Excalibur Yrs 4 & 5

Welcome to Excalibur Class 

Teacher – Mrs Helen Trusson

HLTA/TA Mrs Cathy Healey & Mrs Nicki Collins (Wednesday – Spanish)

Music Teacher: Mrs Mandy Boniface (Wednesday)

PE Coach: Mr Fouracres (Wednesday)

Student Teacher – Miss Ellie Teague-Tucker

Summer Term

Outdoor Learning


This half term, we have started harvesting vegetables we planted earlier this year. This includes: garlic,onions,rocket and radish. We also planted some pumpkin seeds.

IMG_0634[1] IMG_0635[1]

IMG_0625[1] IMG_0633[1] IMG_0638[1]

Spring Term


Below is a link to the copy of the parent letter which parents should all have received. This details all the children’s learning for the Spring term.

Summer Y4 – Excalibur Class Curriculum Information for Parents 2017-18

Summer Y5 – Excalibur Class Curriculum Information for Parents 2017-18

Please note: PE continues to be on a Monday & Wednesday.  It would be helpful if children have their PE kits in school every day of the week in case of occasional timetable changes.

Mothers Day

We have been keeping a big secret from our mums! Since September, we planted and cared for the flowers until they were ready to be picked, specially for our Mums to say thank you for everything they do!

IMG_1365[1] IMG_1379[1] IMG_1364[1] IMG_1373[1]

Science Day(Thursday 16th March)

We had a busy day exploring and discovering science, starting with a paper helicopter challenge, and then we carried out a range of other experiments!

IMG_1408[1] IMG_1414[1] IMG_1472[1] IMG_1607[1] IMG_1483[1]

Ancient Greek pots and title fragments!

   We have been studying the Ancient Greeks, and have started to create some pots and title fragments in the style of the different periods!

IMG_1639[1] IMG_1641[1] IMG_1643[1]

IMG_1666[1] IMG_1648[1]


World Book Day

The Year 5 potato characters for World Book Day were outstanding! The children put lots of thought and effort in, so we set about putting their efforts to good use!

Children paired their potato character with another in the class and created a comic strip, in which both characters featured.  These were all produced using software on the laptops.


The children’s creativity has been amazing, as you can see by clicking on the hyperlinks below.

Hyperlinks for Comic Strips

Abbie & Jameena

Meghan,Sky and Polly

Bella and Issy

Nate and natalies comic

Nate and natalies comic pt 2

Peter Rabbit and Snow White

The attack of the moon face

The magic dragon

The Mystery Lightsaber

Top secret made by jaydon

Bart simpson and Dennis by Cameron and Harry


Dylan and Jay Jay

Sophia and Molly

The adventures of Chinky

The kidnap

Outdoor Learning

Although a little muddy, we have already visited our vegetable garden to start the New Year off.  We have taken care of the plants already up there and planted a few more vegetables…


IMG_1178[1] IMG_1174[1] IMG_1147[1] IMG_1166[1] IMG_1162[1] IMG_1170[1]


This week, the children had a lot of fun planting the bulbs in the soil, and we are sure they will enjoy later in the year seeing how they have grown.

IMG_1192[1] IMG_1204[1] IMG_1202[1] IMG_1198[1] IMG_1208[1] IMG_1197[1]

Internet Safety Day – 07/02/18

We have been considering behaviours online which can have a positive/negative effect on people. Some members of the class chose to act out plays, modelling dilemmas which can arise from negative behaviour online.  We have spent some time problem solving these situations and considering how to act safely when these problems arise.

IMG_1225[1] IMG_1229[1]


Those of us who are not keen on acting, designed posters to guide people how to safely ‘create, connect and share respect’.

IMG_1239[1] IMG_1238[1]



Thermometers are displayed on our IT storage units, indicating the degree of kindness/hurtfulness our actions online can make us feel.

IMG_1246[1]            IMG_1242[1]

Finally, we have all pledged an act of online kindness which we have recorded on a paper bracelet, and will be rewarded our bracelet when we complete our ‘good deed’.

Autumn Term

The children have returned after their busy summer holidays full of excitement and are keen to settle to their learning.  They have been working extremely hard to learn new rules and routines and we are very proud of what they are already achieving.

Below is a link to the copy of the parent letter which parents should all have received. This details all the children’s learning for the Autumn term

Y4 – Excalibur Class Curriculum Information for Parents 2017-18 (2)

Y5 – Excalibur Class Curriculum Information for Parents 2017-18 (2)

To view the Curriculum for Excalibur class over the entire year, click the link below.

Y5 – Excalibur Curriculum Map

Y4 – Excalibur Curriculum Map

Please note: PE is on a Monday & Wednesday.  It would be helpful if children have their PE kits in school every day of the week in case of occasional timetable changes.

