Governors move into intensive period of meetings and workshop sessions reviewing all aspects of the new school.

Governors and Carol Bond May 14  2
Governors and Carol Bond May 14  2
Governing Body with Carol Bond

Over the period January 2014 through to December 2014, including during the midst of the summer holidays, a range of workshops and briefing meetings were held with the project management team, the NVB architects and the building firm BAM.  These meetings started with a review of the feasibility study that looked in detail at the options for the school site and confirmed that the best site was the proposed one off the West Camel Road opposite the Medical Centre. Workshops then looked in detail at the layout of the site, the internal design of the school and with a company call Portsdown the furniture and fittings. The committee learnt a lot from what a plenum is to the best way to fit teaching walls.
During this period both the school and Somerset County council held discussions with the Parish Council, Neighbourhood Front Runner development group, District and County Councillors Mike Lewis, representatives of St Barnabas’ Church ,the Queen Camel Medical Centre and community members. As a result of these discussions concerns were shared particularly  about the traffic management on the West Camel Road and parking on the school site, which resulted in changes to the design of the school site. The school governors with Somerset County Council also looked at the site around how best to lay  it out for community use.
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