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 Phone calls Home – if you require a phone call next week please let me know via the home learning email – thank you. 

Hello Pendragon!


Summer Term – Week 12



 Welcome to the last week of Home Learning before the Summer Holidays!

This week we are focusing on the book ZOG.

I hope you all have a lovely Holiday and I can’t wait to see you again in September.  I have loved having you all in my class and I will miss those of you going into the 2/3 class next year.

Enjoy your time off,

Miss Elliott

English Summer Week 12docx  Spellings-12-07-20

Maths Week 12  Maths Activity 5

Afternoon Summer Week 12

Picture and Word Boards  Word List




Online Phonics Lessons

There is also a new resource from the Government which is available from Monday 27th April. Every day on the You Tube channel called ‘Letters and Sounds for home and school’ they will be posting a daily phonics lesson for Reception and Year 1. Please click on the document link below for more information

Letter-to-parents-and-carers-about-online-phonics-lessons—April-2020 Lesson-Schedule-for-Summer-1

Extra Phonics games

phase-5-phonics-read-and-race-game traditional-tales-i-spy-and-read-phase-5


We hope you are doing lots of reading at home and have enjoyed the books we sent home with you. If you have finished the books and fancy some different ones, Oxford owl allows you read books online. You need to make a free account, but this is very easy and doesn’t take long at all. Click on the link below and enjoy! I have also included the links to some other reading websites you can make free accounts for.

Other Key Documents

my-sound-families-word-mat  phase-3-phonics-sound-mat   phase-5-sound-mat  Tricky-Words  Year-1-Common-Exception-Words

There are also ‘Daily lessons’ on BBC bitesize


Summer Term – Week 11


Hi Year 1, Hope you’ve had another good week. This week we are looking at the book ‘Lights on Cotton Rock’. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!107460306_876678166159923_2398047439133319251_n

Afternoon Summer Week 11  English Summer Week 11docx English PP Activity 2 English Activity 3 template English Activity 4 book review English Activity 5 SPAG easy, medium and hard   Hidden Words Phonics Game – Phase 4 Tricky Words Newspaper report Checklist  Spellings-06-07-20  Maths Activities Summer Week 11 Maths Activity 1

Summer Term – Week 10


Hello again year 1 😀

Hope you’re still working hard. This week we are looking at the book ‘The Ugly Five’. I can’t wait to see all your lovely pieces of work.🌈 Keep up the good work 🌟 Miss Elliott.


Afternoon Summer Week 10 Silhouette Cut-Outs for arfican art English Summer Week 10docx   page boarders  Half Lined – Landscape   half lined boarder   Phonics day 1 Phonics day 2,4,5   Phonics day 3   Spellings-_29-06-20Maths Activities Summer Week 10    Maths activity 1 numbers to 20 easier   Maths activity 1 Numbers to 20 Medium       Maths Activity 1 Numbers to 100 (hard)      Maths activity 2 number to 100     Maths activity 2 numbers 1-20    Maths activity 2 numbers 1-30    Maths activity 3- turns powerpoint

Summer Term – Week 9

Hello again Pendragon!

I hope you’re all still enjoying your home learning 🌈. This week in school the children decided to write their own books! Some of them were up to 5 pages long! We then made their character’s homes from junk modelling and the children acted out their stories. I hope you all had as much fun as we did! 😀

Suggested Timetable9   English Summer Week 9docx  box up      synonyms for big mind map   instructions template   Spellings-_22-06-20  ear  phoneme spotter  tricky words booklet   Maths Activities Summer Week 9  Maths activity 2  Maths activity 3 20   Maths activity 3 10  Activity 5 solve the mystery   Afternoon Summer Week 9    t-tp-7037-ks1-all-about-extinct-animals-powerpoint_ver_1


