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13/07/2020 – The Final Week

Hello everyone,

We’ve reached the final week of Year 6 in very strange circumstances! I’m not putting much work up on here this week as we shall not be doing a great deal (work wise) in class. It has been lovely to see so many of you again, but we do all miss those who have been unable to return.

I’ll try to speak to everyone over the course of this week, but I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for your hard work since September and your patience since March! You have all worked your socks off, which I hope sets you up well for next year. Enjoy the summer and good luck with your next step.

We’re sending old books home this week, so I will bundle up for those who are not in and leave with office for collection should you wish.

Take care and enjoy the break,

Mr Fremlin

The Mystery of the Missing Pirate Treasure t2-m-17313-ks2-emoji-code-breaking-activity-sheets-english_ver_1 Summer Cinema Mystery EW lockdown podcast Answers


Hello again,

We’re approaching the culmination of Year 6, and what a year it has been!

This week will include the usual, plus the resources for our ‘growing up’ day on Thursday. These topics probably need discussion so I would take the time to watch the videos together and sort out any questions.

You’ll see that we are beginning to take a look at basic German vocabulary too – just incase this is one of the subjects taught at secondary school.

If time permits, we’ll look at something Tudor in history, but I will only upload that if we manage it!

Take care everyone,

Mr Fremlin

Maths: Year 6 Independent Maths and English Workbook 2 – Answers UKS2 The Mystery of the Mixed-Up Football Shirts Maths Mystery Game Twinkl maths work for Week 11 The Mystery of the Burgled Bangers Instruction Sheet The Mystery of the Burgled Bangers Activity Sheets

English: Comprehension Comprehension Questions

German: T2-L-161-German-Months-of-the-Year T2-L-160-German-Colours-Worksheet T2-L-156-German-Breakfast-Label-and-Learn T2-L-151-German-Animals-Match-and-Say-Worksheet T2-L-149-German-Basic-Vocabulary-Match-Furniture T2-L-140-First-Conversations-in-German-Comic-Strips T2-L-138-German-Days-of-the-Week T2-L-174-My-German-Vocabulary-Book T2-L-175-Numbers-to-20-in-German-Activity-Sheet

PSHE (Growing Up): t2-p-223-sex-and-relationships-education-the-menstrual-cycle-snakes-and-ladders-board-game_ver_3 t2-p-222-sex-and-relationships-education-menstruation-agony-aunt-writing-activity-sheet_ver_3 t2-p-219-sex-and-relationships-education-menstruation-timeline-activity-sheets_ver_2 Busy Bodies Adult Guidance Planning Sheet Adult Guidance Planning Sheet YouTube Videos to support Busy Bodies workbook

29/06/2020 – Week 10


I hope everyone remains well as we all try to digest the complications of moving out of lockdown! As ever, all the work that we complete in the classroom is also available here on the website.

In terms of maths this week – we will try to step-up to a new level of algebra and equations. This is a tricky topic for most, but gaining familiarity with it now should be useful later on. Please do not be concerned if you struggle – just do what you can. I would suggest leaving the more complicated sheet unless you have somebody to guide you through (you’ll be taught this next year anyway).

English wise, our comprehension relates to history where we are moving briefly into the medieval era. The theme of crime and punishment is a gory one! To add to this, we will also be looking at the Black Death in history as this was major aevent of the period. We can’t stay in the medieval era for long, but this is perhaps something that we can compare with our current situation (we come off favourably for once!). I’m aware that the Powerpoint refers to textbook pages, but all the information you need can be found through the following links:

For some dark (history themed) humour:

Our English writing links with our artwork, where we will spend time on the world of surrealism. You will become both illustrator and writer of your character in a very distinct style!

For French, we’ll move into naming paces and asking for directions. Pupils seem to be enjoying this new language in class so I hope it is the same at home.

Phone calls home – if you require a phone call next week please let me know via the home learning email – thank you.

