Lancelot Class Years 5 and 6


Class Teacher: Mrs Caroline Holbrook

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs Nicki Collins

Art and D&T Teacher: Mrs Alecia Spike

Music Teacher: Mrs Mandy Boniface

Sports Coach: Mr Austin Fouracres

Welcome to Lancelot Class – we are a class of 29 Year 5 and Year 6 children and we love learning!


Curriculum Letter Summer Lancelot Y5

Curriculum Letter Summer Lancelot Y6

Please click on the following links to learn more about the curriculum for your child this year:

Year 5 Curriculum Map          Year 6 Curriculum Map


Star of the Week

Every week we choose a Star of the Week by spinning the wheel of names on the Interactive Whiteboard. We love to predict who will be chosen and anyone who makes a lucky guess earns a Housepoint! When you are chosen you can choose one of the lovely patchwork Star of the Week bags to take home (Mrs Holbrook’s Mum made them for us and they are very roomy and strong ready to fill with all our favourite things). On Friday we have fun passing all our Star of the Week’s special things around and hearing why they’ve been chosen. Each week, our Star of the Week receives, in Assembly, a treasury tagged booklet of cards which are written by everyone in the class to explain what makes this member of Lancelot so special. We treasure all the lovely comments that are made about us.