Sprinkler, solar panels and roof structures

Scarecrow 1

Sprinker base

Sprinkler tank

Lots of the systems to support the school are being put in place. This includes the water tank and pump house for the sprinkler system we all hope we will never need to use.  A first set of solar panels have been fitted to the roof with lots of room to expand in the future if needed. On the roof of the hall the ventilation system housed in what looks like bee hives have been added.

The project management team report on solar panels:

bam have completed the installation of a small ‘domestic scale’ array of PV solar panels on the roof of the new building above the  staff room.  These panels were not included in the original plans, but have been achieved within the overall cost of the build as an ‘added benefit’ item and to see how well they would work on the school roof as a test.  These panels will provide a small benefit, similar to the typical installation on a small house, of on-site energy generation, with the Government feed in tarrif available from 2016. The children will monitor the energy  created as part of their studies covering subjects like maths and science.

The details are as follows:

  • 10 x 250W PV panels
  • 10.8 kW output level

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