process.

Learning challenges are accurately pitched to ensure children access work at age-related expectations, with higher level work to challenge thinking. Basic skills are an integral part of this and are developed as a consequence.

To support engagement, topics where possible are linked to the local area and regular activities are planned to engage and excite our learners as well as challenge their thinking. We also ensure that learners will engage with the community, educational visits and visitors to school, to provide a broad and rich learning experience that develops Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural aspects of their education.

Autumn Term – History focus

Can we see the past around us?
Can we see the past around us?

Spring Term –  Geography focus


Summer Term – Foundation Subjects with Art and Music

In Key Stage 1 (Merlin, Pendragon & King Arthur classes) the children build up their knowledge and have class based topics and questions; whereas our Key Stage 2 children (Guinevere, Excalibur & Lancelot classes) share a topic, but have a different question and focus area.


Please look at our class pages to see our individual and current curriculum planning.

Curriculum Overview Year A 

EYFS Curriculum Plan

Key Stage 1 Curriculum Plan

Key Stage 2 Curriculum Plan


Class Topic Maps

Merlin Class Topic Map Spring Term 2019

Pendragon Class Topic Map Spring Term 2019

King Arthur Class Topic Map Spring Term 2019

Guinevere Class Topic Map Spring Term 2019

Excalibur Class Topic Map Spring Term 2019

Lancelot Class Topic Map Spring Term 2019