Insulation bye bye pink walls

Insulation icon

Render walls

Today the Steering group met to review how the build is going. We are already in week 24 of the 44 week build and it is pleasing to hear all is on track.  One of the things we discussed was what external structures would be moved from the current school to the new one. A member of the bam team is to visit the current school soon to see what is possible.  It was also fixed that the pupil school council will attend the Topping Out Ceremony on the 9th December. See the internet to read what this ceremony is about. We also heard that the children are asking if they could put a time capsule on the site.

The external walls of the school are now being covered with insulation panels covering up the pink. The walls are then covered with three layers of coloured rendering that are the final watertight finish.

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Hall Front window

Thick insulation

Back of school
First coat of render on back of school