Stay safe,

Mr Fremlin

Maths: Equations 1 Equations 2 Equations 3 Equations 4 Maths Answers 1 Maths Answers 2 Maths Answers 3 Maths Answers 4 Algebra 1 ALGEBRA 2 Algebra 3 Algebra 4 Complex Algebra Mark Scheme Complex Algebra with graphs

English (with art/history): Crime and Punishment Questions 2 Crime and punishment questions 1 Crime and Punishment Comprehension Surrealism – A writing and drawing project

Other: French Directions Black Death investigation Black Death Map Black Death

22/06/2020 – Week 9 of Summer Term

Hello Everyone,

I trust that everybody is still doing well and look forward to welcoming a few more pupils back into the classroom this week. Work wise, we will continue to put as much as possible here on the online page for those at home to access alongside the classroom learners. Thanks to those sending in their artwork and other pieces for me to look at.

You’ll find some maths including an early bird set – which I hope you will mostly be OK with. Once again, it is at a ‘Year 7’ level but is mostly stuff that we have covered this year. I’m not sure that I have a PDF of the answers yet so I’ll try to share that later on in the week.

In English, you’ll see the 30 grammar tasks powerpoint. Try for 3 a day! There are two comprehensions – I’ve put the Midsummer Night’s Dream one up as an example of how the texts will get harder when you move on to secondary level. You might want to read through this together playing different parts. If it looks too hard, focus on the plastic pollution one. Writing wise, I’m using the Jabberwocky poem as my template (look up Literacy Shed Jabberwocky if you want to see/hear it read). It is all about interpretation – use the table to write in what you think the author meant. Then, using substitution for certain words (again use the table), you can write your own version. I’ve had some pretty comical results (get mum or dad to do it too!).

French picks up on last week, history focuses on the Battle of Hastings itself and art looks into a very famous painting by Edvard Munch. Lots to enjoy hopefully.

We’ve settled on a script for the song which I’ll upload shortly too (and work out how best to get the music to you all).

All the best,

Mr Fremlin


Percentages 1 Percentages 2 and 3 Interpreting Data 2 Interpreting Data 1 Early Bird Week 10TDF


A3 Jabberwocky rewrite Midsummer Nights Dream Plastic pollution Text Plastic pollution questions GPS 30 days of 3 in 3


Edvard Munch Scream project Breaking News Battle of Hastings Breaking News Worksheet French

15/06/2020 – Week 8 of Summer Term

Dear All,

I hope you are still keeping well as lockdown begins to ease slightly and certain things return to normality. There are quite a few interesting activities this week to keep you going – many in response to requests made by pupils to cover certain topics.

You’ll find the usual Maths activities (we did not get through everything in the classroom last week so I’ll stick to one topic this week as we’ll catch up). Our English activities here are themed to coincide with current affairs in relation to the tragic death of George Floyd. I am hoping they will shed light on just a few of the ideas being debated and get pupils discussing important issues in society.

In history, we move to a famous year, 1066, and consider a key question – who should be king? We’ll also look at how the events of the year panned out.

Art suggests replicating the styles and ideas of ‘Banksy’ and will require some card and some scissors! I look forward to seeing the results.

There is a nod to French – see the sheet for log in details to espresso. This is only introductory but might be helpful next year as French is often on the curriculum.

À bientôt,

Monsieur Fremlin


Fractions 1 Fractions 2 Fractions 3 Fractions 4 Maths Answers Early Bird Maths Week 8


Obama questions 1 Obama questions 2 Obama Text Comprehension Obama questions 3 Martin Luther King comprehension Edward Colston Statue Questions on Edward Colston article


Stencil like Banksy Introducing French Who should be King William DoN letter Hadraada secret message Stamford Bridge Who should be King – capture sheet 1066 CVs Stamford Bridge Story board

09/06/2020 – Some help with sequences!