Star of the Week

At the start of each week, a member of Excalibur class will be randomly selected to become our ‘Star of the Week’.  During this week, the class share positive qualities which this person displays, which will be recorded on their certificate awarded in assembly on a Friday.  On a Friday, ‘Star of the week’ can bring in a few (small) treasures to share with the class as a special treat!

Secret Student

Most days, a child is randomly selected to be secret student.  This remains anonymous to all children in the class.  At the end of the day, secret student is guessed by the class through questioning and a process of elimination.  If secret student has had a positive day they are rewarded by receiving a maximum of 5 raffle tickets. At the end of each week a raffle ticket is selected from the box, and this child receives a prize!

Outdoor Learning

This year we will continue to develop our understanding of where our food comes from and how to care for plants & vegetables through the use of our vegetable plot. Over the following few weeks, we will be learning about brussel sprouts, garlic and carving pumpkins grown previously.  We will also use the scrapings from the pumpkin to form part of the ingredients in cookery.

IMG_0741[1] IMG_0762[1]


This week we have started our outdoor learning.  We have planted a selection of bulbs which we will be putting to good use later in the year. The ground was perfect for planting, and as you can see from the photos, everybody got busy preparing an area for planting.


IMG_0517[1] IMG_0507[1] IMG_0519[1] IMG_0504[1] IMG_0521[1] IMG_0499[1] IMG_0495[1]

We have had another busy week with our vegetable plot. Our planter now has garlic (which we all separated a clove and planted), beans which we are planting from seeds, and we are also experimenting with brussel sprouts which we have transferred some baby plants to our large vegetable planters.  We have given them all a good watering…fingers crossed!


We collected pumpkins from our vegetable plot today.  We scooped out the insides (in preparation for biscuit making after half term) and then got busy carving various designs into them.


IMG_0808[1] IMG_0820[1] IMG_0822[1] IMG_0826[1]

We had a lot of fun scooping & designing the pumpkins and are very proud of the results.  On Friday, we pulled names out of the hat, to select who could take the pumpkins home with them…if they survive the week, we would love for the pumpkins to be returned for Tuesday (Halloween) when we will display them outside of our classroom.

IMG_0831[1] IMG_0836[1] IMG_0835[1] IMG_0832[1] IMG_0834[1] IMG_0833[1]



We have been busy baking this week.  The pumpkin which we scooped before half term, we used to make pumpkin cookies…and they were delicious!!! We had lots of fun making them, and eve more fun eating them!!!

IMG_0915[1] IMG_0916[1] IMG_0924[1] IMG_0932[1] IMG_0944[1]













We have started to grow cress this week, and are looking forward to checking on its progress each day, as it starts to sprout in containers on the window seat of our classroom.

IMG_0959[1]IMG_0961[1] IMG_0963[1] IMG_0967[1] IMG_0968[1] IMG_0969[1]
















30.11.17 – Bird Feeders

This week we have had a fun time making bird feeders and hanging them in our vegetable plot area


IMG_1023[1] IMG_1026[1] IMG_1032[1] IMG_1043[1] IMG_1071[1] IMG_1077[1]












14.12.17 – Christmas Table Decorations

We have got our ‘creative juices’ really working this week!  We have created some amazing looking table decorations to bring home and decorate our Christmas tables with…they look so good, you could think that we had bought them from a shop!!

IMG_1089[1] IMG_1092[1] IMG_1096[1] IMG_1106[1]

17.11.18 – Children in Need

On Friday we were busy fund raising for ‘Children in Need’. Mrs Trusson and Mrs Healey brought in  coins they had raided from their homes and we earnt coins for pudsey bear rather than house points for the day.  We worked really hard, and managed to earn enough coins to cover the outline and details of our own pudsey bear outside our classroom.

IMG_0972[1] IMG_0973[1] IMG_0979[1] IMG_0991[1]

IMG_0993[1] IMG_0999[1]












Y5 Author Visit – Chris Riddell

On Wednesday morning (04.10.17), our Year 5 children were lucky enough to see artist, author and former children’s laureate, Chris Riddell at Hazlegrove. We were completely ‘wowed’ by his illustrations which he completed whilst talking to us, and answering questions from the audience.  Afterwards, we had the opportunity to get books signed by Chris Riddell himself.

IMG_0767[1] IMG_0776[1] IMG_0800[1] IMG_0804[1]








In Excalibur class we have been busy exploring and investigating space.  Using our research, we selected different spherical fruits and balls to represent the planets in our solar system, as well as considering the distances between planets.

IMG_0734[1] IMG_0737[1] IMG_0740[2] IMG_0731[2]
















We have continued exploring space and started looking at the different moon phases. We set up an experiment with a light source to represent the sun and tennis balls to represent the Earth and moon. We took it in turns to move the moon around the Earth and could see that at different times of the month it appears that the shape of the moon changes: full moon, half moon and total eclipse. This depended on how much light was shining on the surface of the moon that we could see.

IMG_0874 IMG_0870  IMG_0865