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merlinWelcome to Merlin Class


Teacher – Miss Harriet Foyne

Teaching Assistant – Mrs Georgie Elsworth

PPA Cover– Mrs Healey (HLTA)

Music Teacher– Mrs Mandy Boniface

Merlin Class Summer Term letter

Phonics workshop handout

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Merlin Class Autumn term curriculum


We have had another busy week in Merlin. We have been learning all about our senses and different parts of the body. We have been playing lots of musical instruments and feeling the vibrations! We also acted out a Christian wedding!












Another week has gone by and now we are ready for school full time in Merlin Class. We have been very busy again this week and have enjoyed staying in school for lunch.

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We have had a fantastic first week back at school! The new Merlin class have been doing lots of different activities and getting to know the classroom and the school environment. We have really enjoyed our first PE lesson and have been working hard on our name recognition and writing.


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