Hello! I was able to film these two in the classroom yesterday and they might help with the questions on sequences. I got interrupted so it comes in two parts…

08/06/2020 – Week 7 of Summer Term

Hello everyone,

We’ve had one week under the new system and I think I have seen or spoken to pretty much all of you. Thank you to those of you who have suggested pieces of work – I have started to include some this week.

This week will see us leave 400 years of Roman rule behind us (they left in about 410AD) and target our next invaders – the Anglo-Saxons. Our geography/adventure film this week takes on a political dimension, which should provide interesting ideas and discussion.

It was requested that we look at some different types of art, so I dug out a comprehension on some famous artists and found a couple of tasks that might get you working like Picasso – they look like fun to me!

On top of this, I mentioned a leaving song to most of you over the course of the last week. It was hard to find consensus on a particular song, so I’ve picked three but I want you to rewrite the lyrics (see the sheet for details!). I’ll choose the best lines and put them together (and sort the music). More detail on the Maths and English can be found in the full overview document. For now, take care everyone and stay safe.

All the best,

Mr Fremlin (and Mr O’Brien)

Overview Week 7


Stats 1 Stats 2 Stats 3 Stats 4 Stats Answers Sequences 1 Sequences 2 Sequences Answers More complicated sequence problems More complicated sequence answers Early Bird Week 7


Writing to Create Atmosphere Writing our own farewell song Artists' gallery Questions 1 Artists' gallery Questions 2 Artists' gallery Questions 3 Artists' gallery Questions 4 Artists' Gallery Answers Comprehensio n Gaming Consoles Questions Comprehension Text - gaming Consoles Gaming Consoles Answers


Anglo Saxons – investigation Profiles of A-S Kings Anglo Saxon King activity Anglo Saxon Regions Anglo Saxon Kings This week’s Adventure Film – The Imaginary Line Draw like Picasso art projects

01/06/2020 – Week 6 of Summer Term

Hello everyone,

I hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine during the half-term week. I look forward to welcoming some of you back into the classroom this week, but I completely understand why others are choosing to stay at home (or have to). With this in mind, I’m uploading as many of the resources as possible from the classroom plan this week (unfortunately, I cannot upload those over 8MB here at the moment – but if you want these then email home learning and I’ll see if I can find another way to send them) and I will talk to those of you at home over the coming week.

We will be welcoming Mr O’Brien to the Lancelot classroom this week. Mr O’Brien will be co-teaching the class with myself. He brings with him lots of secondary experience and a specialism in English. Both will be great in the next few weeks.

Please see the longer overview (below) for more details on the work.

All the best to everyone and stay safe,

Mr Fremlin

Overview Week 6

Maths: Perimeter Area Volume 3 Perimeter Area Volume 2 Perimeter Area Volume 1 PAV Answers Angles 1 Angles 3 Angles 2 Angles Answers KS3 Perimeter Area Answers KS3 Permieter and Area Questions Pythagoras Theorem Pythagoras Theorem Go Respond Answers Pythagoras Theorem Go Respond Activity Sheet

English: y6_pgv_tests_m_1 y6_pgv_tests_m_2 y6_pgv_tests_m_3 y6_mark_scheme_m D-Day comprehension text Comprehension activities 1 Coprehension activities 2 Comprehension activities 3

Other: What did the Romans Geography and Adventure Films Worksheet 1 Blank world map for Adventure Films Name the European CountryMap of Europe With And Without Names Colour in the European Country Activity Capitals and Countries Worksheet European Anagram Challenge Activity Europe Mountain Ranges Worksheet European Flag Activity Sheets

18/05/2020 – Week 5 of Summer Term

Dear All,

As we enter the final week of this half term under these challenging circumstances, below are a variety of tasks that I hope you can get your teeth into! You’ll also find the usual Maths and English tasks for you to take a look at and keep the mind ticking over. There are mats instead of Earlybirds and these come with the answers attached. Read the overview for the solar system, WW2, wellbeing and writing tasks for the week. Enjoy!

