Road works on hold

What no road icon
What no road icon
What no road works ?

Entrance pathway












We heard at the steering group that there is a delay in the Highway Department doing the road works outside the school so the road will not be closed yet. The Highways will let us know when they are ready it could be a few weeks yet if you need more information please contact Mark Blissett on 01823 359471.  In the interim the bam team on site will get everything done that they can ready for joining to the road works like the pathway outside the school entrances. With April fast approaching lots of bits are being finished off and   in a couple of weeks we shall say good bye to the green porta cabins. I think we can some up the feeling around the building as nervous excitement and a realisation that we are weeks away from the new school being ours.

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bike store
Bike sheds
Graham and the Toilet shelf
Graham bam site manager and the toilet shelf !
Front entrance 2
Front entrance path

Steering group see final touches

roof light icon 1




back hall door










outside play area











The Governor and Local Authority new school steering group is nearing the end of its work and on their recent visit they were able to see many of the final touches being put in place. From coat and bag hooks to laying the flooring, the bright glows from the school are heaters raising the temperature to allow for the vinyl to be soft enough to lay.  One thing we are delaying is the final landscaping, such as planting of shrubs and trees till next autumn.  This is so that the plants have a better chance of getting off to a good start.  As a consequence this means we need to keep the soil heap for a while longer and that is on our over flow car park area , so it may be the autumn before this parking area  is fully commissioned.


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Internal doorsWarming up tyo lay florringbag hooksKitchen floor and services

Nursery sign points to Foundation Unit

foundation toilet door icon

Pre school enttranceFoundation stage entrance 2











We have decided that the sign pointing to the Foundation Unit will have the word Nursery on it as this is a more widely understood term for visitors.  The new Foundation Unit will contain what we now know as the pre-school, our new nursery and the reception class.   With its own grand entrance, reception area, toilets and charming quiet/sleep room for the younger children. Step out of the classroom double doors and a special covered area allows for outdoor play whatever the weather. The soft surface fenced off play area in the nursery end will make a special place to be with classmates. Just next door the reception class also have their own, toilets and outdoor play area. Shared by both rooms is the kitchen area and just by the entrance is a buggy park and waiting area for when the weather is not so good.

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Foundation office hatch
Foundation office hatch
Foundation quiet room
Quiet/sleep room

Foundation stage toilets











Buggy park
Buggy Park

Foundation stage outdoor play area coverfoundation school back entrance







Leap year views around the new school

Fence icon

Farm buildingsoutdoor classroom view












As the new school settles into its agricultural environment all sorts of views are emerging and will make it such a great place to learn. The farm buildings across the field,   South View and Roman Way across the field make up the surroundings as seen from the outside classroom. On site the sprinkler tank is being surrounded by wooden fencing and pathways constructed next to the car park.

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sprinkler tank with fencingPathway buildingField 1 Feb 16










Roundabout roofsFencing and tanksback of school2



Road closure: Crossing to new school

pipe icon

Entrance landscaping



The Somerset County Council Highways department have issued a closure notice for a short stretch of the West Camel Road starting on 29th February is POSTPONED no new date yet . This is so they can upgrade the road by the new school and put in the crossing point.  You can find details at this website link, see the diversion route to the Doctor’s Surgery, new school and who to contact for information in this document.
In the meantime the onsite team are landscaping the entrance area, building the base for the buggy park, adding the final external wall finish green around the entrances and cream on the rest of the walls.  The team have been keeping a close eye on the weather.  In early February storm Imogen was responsible for washing off the recently applied top colour render coat to one side of the school.  A frustration for the building team but one of the very few setbacks, which mean the completion date, is still early April. Imogen also caused us to have a nervous 48 hours as the river levels came within centimetres of another flood on the current school site. A timely reminder why we need the new school hit home as we watched the environment agency app on the smart phone showing  the water levels rising.
The Governor and Country steering group continue to meet to review in detail the finishing touches and putting in place the service contracts. One aspect is to agree our new school branding logo and badge.

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Countess Gytha - Logo CMYK



Base for buggy park
Buggy Park base
Wall colour
Green and cream



Weather iconMap direction


Steering group Feb 16
Steering Group meeting

Kitchens, showers and ceilings

Somerset platforms

Playground and field view


As we walked around the school with the parent forum we saw the staff room and foundation stage kitchen’s being put in. We peeped into the shower and sick bay rooms; saw the classroom electrics and computer links. The office was storing the boxes of roof panels and we saw how they were being fitted to the corridor ceiling. We had a magic view across the new playground and field to the landscape beyond.

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Staffroom Kitchen









foundation stage kitchen
Foundation unit Kitchen








Foundation stage kitchen map







Shower roomCorridoor cieling








Office boxes
Office Hatch

Electrics and computers

Parent Forum visit

Parents heads icon

Entering the school

The parent’s forum visited the school on the Friday before February half term. Excited chatter and appreciation of what their children are soon going to have echoed round the building as we moved from hall, to new kitchen, to classrooms and foundation unit.

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Classrooms parents




Parents forumn 1
Safety Briefing

Parents forumn 2







Viewing kitchen
Looking into the new kitchen
From the hatch parents
View out into hall from kitchen hatch


Doors and walls

blue door icon

Painting hall walls 2

Decorating and door fitting is happening all over the school as Kingfisher saw on their visit. Do not forget the bam Facebook page when you can see more images of the decorating.
The Governors steering group met again last week and you will be pleased to know all is on track for a handover of the building  on 8 April  and moving in around the Whitsun  half term at end of May, early June. We discussed some of the finer details like signage around the new school, utilities contracts and then congratulated bam on their successful ‘Considerate Contractor ‘assessment.

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Through the hatchdoorsToilet doors