Summer Term – Week 8

I just want to say a huge well done to those of you who have continued working hard through this strange time and a big thank you to all the parents. I have loved seeing all you fantastic work and am so happy that I am starting to see more and more faces back at school. Remember if you see an unknown caller calling, it’s probably me! If I miss you please feel free to email me (on the home learning email) and arrange another time for me to call.104008579_257644655338709_9189563743768025605_nKeep up all the good work! Suggested Timetable6 English Summer Week 8docx English activity 1 story plan Half Narrow Lined Half Lined big lines Front cover  phoneme-spotter-story_ver_3 Phonics  Spellings- 15-06-20 Maths Activity 1 Maths activity 2  Maths activity 3  10-Times-Table-Fortune-Teller 5-Times-Table-Fortune-Teller  2-Times-Table-Fortune-Teller_  maths Activity 4   Maths activity 5 missing number *The children haven’t seen the multiplication sign ‘x’ much before so will need explaining that this means ‘lots of’. I suggest finding objects so the children can count them in groups of 2, 5 and 10 or drawing groups of 2, 5 or 10. Afternoon Summer Week 8  powerpoint-seaside-holidays-now-and-then-powerpoint_ver_1 comparing-the-seaside-past-and-present-sheet

Summer Term – Week 7

I hope you enjoyed your first week back to work after the holidays. 🌈

It was lovely hearing from you and your parents again this week. If I missed you and you would still like a phone call please email me on the home learning email and we can arrange a time for me to call :D! Keep being brilliant,  🌟 Miss Elliott.103033516_253887442506480_494192493760678468_n

Suggested Timetable6 Afternoon Summer Week 7 Spellings- 08-06-20   Phonics oo-ew-ue-ue Maths Summer Week 7  mathsactivity1 Maths activity2 Maths Activity 3 Maths Activity 4 maths Activity 5  English Summer Week 7docx – ful and -less Activity Sheet Crayons-Problems   Crayon Headbands  Reading Questions Prompt Sheet

Summer Term – Week 6

Welcome back year 1 🌈,

I hope you’ve had a lovely half term and enjoyed the sunshine! Can’t wait to see some of you this week, or hear from you over the phone! Thank you so much to those of you who have shared your learning with me. I have loved receiving pictures and hearing what you’ve been up to. Missing you all lots! Keep up the good work.  Keep being fantastic, Miss Elliott 🌟

102310151_722880795189889_9121731468291211264_nSuggested Timetable6 Spellings-phonics 01-06-20 phonics week 6-ee-ey-and-ee-table-activity-sheet English Summer Week 6docx  monster design jars Half Narrow Lined Draw and Describe a Monster Presentation Monster adjectives Monster Features Prompt Mat Maths Activity 1 (easier) Maths Activity 1 Maths activity 3Maths activity 2 Maths Activity 3powerpoint- Maths activity 4 Activity 4 powerpoint Telling-the-Time-Half-Past  Maths Activity 5 puzzle day 5 bingo Afternoon Summer Week 6  T-T-16172-Monster-Colouring-Sheets_ver_1  PSHE worry monster

Summer Term – Week 5

Hello again Pendragon 🌈 ,

I hope you had a lovely weekend. I really enjoyed hearing from you all again this week and last week. If I didn’t manage to catch you and you would like to rearrange the phone call please email me on the home learning email.I also hope you enjoyed the activities on The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch as this week we are looking at The Lighthouse Keeper’s Cat!😸Keep up the amazing work year 1🤩. I’m loving all the photographs of your fantastic work and trips into the country side, if you have any work you’d like me to see or you have anything you need help with please email me on the home learning email as i’d love to hear from you.Keep being amazing, 🌟Miss Elliott.


