Merlin | Reception

merlinWelcome to Merlin Class

Reception Children                                                                                   

Teacher – Miss Lizzie Lukins

Teaching Assistant – Mrs Georgie Elsworth

Star of the Week – Every Friday, a child is chosen from Merlin Class to be ‘Star of the Week’. The ‘Star of the Week’ receives a certificate in assembly and takes Merlin our class wizard home for the week.

P.E – On Friday we will have our weekly session, based on multi-skills this half-term. On Tuesday afternoon we will be participating in craft activities, baking and going on welly walks – children need to wear non-precious mufti clothes on Tuesdays.

During our last half-term together, we will be preparing the children for Pendragon Class (Year 1). The children will be visiting Pendragon Class and getting to know their new teacher as well as having structured mornings with more independent table work. Our Topic for the last half-term is ‘The Seaside’ and we hope to squeeze in a school trip as well!

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

Preparing for the change to ‘Pendragon Class’

Working in table groups to complete a task

Revisiting ‘Merlin Class Promises’

Focus work based on the story ‘Rainbow Fish’ – Learning about individuality and sharing

Physical Development:

Multi-skills P.E (Friday)

Welly Walks (Tuesday afternoons, if we’re not baking with Mrs Kay!) – Visiting the park, climbing and playing ball games

Baking with Mrs Kay (Tuesday afternoons instead of Welly Walk)

Road Safety – With a police visit (TBA)

Seaside Safety

Lots of writing and daily handwriting practice

Communication and Language:

Group story time and discussion

Story sacks

Puppet shows

Carpet time

‘Show and Tell’


Phonics sessions

Writing stories based on ‘The Seaside’

Writing recounts (about our school trip)

Writing letters to the Pendragon Class Teacher

Writing ways to keep safe at the seaside

Writing non-chronological reports about different types of sea animals

Writing about the qualities a good friend possesses


Recognising and writing numbers 0 to 20 and placing them in order

Addition and subtraction maths sentences with missing numbers

Describing/naming/selecting shapes (triangle, circle, square, rectangle, sphere, cylinder, cube, cuboid)

Number bonds to 5 and 10

Solving money problems

Understanding the World:

Learning about the different oceans and where different sea animals live

Learning about Ramadan and making lanterns

Planting in our allotment and our outside area

Using the laptops and iPads to research sea animals

Expressive Arts and Design:

Making our very own rainbow fish and jelly fish

Music with Mandy

Making Ramadan lanterns

Exploring the ‘craft corner’ during continuous provision


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