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Hockey Tournament

January 2020


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Year 2

Sports Festival

December 2019



Country Dancing July 2019






Sports Day June 2019



Tennis 1Tennis 2Mini Red Tennis Tournaments – Summer 2019





Yoga – Summer Term 2019




Year 4 Sports Festival

The year 4s took part in an indoor athletic games event at Ansford Academy on the 25th of April. The morning involved lots of different events including shot put, low hurdles, high jump, overhead throws. The year 4s competed against other schools and it was a great opportunity to get ready for the Summer term and Sports day. The event finished off with relay races over different distances with different numbers of children taking part. Well Done to Dougie who won one of the sprint races.
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Netball Tournaments

March 2019




Hockey 1

Hockey Tournament    IMG_1901[1]February 2019

Football Tournament

February 2019

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Sports Day 2018

Dancing Lesson 2018



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PE and Sport Premium Funding and Report 2019-2020

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All children at Countess Gytha participate in swimming during the year.