Excalibur Yrs 4 & 5


Year 4 & 

Teachers – Mrs Helen Trusson (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs Alecia Spike (Thursday-Friday)

Teaching Assistants – Mrs Karen James  (Thursday-Friday)

HLTA Mrs Cathy Healey (Tuesday & Wednesday) and Mrs Nicki Collins (Thursday)

Music Teacher: Mrs Mandy Boniface (Thursday)

Welcome to  Excalibur Class page!


Summer Term

We have a very busy summer term planned.  If you would like to see what will be covered this term in Excalibur class, please click the link below.

Excalibur Curriculum Map – Summer Term

We have studied Aesop’s fables linked to our Ancient Greece topic this term.  After writing our own versions of a fable, we visited Merlin class to share them, as they were our target audience.  They gave us some good feedback…


IMG_0504[1] IMG_0505[1] IMG_0507[1] IMG_0524[1] IMG_0503[1] IMG_0514[1] IMG_0515[1] IMG_0518[1] IMG_0520[1] IMG_0529[1] IMG_0527[1]






We have had a Fireman visit our class to talk about fire safety.


IMG_0489[1] IMG_0495[1]










We learnt many ways to keep ourselves safe; how to prevent fires and what to do in the event of a fire.  We particularly liked learning the important message of how to put out a fire if someone’s clothes catch fire…


In Excalibur class, we have been busy this term with work based on our London Trip. We have each selected a ‘British Great’ from the portraits viewed at the London Portrait Gallery, and studied their life, presenting it in the form of a biography.   Also, we have explored our creativity by producing pieces of artwork of our famous character, in a medium of our choice.

We were so proud of the work we produced, that we shared it with parents & family members at our ‘Gytha Gallery’.  See photos below which give you a taste of our amazing work…

IMG_0417[1] IMG_0420[1] IMG_0423[1] IMG_0427[1] IMG_0429[1] IMG_0432[1] IMG_0426[1] IMG_0439[1] IMG_0440[1] IMG_0445[1] IMG_0454[1] IMG_0467[1] IMG_0446[1]


We have had an exciting first week back after the Easter break, not least because we went on a trip to Gore Farm. To complete our science work on ‘Living Things and their Habitats’, we experienced pond dipping in the Millennium pond in Trent. Your child should be able to tell you all the living plants & creatures/insects we caught in the pond – Tessa & Stuart (our farm leads) were very impressed!

Enjoy the photos, and if you would like more information about our trip, there is a ‘write-up’ in the newsletter this week (21.04.17)

IMG_2092[1] IMG_2093[1] IMG_2087[1] IMG_2088[1] IMG_2090[1] IMG_2089[1] IMG_2091[1]







Spring Term

We have had a very settled start to the Spring Term.  The children have been working hard to continue extending their learning in all areas of the Curriculum.  This term we are learning about…

South America – Focus on Brazil

Living Things & Habitats – hopefully with the opportunity to carry out pond dipping!

RE – Symbolism in World Religions

PE – Gymnastics, Circuit training and Fitness

Homework Reminder

Spelling & Mental Maths Olympics Homework is due every Monday

Reading – we encourage children to read regularly through our Reading Rocket Scheme, however a minimum of 3 reads a week is expected.

Internet Safety Day 07.02.17

This year we have focused on photos & images, and how we share these on the internet.  We have realised how first impressions portrayed through photos can be misleading.

IMG_0196[1] IMG_0200[1] IMG_0202[1]









We have made a Class digital photo album, in which we have thought carefully about the types of images we want to use to portray us as a person…we hope you enjoy!

IMG_0235[1] IMG_0234[1] IMG_0233[1] IMG_0232[1]






IMG_0230[1] IMG_0228[1] IMG_0226[1] IMG_0225[1]





IMG_0206[1] IMG_0207[1] IMG_0205[1] IMG_0231[1]






IMG_0208[1] IMG_0209[1] IMG_0211[1] IMG_0212[1]






IMG_0213[1] IMG_0214[1] IMG_0215[1] IMG_0216[1]






IMG_0217[1] IMG_0218[1] IMG_0219[1] IMG_0220[1]












Autumn Term

The children have had a busy start to this new academic year in Excalibur Class.

  • Year 5 trip to Outdoor Adventure in Bude
  • Year 4 and the rest of Year 5 French Week
  • Successful Secret Students and Star of the Weeks

This Term in Excalibur class we will be learning about:

Topic- Invaders and Settlers

Author- Michael Morpurgo

RE- Stories from Other Religions

PE- Hockey/Swimming/Circuit Training

Star of the Week

Every Monday a member of the class is randomly selected to be ‘Star of the Week’.During the week the rest of the class anonymously place comments about the ‘Star’ in a jar, these are then shared in Assembly on a Thursday.

The ‘Star’ is invited to share some treasures from home with the rest of the class after assembly.


This year in Excalibur Class we are using three fantastic websites to aid independence and quick recall in Maths and Reading.




These website will provide the class and individuals with weekly challenges, which they will be given time in class to complete. Children are welcome to continue with the games in their own leisure time out of school if they wish, however it is not compulsory or set homework!!

Letters regarding the websites and how you can upload them at home, as well as your child’s individual login details including passwords went home on Friday (16.09.16).


PE will be on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this term. Please make sure your child has their named PE kit in school on these three days. As the weather is changeable at this time of year can children have Navy Blue tracksuit bottoms and sweatshirts available to wear. However, for Gymnastics PE shorts & daps are preferable. Many thanks.

Healthy Cookery

Some children in Excalibur class have been learning about healthy cookery this term.  They have being enjoying learning about; the different food groups, what they do for us & our body’s and probably the best bit…cooking healthy food.  We hope you enjoy looking at the delicious food…and tasting it!!!

img_01531 img_01921 img_00881 img_00621 img_00521 img_00331 img_00311 img_00271