Underfloor heating and much more

Underfloor heating pipes

Classroom corrdidor

As the external structures of the school are being finished off it is also full steam ahead with the internal fit out. The classroom floors have had their underfloor heating fitted and the first layer of screed added.  Features like the kitchen dinner hatch are emerging and the corridor down past the classrooms gives a great feeling of space with lots of walls to put display and pictures on.  The classrooms are feeling really spacious with low windows and skylights letting in lots of light.  Up above the water and sprinkler pipes are being fitted and the wall insulation put back after the winds from storm Barney ripped through the building.  The school is already blending into the environment as we look across from the back to the new housing.

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Dinner Hatch
Dinner hatch in hall






Pipes going in

Underfloor heating screeding
Underfloor heating and screed
Water and sprinkler pipes
Water and sprinkler pipes








Spacious classrooms
Classroom space







Insulation and the wind
Storm Barney pulls out some of the insulation









Hall covering and houses