Road works on hold

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What no road icon
What no road works ?

Entrance pathway












We heard at the steering group that there is a delay in the Highway Department doing the road works outside the school so the road will not be closed yet. The Highways will let us know when they are ready it could be a few weeks yet if you need more information please contact Mark Blissett on 01823 359471.  In the interim the bam team on site will get everything done that they can ready for joining to the road works like the pathway outside the school entrances. With April fast approaching lots of bits are being finished off and   in a couple of weeks we shall say good bye to the green porta cabins. I think we can some up the feeling around the building as nervous excitement and a realisation that we are weeks away from the new school being ours.

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bike store
Bike sheds
Graham and the Toilet shelf
Graham bam site manager and the toilet shelf !
Front entrance 2
Front entrance path