Pendragon | Year 1


Welcome to Pendragon Class 

Year 1 Children

Teacher – Miss Harriet Foyne

Teaching Assistants –  Mrs Bridgett Spiller and Mrs Emma Singleton

PPA Cover-Thursday morning- Mrs Cathy Healy- HLTA

Please click on the link below to see our summer overview.

Pendragon Class summer term overview


Wow what a busy week we have had in Pendragon Class. We have been on a brilliant trip to @Bristol, watched an excellent falconry display and had a visit from some very interesting creatures! Take a look at our week.

IMG_0240[1] IMG_0243[1] IMG_0280[1] IMG_0253[1] IMG_0285[1] IMG_0315[2] IMG_0179[1] IMG_0295[1] IMG_0299[1] IMG_0226[1] IMG_0326[1] IMG_0328[1] IMG_0358[1] IMG_0365[1] IMG_0338[1] IMG_0388[1] IMG_0381[1]

In Pendragon we have really been enjoying our Family Learning sessions. Have a look at some pictures! If you like to come and join in on a Wednesday morning please contact the office.





27th May 2017

Pendragon Class have had a fantastic term of learning so far. We have been developing our understanding of fairy tales and writing our own versions. We have been learning about our world and looking at the different continents and oceans. We have started using compasses, globes and atlases to investigate our world and our surrounding area. We have also been learning about how the earth spins on it’s axis and orbits the sun and how this creates day and night. We have started looking at the seasons and creating our own weather forecasts. We have also been developing our mathematical knowledge and solving lots of addition and subtraction calculations. Take a look at some of our learning.

IMG_0456[1] IMG_0455[1] IMG_0449[1] IMG_0416[1] IMG_0404[1] IMG_0386[1] IMG_0388[1] IMG_0393[1]
























24th April 2017

Welcome back Pendragons! I hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday and are ready for lots of learning this term. We have lots going on and lots of exciting learning coming up!

In English this term we will be continuing to develop our phonics knowledge and using it in our reading and writing. We will also be doing lots of preparation for the phonics screening. We will also be writing traditional tales and fairy stories, creating poems about nature, writing a weather report and writing informative pieces about different plants. We will also be developing our prediction skills in reading and relating different books we read to our own experiences.

In maths we will be developing our counting confidence in 1’s,2’s,5’s and 10’s. We will also be working on multiplication and division as well as fractions, measurements, money and shapes. We will be working on solving lots of problems to make sure we have an in depth knowledge of these areas. We will also be continuing with our daily minute maths and Mental Maths Olympics.

In Topic we will be learning all about weather and how to measure and record different types of weather. We will soon be budding weather forecast presenters! We will be looking at human and physical features of geography and consolidating our knowledge of The United Kingdom including the seas surrounding us! We will also be creating collages and art work linked to different types of weather and the seasons the weather relates to.

In science we will be linking our learning with our topic work on the weather and will also be investigating plants. We will look at different types of plants, what they need to grow and how they can be used. We will be planting different vegetables in our allotment and looking after our herb garden in our beautifully painted tyres.

As well as all of this we will be doing PE, RE, ICT, focused daily handwriting, daily phonics, guided reading and comprehension. To support your child in their learning please ensure they complete their spelling homework and are heard read regularly at home. Thank you.

6th March 20177

We have had a fantastic day learning all about Thomas Farriner and how he started The Great Fire of London! We made our own bread and asked Thomas Farriner himself some questions. We also researched ‘The Monument’ which commemorates The Great Fire of London and had a go at drawing it and building it. Take a look at our day.

IMG_0778[1] IMG_0775[1] IMG_0759[1] IMG_0773[1] IMG_0750[1] IMG_0755[1] IMG_0761[1] IMG_0751[1]


























8th February 2017

We have had a fantastic week so far. We have been learning all about diaries and looked at the different features of a diary. We have been learning all about positional language and practiced our lefts and rights! We have been working hard on our phonics remembering to use sound  buttons and we have been trying to build houses out of different materials in science. Take a look…

IMG_0577[1] IMG_0575[1] IMG_0546[1] IMG_0542[1] IMG_0527[1] IMG_0526[1] IMG_0520[1] IMG_0519[1]




















31st January 2017

Pendragon Class had a visit from Fireman Rob today. He taught us about the Great Fire of London and we compared fire fighting in 1666 and now. We looked at the equipment they would have used to fight the Great fire of London and what fire fighters use now. He also taught us about fire safety and how a fire can start. Fireman Rob was very impressed with our knowledge of the Great Fire and really liked our Great Fire of London stories! He then let us try on his uniform! I think there a quite a few budding fire fighters in Pendragon Class!IMG_0518[1]IMG_0544[1]IMG_0537[1]IMG_0523[1]IMG_0546[1]IMG_0560[1]IMG_0565[1]IMG_0567[1]IMG_0525[1] IMG_0531[1] IMG_0549[1] IMG_0552[1] IMG_0558[1] IMG_0561[1]

IMG_0497[1] IMG_0500[1] IMG_0502[1] IMG_0514[1] IMG_0515[1] IMG_0499[1] IMG_0505[1]










































15th November 2016

Fantastic trip to Gore Farm. The children really enjoyed their tour of the farm and then their trip down to the woods to search for animal habitats. We especially enjoyed making our own fire, creating our own toasting tools and toasting marshmallows! We did lots of walking and saw lots of different signs of animals, including their homes and holes where they had been digging for food. Have a look at what we got up to.

img_02891 img_02951 img_03041 img_03101 img_02961 img_03061 img_03131 img_03141 img_03181 img_03221 img_03191 img_03161 img_03301 img_03361 img_03401 img_03421 img_03451 img_03661 img_03541 img_03641 img_03801 img_03791 img_03601 img_03821 img_03751 img_03831 img_03851 img_03881 img_03911 img_03891 img_03861






















































11th November 2016

As part of our topic investigating how food has changed we had a go at making potato cakes which were often eaten during World War Two. We looked at our daily rations and thought about what it would have been like to live during the war.

img_02641 img_02751 img_02771 img_02861 img_02801 img_02661 img_02831 img_02741






















As a treat we decided to bake some autumn muffins! Our apple and Blackberry muffins were very tasty as you can see!


















Take a look at some of our fantastic writing. We are becoming brilliant authors in Pendragon Class! Here are some examples of our letters inspired by the book ‘The day the crayons quit’.

img_00941 img_00951 img_00961










Lots of fun dressing up in Pendragon Class. There have been some interesting characters!


img_0083 img_0075 img_0076 img_0082












We have been doing lots of maths this term and have been developing our problem solving skills!





























14th September 2016

The children have settled into Pendragon Class really well and have been enjoying their learning so far! Already we have been improving our place value knowledge, developing our punctuation and starting to use conjunctions in our writing. We have also started to learn about our bodies and had a great time labeling ourselves on the playground! Have a look at some pictures of our first few weeks in year one.























Welcome back to a new school year. I hope you all had a fantastic holiday! I will update the Pendragon page regularly so keep checking in to see what we have been up to! We also have an extra member of our class- Draco the dragon. He will be coming home with a different child each week along with his diary. Please fill his diary with pictures, photographs and writing to show us everything Draco has been up to on his adventures!