I’ve had a go at designing an experiment to answer those science questions from Week 2/3 alongside talking about this week’s task. Take a look below:

I’m sure the school will be in touch shortly with what plans might look like after half term. Please be assured that a home learning package will continue alongside for all who are unable to come into school (or who choose not to), this will roughly mirror anything we do in the classroom.

For now, stay safe!

Mr Fremlin

y6_pgv_tests_l_6 y6_pgv_tests_l_5 y6_pgv_tests_l_4 3d shapes and nets answer 3d shapes and nets Explain-your-Answer-using-Evidence-from-the-Text-KS2-Reading KS2_SATs_Maths_Practice_Paper_3_Reasoning_(Pack_2) Mat-1-Higher-Ability Mat-2-Higher-Ability Mat-3-Higher-Ability Week 5 overview

14/05/2020 – Update

Dear All,

Hope all is still well. It has been pointed out to me that one of my media files did not upload, and it is one that might be needed for the source work worksheet. Hopefully you’ll find it below.

All the best,

Mr Fremlin

Hitler Youth and propaganda

11/05/2020 – Week 4 of Summer Term

Dear All,

Well, this week would have been the big one – SATS. It is a real shame that you won’t get to show off all of the hard work that you’ve done but we are lucky to have such amazing data for all of you (so well done for that – I know it wasn’t easy). I hope you all remain well and had time to enjoy VE Day whilst remembering the tremendous sacrifices that people made back then.

As this goes live, it is possible that more information will be forthcoming about the route out of lockdown. For now, I’d like to say what a good job so many of you are doing at continuing to access the work set – remember it is a guide and you do not have to do all that is set. Please read the attached document for the Week 4 work overview (so I don’t clog this page up too much).

Ben Nevis this week – our final peak (PE is the PSHE theme, but we had this task underway already)! This is a big one (the biggest in the UK) – 1,345m. If you ever get chance to go, then please do! A quick bit of maths tells me that this is roughly 5380 upward steps on a standard staircase. I’m expecting my legs to burn a bit. Happy Mountaineering! My video of ‘topping out’ on Snowdon is below, alongside my VE Day song!


Stay safe,

Mr Fremlin

Basic Source Work Hitler Youth Moon Diary Template Work for WEEK 4 – Overview maths-sat-paper-2009_Paper1_Markscheme ks3-maths-sat-paper-2009_35_Paper1Foundation Theme Park Maths y6_mark_scheme_l y6_pgv_tests_l_1 y6_pgv_tests_l_2 y6_pgv_tests_l_3 Year 6 English Reading Mark Scheme PiXL Practice Paper A (1) Year 6 English Reading Paper PiXL Practice Paper A Year 6 English Reading Questions PiXL Practice Paper A

For the Writing task, you’ll need these two documents plus the video link below:

ninja example newspaper frame and

07/05/2020 – Update (Early Bird Answers and a song for VE Day)

Hope you are all still well, it has been nice to speak to some of you on the phone and I’ll continue to try and call others over the next few days. Having the sunshine back out has really helped everyone stay positive. Attached below are the Early Bird Answers for this week. I have also had a go at playing/reading a couple of WW2 songs to get you in the VE Day mood for tomorrow, I hope you enjoy them. Have a good day tomorrow.

Early Bird Maths Answers Week 3

Link to songs:

03/05/2020 – Week 3 of Summer Term

I thought I would keep my message and the work shorter this week (see the document for full information). I’ve also included lots of bits linked to the important VE Day bank holiday on Friday.

You should hopefully find some interesting maths to keep you amused, but I’ve taken it a bit easier on the Early Birds with just two to get those teeth into. You may recognise some of the algebra questions but others should be different, and the reasoning comes from a source that we have not used yet (but the questions look really interesting and test the full range of skills). All answers should be there somewhere!

English wise, you’ll see that there is a comprehension on Great Walls of the World. The questions booklet for our class book is now live! This should also help to keep you busy on the theme of WW2 – it didn’t upload the first time so you can find it under last week’s update (remember to take your time on this one – it is long term).

