Lancelot | Yr 6

Welcome to Lancelot Class

Year 6 Children

Teachers – Mr Michael Allen

Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Mrs Nicki Collins 

Music Teacher – Mrs Mandy Boniface (Thursday)

April 2017

I hope you all had a good Easter.

Welcome to the Summer Term. Certainly the weather this first week back has been quite summery  – let’s hope it continues.

This is an important term for Year 6. The children will sit their SATs tests in the week beginning the 9th May. In the weeks leading up to the 9th we will be ensuring that all the outstanding maths, spelling, punctuation and grammar that the children need to know is taught and that we recap and revise as much of the Maths and English curriculum as possible. We will continue with small groups for Maths and English until the SATs.

The children will be naturally worried about sitting tests and, therefore, we will prepare them well for the experience by doing some test practice and practise of the style of questions that will come up. I will send a letter out to you shortly, that gives the SATs timetable and gives you some pointers as to how to manage your child’s time the weekend before and during the week. I’ve sent home several SATs practice books and children should be doing some work from these every night for half an hour or so.

As well as SATs we have lots more learning to fit in.

In Science we will learn about the bodies of animals and humans

In Art we are looking at Pop Art and Andy Warhol, in particular.

In Geography and History we will learn about our local area.

In RE we will look at how Christians and Buddhists view life from birth to death.

In PE we are lucky to have a cricket coach from Somerset Cricket to teach us skills and understanding of the game. We will have several sports tournaments to go to.

In Design and Technology and ICT we will have project weeks.

There’s lots going on! We also will find time to ensure that children are well prepared for their transition to their high schools.

I hope that this last term of the children’s primary education is a rewarding and memorable one.

Thank you

Michael Allen

January 2017

We’ve made a good start back to school after our Christmas holidays. With the added teaching help of Mrs Spike and Mrs Trusson we have been able to run ability groups for English and Maths targeting the specific needs of the children more effectively.

We’re concentrating on our spelling, grammar and punctuation in English and in maths we’re making sure children are able to use the 4 operations confidently.

In science we are looking at evolution. In history we’re continuing with learning about the Mayans. In RE we are looking at religion’s moral codes. In PE we are improving our fitness and stamina and our team play in small sided ball games. In Art we are learning how to draw with perspective.

In geography we have looked at the globe and longitude and latitude.

Our project for this term is on the globe. Here’s the information and mark sheet that the children were given. The deadline for this project is Thursday 9th February.

Sir Lancelot Class Homework Project Spring 1

Our Autumn term project was on a county of the UK.

Aimee, Amy, Olivia and Drew’s projects were particularly well researched and presented and these children won prizes for their efforts.


Would your child be interested in attending a badminton club at Ansford Academy on Wednesdays 3.30pm – 5.00pm?

There’s a taster session on the 12th October 3.30pm – 4.45pm at Ansford, led by James Elkin (club coach).

If your child’s up for it please let Mr Allen know.


Here’s a newsletter for the start of term….


…and here’s information on the homework project.


Here’s the timetable



Hello Everyone,

We’ve had a good couple of days back in school and now we’re off to Bude! I hope everyone’s all sorted. I’m not yet but I’m sure I’ll find my swimming trunks soon.

I’ve set up a Twitter account so that I can tweet photos and things from Bude, initially, and from the classroom when we return. The twitter name is @lancelot_gytha.

I would like to communicate with you via this website page and via the Twitter feed. It saves on paper and letters being lost etc.

When we return from Bude I’ll post a “hello” letter. We’ve already set up a home book for the children that has our class timetable pasted in (PE on Monday and Wednesday!). I’ll put a copy of that on here too when I work out how to do it.

We’ve set our Class Rules and behaviour ladder and rewards, Again I’ll post that on here. Please ask your children about these.

Have a good rest of the weekend. I’m off to find those shorts.

Michael Allen


It’s all change in Year 6. A new class name, a new teacher.

Look out on here for what’s going on.

More updates coming soon!