If you see an unknown caller calling, its probably me!  This weeks Video:  Suggested Timetable5    Afternoon Summer Week 5   WK 5 The Lighthouse Keeper maths   English Summer Week 5docx  alternative-spellings-igh-ie-i_e-y-  Spellings-phonics 18-05-20 Extra videos of me reading another Lighthouse book: Catastrophe Part 1: Catastrophe Part 2:

Summer Term – Week 4

I hope you all enjoyed celebrating VE Day with your households, I’ve had some fantastic pictures sent in already! 🤩  Please continue to send in any pictures of work or activities you’ve been doing as I love seeing them. Also, if anyone is stuck with any of the work i’ve set up then please ask and I can give you a call or help you over the home learning email 🌟. I will be finishing off my phone calls home again this week so if you see an unknown number calling it may be me calling to say a quick Hello 🙂 🌈! Keep up the amazing work and I can’t wait to see more pictures :D!



Suggested Timetable  Maths activity 1WK4   Maths activity 2 WK4   Maths Activity3 WK4  Maths activity 4 WK4  Maths activity 5 WK4 English Summer Week 4  Lighthouse writing paper   lighthouse-lunch-word-mat   Lighthouse story map Spellings-phonics 11-05-20  alternative-spellings-er-ur-ir-ear-or-table-activity-sheet Afternoon Summer Week 4 Please find a link to me reading The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch below (enjoy): Here is a video of me having a go at making some pancakes for VE day from the Wartime recipe book I uploaded last week 🙂

Summer Term – Week 3

Hello again year 1, 🌈

It’s been lovely receiving emails telling me what you’ve all been up to! Ive had some brilliant work sent in and i’ve really enjoyed seeing how hard you are working with your families!🌟 I want to say a huge thank you again to the parents, you are doing a brilliant job and we really appreciate every bit of home learning you are doing!Please keep sending me all your home learning pictures, I love seeing how much fun you’re all having! 🤩


Suggested Timetable    English Summer Week 3    Spellings 04-05-20     Phonics activity week 3    Maths activity 1 WK3   Maths activity 2 WK3    Maths activity 3 WK3   Maths activity 4 WK3   Maths activity 5 WK3  Afternoon Summer Week 3   Grace-Darling-Information-PowerPoint     Simple-WW2-Spitfire-Glider    wartime-recipe-booklet


Summer Term – Week 2

Hopefully you have had a lovely break over the weekend and managed to have lots of fun with your families. I hope you managed to complete some of the activities I set you last week, and if you didn’t get round to it don’t worry I will leave last week’s work on here labelled ‘Summer term week 1’. We are grateful for any of the activities you are able to do with the children and don’t want you to worry about completing them all. Enjoy your time at home and please keep in touch. I’ve loved seeing and hearing what you’re all up to.

Have fun,

Miss Elliott 🙂 26.04.20

I have attached a suggested timetable for those of you who would like one. But don’t worry if it doesn’t work for you. Suggested Timetable I have attached Maths, English, Phonics and Spellings for the week. I have also attached some possible afternoon activities linked to other subjects. Feel free to dip in and out of the activities.English Summer Week 2 Maths Week 2 Afternoon Summer Week 2 i-spy-and-read-phase-5 Spellings-phonics 26-04-20

Summer Term- Week 1

Welcome ‘back’, I hope you are all well and have enjoyed your Easter Holidays. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve all been up to! For now, I will be uploading weekly activities for home learning on here. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me on the home learning email address.

Many of you have requested I continue with the normal weekly spelling lists therefore I will upload a list of spellings based on the phase 5 phonic sound/s.

I have tried to make the work accessible to everyone but please feel free to adapt it  in a way that works best for you and your home situation.

For those of you who have got access and are enjoying activities online I will continue to provide any links to things I feel are useful or fun but please don’t worry if you can’t access them as it won’t be essential to the activities I will be setting.

Thank you so much for all your support and everything you are doing at home. I have loved hearing what you have been up to at home and would love to see any pictures of any work/projects you would like to share with us. Stay happy and stay healthy! Missing you all and can’t wait to see you all again!

Keep smiling,

Miss Elliott 😊


Week 1 – Summer term Week 1  Spellings-phonics 20-04-20  singular and plural nouns  Smallest to greatest