Guinevere Year 3 and 4

Welcome to Guinevere Class

Teacher: Mrs Caroline Holbrook

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Jackie Usher and Mrs Emma Singleton

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs Nicki Collins

Music Teacher: Mrs Mandy Boniface

Welcome to Guinevere Class – we are a class of 32 Year 3 and Year 4 children and we love learning!

Guinevere Summer Term Curriculum Overview – click here for more details about what we have planned for the Summer Term.

Star of the Week

Every week we choose a Star of the Week by spinning the wheel of names on the Interactive Whiteboard. We love to predict who will be chosen and anyone who makes a lucky guess earns a Housepoint! When you are chosen you can choose one of the lovely patchwork Star of the Week bags to take home (Mrs Holbrook’s Mum made them for us and they are very roomy and strong ready to fill with all our favourite things). On Friday we have fun passing all our Star of the Week’s special things around and hearing why they’ve been brought  in. Each week, our Star of the Week receives, in Assembly, a treasury tagged booklet of cards which are written by everyone in the class to explain what makes this member of Guinevere so special. We treasure all the lovely comments that are made about us.

Our Learning

During the Summer Term we will continue to look after our raised garden bed under the direction of Kelly Sandford. We are working in six groups: Tomatoes, Peas, Radishes, Potatoes, Spring Onions and Carrots. Once all our vegetables are harvested we plan to create a tasty Guinevere Class salad for us all to share. On a Tuesday afternoon we also have the opportunity to learn cookery skills with Cathy Healey and Wendy Gorick. Meanwhile, Mrs Holbrook is teaching us lots of different stitches in sewing and we are making some fantastic book marks.

Guinevere Gardening

Guinevere Class love reading and we try to fit in 20-30 minutes of reading every day. Accelerated Reader has really motivated us to read more and we are keen to complete book quizzes on iPads or laptops. We are proud of the good progress we are all making. Receiving little prizes and certificates for our reading at home in our Reading Rocket system is great.

Emma and Jameena

We’ve been busy writing about lots of topics including in the Spring Term: Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Coming Home’ retelling the story of the Robin’s journey home; describing a Winter Wonderland, inspired by photographs of winter scenes and webcams of Austrian ski resorts; summarising the fun of Chinese New Year; creating a Fact File about Chile; writing a poem about The Rainforest; retelling Michael Foreman’s story ‘Seal Surfer’ from the boy’s point of view as a series of diary entries and describing being inside a famous painting inspired by our fantastic trip to the London Art Galleries. In the Summer Term we will write a persuasive letter about St George before moving on to writing linked to our Ancient Greeks topic.

In the Spring Term our Geography focus was South America and as well as creating a Chilean Fact File, we’ve used Atlases to find out about South American countries and their capital cities, matched human and physical features to their names and photographs and researched these landmarks. In the Summer Term we will find out about the History of Ancient Greece.

We work hard in Maths and love our weekly opportunities to learn through SumDog and MyMaths. Every week we practise our Mental Maths Olympics for homework and we know that the more time we spend on learning our speedy recall the better we will do in the weekly test. We receive certificates when we successfully complete a test.

On Wednesday afternoons we learn Spanish with Mrs Collins and she also teaches us PE. In the first half of the Summer Term we will be learning to play tennis as well as receiving Cricket coaching.

In Science, we learnt about Light and have found out about retroreflective materials. It was great fun testing materials with torches to find out which one would be best for a bookbag. This term we will learn more about ‘Rocks’ and then ‘Animals including humans’.

We have been thinking about stories told in various World Religions and finding out what the moral or the message of each story is. Next we will learn about Festivals celebrated by each religion.

In Computing, we have had fun programming in Scratch and we then moved on to creating new worlds in Kodu. It was quite challenging but it encouraged us to work well with a partner and we learnt from each other when someone made a new discovery and shared it with us. Mrs Holbrook is always amazed at how quickly we learn! On Internet Safety Day we learnt more about staying safe online and all classes summarised their learning to the rest of the school at the end of the day. In the Summer Term we will make an e-book about the Ancient Greeks.

Mandy gets us singing lots of different songs and she always praises our class for the extra singing we do through the week. Opportunities to use percussion and keyboard are always exciting.

At the end of the week we are rewarded for all our hard work with some Reward Time. During that session we love to read, draw, colour, play board games and go online. On warmer days we like to go outside to play ball games and giant jenga.

Guinevere Trim Trail