In addition, there is one solar system themed task this week, a nice wellbeing challenge and then a few tasks focused around getting ready for Friday and VE Day!

Our PE goal this week is to attempt to climb Snowdon on your stairs (I hope you’ve got one peak in the bag!). Assuming 4 upwards steps is 1 metre, then this equates to 4340 upwards steps! Then we’ll just have Ben Nevis to go. If you’re interested, the challenge is to do all three in 24 hours (using a car/bus to get between them). I’ve done it a few times, but much prefer climbing each in isolation (and enjoying it).

Sorry for the lack of videos – will try to post more this week.

Stay Safe,

Mr Fremlin

Algebra answers Algebra Early Bird Maths Summer Term 1 Great Walls 2000 Questions Great Walls of the World 2000 answers Great Walls of the World 2000 SATs KS2_SATs_Maths_Practice_Paper_2_Reasoning_(Pack_2) Year-5-and-6-statutory-word-grid Week 3 – This week’s work

30/04/2020 – Update (Week 2 Answers for Early Bird and When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit booklet)


Please find both the early bird answers for this week and the new reading booklet for the class book (if you have it). Remember, the booklet is aimed at being a few weeks worth of work! Hope you’re all still well.

EB Week 2 answers

When Hitler stole pink rabbit

27/04/2020 – Week 2 of Summer Term

Dear All,

I hope that week 1 was OK for all of you and that there was enough to get your teeth into. I also hope that you are all still well and enjoying some sunshine. Thanks for some of the feedback – nice to hear about families of budding stargazers and read a couple of sci-fi thrillers in the making! Wellbeing is important so I’m trying to make many of these tasks as interactive and family based as possible.

This week, we introduce a new strand alongside our scientific theme – WW2. This would have been our topic (in terms of history/geography) for the term and it ties in nicely with VE Day on May 8th. Please note that this week’s comprehension is embedded within this. There is a short video to watch and a couple of projects to get your teeth into! Try to do them in order so that theory informs the practical project! I’ve also created a booklet that should be completed alongside reading ‘When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit’ by Judith Kerr. Ahead of beginning, I suggest a little research on the author – she has written some other classics (currently very popular with Bob). The aim here is to do this at your own pace – it is effectively a history extra that should take a few weeks. I’ll try to film myself reading a bit to add class book authenticity.

Solar system wise, you’ll see what I have proposed. This will probably involve whole families working together, which is aimed at making this whole lockdown more interesting for everyone. Good luck with the playlist/art task, I’ve started and it turns out there are a lot of tracks that can be added!

In terms of core Maths/English tasks, there are the Early Birds (answers will be posted Thursday!) and a couple of maths papers (reasoning and arithmetic) alongside mark schemes. The grammar task is about words/phrases in context, and you don’t need to do all of these – just pick what suits you (they get harder as you go through and all answers are there).

For a writing task (this one is a crossover with PSHE in terms of staying mentally healthy): I’d like a lockdown diary, perhaps influenced slightly by famous diaries before (like that of Anne Frank in WW2). Short entries for each day should contain what you got up to and, more importantly, how everything is making you feel – sharing emotions is a powerful way to make sense of them yourself. I know many of you are already doing this. Remember, first person past tense. As an extension, mix up your past tense with simple, perfect and progressive (I laughed, I had laughed, I was laughing).

In terms of physical health – I know you’ll all be outside a great deal, but I thought a Year 6 three peaks challenge might be a bit of fun! We’ll climb the highest three peaks in the UK by climbing steps in our houses (sorry, bunglalows will have to be creative). The smallest of the three is Scafell Pike in the Lake District at 923m. So, this week we’ll aim to climb it – I reckon this is 3692 standard gauge upward steps (you can use this figure to work it out for your staircases – simply divide it by the number of upward stairs you have to get the amount of times you must climb to the top). Snowdon next week which is a little higher! If you want to make it more realistic, carry a rucksack with key supplies and wear full mountaineering gear (a photo of me doing this will follow).

