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About our Preschool in Queen Camel

Our preschool was established in Queen Camel near Yeovil in 1982 and now operates from  purpose built facilities as part of the  village primary school. We offer places to children from age 2 and most  of our children go on to Countess Gytha Primary School in Queen Camel as well as to other primary schools in the area.

We are open Monday to Friday from 9.15am to 3.15pm and our location at the school provides ample parking and buggy park for parents as well as good access to a wide range of facilities including the school hall. We  have our own dedicated classroom, kitchen, toilets  and  playground specifically designed to support our preschool age activities. There is also an Out Of School Club for the preschool and primary school children meaning care can be provided any week day between 8am and 6pm (currently term time only).

Our warm and well lit classroom is set out to be as open plan as possible, providing good communication and interaction between children using the distinct play areas within the room.

We encourage parents to contribute a piece of fruit for the sessions their children attend – this is prepared and shared out amongst all the children meaning that everyone is encouraged to try fruit they may not normally have at home and promoting healthy eating. Additional snacks are provided by the preschool. Parents need to provide a lunch-box for any lunch sessions.

Throughout the year and especially in the term after Easter, children moving up to Queen Camel Primary School will be able to spend time in the next door  reception year environment. This well established smooth transition is managed as part of our Countess Gytha Foundation unit  which combines the reception class  and pre-school.

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