Parent Partnership


All the staff at Countess Gytha Foundation Unit understand that working in partnership with parents to support the needs of the children is an important factor in linking the children’s experience at our preschool with the care they receive at other settings and at home.

Every child is appointed a key worker who is responsible for recording their development in the seven areas of the EYFS , as well as being a familiar face to help your child feel confident in the preschool environment. The more information you can share with  your child’s key worker when you drop your child off at the preschool the better – hearing about your child’s successes, achievements and challenges during their non preschool time helps us to focus their day around activities that they will be excited to share with you at home time. Your key worker is also your main point of contact for feedback and any issues you would like to raise.

Our session plans are posted on the notice board as you come into the setting so you can always be sure you can find out what sort of activities your child will be involved in on any given day.