I’ll end with a reminder that you simply need to do as much of this as you can – and there is quite a bit here! I hope you enjoy it. In terms of video content, I’ll continue to upload so keep an eye on the webpage. Use the homelearning email to get in touch with any issues.

Stay safe and hope to see you soon,

Mr Fremlin

Comprehension for Week 2 answers Year 6 – reasoning and problem solving Autumn Comprehension for Week 2 – A transcript T-A-021-Editable-Card-Game-Templates-Blue_ver_1 Week 2 – Solar System Tasks Early Bird Week 3 What-Does-This-Word-or-Phrase-Suggest-KS2-Reading-Tricky Year 6 – arithmetic Autumn Year 6 Autumn markscheme Anderson Shelters

23/04/2020 – Update on Week 1 work (including Early Bird Answers)!

Hello again,

Time to post your Early Bird Answers – hope you’ve been doing OK with those (just don’t forget that the final questions are supposed to be challenging).

Early Bird Answers Week 1

I also made a quick film of my scale solar system so please feel free to have a look and compare to your own. Hope you had some luck with the shooting stars.

I’ve also just spotted this on BBC bitesize which might help test your new Solar System knowledge – have a go!

All the best,

Mr Fremlin

20/04/2020 – Week 1 of Summer Term

Dear Pupils and Parents,

I hope you all managed to have a lovely Easter despite the current circumstances. I am missing Lancelot class greatly (I say this genuinely) and regret that we will be unable to return to the classroom for the time being. I remain hopeful that we might be able to in the not-too-distant future. Please all hang in there and I hope you will enjoy some of the week’s work. If you want to see me going through some of this in a video then please check out the following link – it might be worth subscribing so you get notified when I upload anything else (sorry, it is going to happen).

Ordinarily, this period of the year would have been about SATS and the build-up to these. However, these will not be taking place this year so I am hopeful that this week’s work will be more rounded in its approach whilst ensuring that key skills are kept active (which is still valid preparation for September).

You will find some Early Bird Maths, designed to get the brain working – I’d suggest one a day Monday to Thursday. In addition there is a longer test which should draw on each of the 4 operations. You need not do this in one hit – I’d have probably looked at it being 2 lessons. There is also a comprehension based on a genuine newspaper article that I read last year! Please ensure that you read the text fully before answering the questions.

Outside of this, I have attempted to start a more themed approach to learning. Our next science topic was going to be the Solar System! So, you will find a writing task that should be in a Sci-Fi style (continuing a story from the link given). You will also find some wider learning projects that will test maths/science/measuring/English/creativity etc. Aside from the projects, I have also suggested that pupils do some stargazing and made some suggestions as to what to look for. I’d also recommend the interactive solar system on the NASA website.

It might be difficult ask, but I’d love to get a class book going. Hopefully, many of you will have chance to watch or read “Goodnight Mr Tom” as part of the evacuee project. This tells the story of a child affected by WW2 in Britain. It would be fantastic if you could download/get a copy of Judith Kerr’s, ‘When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit’ this week, as I plan to start reading this on some online videos and using it as a basis for some work. It provides the story of a young Jewish girl from Germany and how her family get through the difficult war (a nice comparison to the first novel).

Hopefully all the work will be uploaded here whilst I am endeavouring to set-up an online classroom for each pupil. Log-in details should hopefully arrive shortly. This should enable some more interaction and pupils can then get the pictures/recordings/sheets back to me at some point.

Stay safe, look after each other and I hope you enjoy some of these tasks.

Kind Regards,

Mr Fremlin

Solar system projects for Week 1 To solve problems using 4 operations answers Summer Week 1 Earlybird Writing task for Week 1 – The Kid Who Came from Space Man Eating Fish answers Man eating fish comprehension To solve problems using 4 operations