Guinevere Year 3 and 4

Welcome to Guinevere Class

Teacher: Mr Martyn Lewry and Mrs Sarah Atkin

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Karen James and Mrs Jackie Usher

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs Cathy Healey

Music Teacher: Mrs Mandy Boniface

                Welcome to Guinevere Class – we are a class of 28 Year 3 and Year 4 children and we love learning!

Curriculum Information Year 3 2017-18 – Y3 – Summer

Curriculum Information Year 4 2017-18 – Y4 – Summer

Year 3 Curriculum Map– Y3 Countess Gytha Primary School 

2017-18 Curriculum Map year 4

Star of the Week

Every week a Star of the Week is chosen by Mr Lewry and Mrs Atkin and they receive a certificate. As a reward they also get an extra 5 raffle tickets to go into our  the half termly raffle draw. 

Our Learning

During the Spring Term we will continue to look after our raised garden bed under the direction of Kelly Sandford. We are looking forward to getting outside  and planting  a selection of different fruit and vegetables,also tasting them as well

Guinevere Class love reading and we try to fit in 20-30 minutes of reading every day. Accelerated Reader has really motivated us to read more and we are keen to complete book quizzes on iPads or laptops. We are proud of the good progress we are all making. Receiving little prizes and certificates for our reading at home in our Reading Rocket system is great.

We’ve been busy reading and learning about Michael Morpurgo. He  is also the class author of the term. We have learnt about his early life and how became a writer of children’s books.Year 4 we are learning about different types of poems.

In the Spring Term our History focus will be on the Anglo Saxons. So far we have looked at who the Anglo Saxons were and where they came from. Mrs Spike has helped with recreating the different clothing that would have been worn. We are looking forward to producing art and displays using different materials.

We work hard in Maths, our Early Bird maths questions set us up and  get us thinking at the start of the day, then we are ready for our lessons..We are looking forward to the opportunities to learn through SumDog and MyMaths.

On Wednesday afternoons we are busy, we learn Spanish with MrsCollins, we have a PE lesson and we also have music with Mrs Boniface. Mandy gets us singing lots of different songs and she always praises our class for the extra singing we do through the week. Opportunities to use percussion and keyboard are always exciting.

In Science, we  are learning about what matter is made from and the different forms that it takes. Also we will be looking at how solids, liquids and gases can change.

We have been thinking about beliefs in various World Religions and finding out what we can learn from these beliefs. Also we will be looking at Lent and what it means to Christians.

In Computing, we will be investigating different continents of the world and their characteristics closely. This will link with our Geography lessons looking at identifying human and physical characteristics, key topographical features (including hills, mountains, coasts and rivers)