School Council and Eco Club

IMG_4539Eco Club Council 2018 – 2019





Countess Gytha Eco Warriors- 2018/2019

This year the Eco council are focusing on developing our awareness of plastic use. We have implemented a litter picking rota which the children are responsible for. They make sure the school grounds are clean and tidy and litter free. They also make sure they recycle any plastic which they find. As well as litter picking, we have been raising the awareness of single use plastic. We have contacted the council for more recycling boxes and have made posters to remind all of what we can recycle.

We have also started our eco brick program. Everyone is busy making eco bricks out of used plastic which we will be using as bricks to create a new raised bed in our school allotment.

The children really enjoy developing the awareness of single use plastic and lots of the children in school will remind each other about what can be recycled and help with the letter picking.

To continue our plastic campaign we will soon be looking at how to create eco friendly food wrapping!

SCHOOL COUNCIL 2018-19School Council 2018 – 2019